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Remove BG best background eraser for your photos.

You can select any photo you want and with artificial intelligent technology automatically remove background of your photo.

We know you want to become a professional content creator easily, Remove BG makes it easily, it works like a charm, everyone delete background with just a tap and can make creative contents easily.

After erase background you can edit your project with these features;

– Add Text
– Add Image
– Solid Background
– Gradient Background
– Image Background

◇◇◇ Features ◇◇◇

◇ Human detection and background eraser
◇ Animal detection and background eraser
◇ Object detection and background eraser
◇ Full resolution
◇ Detects image edges to erase easily and accurately.
◇ Automatically erases similar pixels.

You can use this feature for people, animals, and objects in your photos.
The photos you use in the application are presented to you with the same quality and with the background erased.

You can add white background or keep transparent background make cool profile pictures, product images, Instagram stories, snaps, etc.

You can easily erase unwanted objects and change background of your photos.

Show your creativity with your projects and share on your social media accounts like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Flicker and Tumblr.




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I love this app! I use it to make templates for my Cricut. I simply select the image/screenshot that I wish to use. Erase the background and


Super awesome app for erasing even the tiniest details out front the picture you want. Love the zoom level, draw to repair option, and the ability to change the pen size so much. Also love the back button arrow when you make a mistake. So great for doing fun projects like cutting just the hair from one picture and putting it on someone else. Highly recommend this quality and well thought out app!


Does exactly what it says it will. The brush tool that detects similar pixels to erase is great for quick edits, and the manual tools are great too. Love that you can offset the brush to not be directly under your finger so you can see what you're doing better. Also has a feature that feathers the edges at the end. Love it.


This app is amazing! I can't believe it's this good. The interface is so plain, and it's amazing! Background erasers need to be plain and easy to use, and this one REALLY hit the jackpot. You literally just pick the image, click auto, pick how much you wanna trim the excess from 1-5 and boom! Done! I have never seen a cleaner and nicer background eraser. I usually don't leave reviews on apps because I don't feel like it, but this one DEFINITELY deserves it, it's perfect for anything. 5 stars.👏⭐


Without a doubt this is the best background removing app I have found. Multiple tools can be used with a pretty good degree of accuracy as well as pinch and zoom and then a final fine-tuning after you're done with your trim work to get rid of any of the extra rough edges that are left behind. I've tried at least 15 other programs on Android and Windows platforms and not found one that's compared or has everything this one does.


Very easy to use and most helpful and no payment needed unlike the the editor you need to apply payment every month


I have read a lot of other reviews complaining about too many adds and such. There are adds just not the ones that cover the while screen, only the pop up ones. Plus it's super easy to use and self explanatory. But if you are confused it does give you instructions if you need them. It works just as it says it does!


(I would like to see a Mode for a SAME COLOR CUT OUT. Imagine being able to hand click that color then confirm and bam! All that color is gone.) I make desings with the same color as the background inside the Designs to. So that being said I have to zoom in and click around 100s of times so I can have that clear cut on any background color I want. Overall the App is 10/10 I dont mind the ads either. There's very few ads compared to these back to back apps.


Really great! I had planned to try multiple background transparency apps, but I lucked out on the first try with this one. The "magic eraser" tool is fantastic, and I love the repair tool, which is able to be hair small, in order to add back in the tiniest details if you erase them. Very easy to use, with great results! No bells and whistles. It just does what it's made for very well.


AI not so good, but this app have many helpful tools as well so AI is not a big deal. Strong recommend!!!!


This app does exactly what's asked of it and it does it extremely well. I'd recommend this app to anybody interested in it. The people who made it only make quality apps and I'm a proud user :)


very helpful app with lots of things! no lag at all, only a few ads and lots of options!!! 100% recommended!!! :)


I've ignored the rate it now pop up for the longest time but I hope a 5 star makes up for it, one of the few apps that keep it real with a user. Thank you for what you guys have made.


One of the best background erasers I've found. Super simple to use and quick for creating any PNGs you need. 10/10 would recommend.


A very powerful background eraser tools that is friendly and simple to use. Tool pays attention to minute details to produce a professional like images. Should download and try out.


The app is all I need really for making png images. There are ads, but they last like 2 seconds and aren't a problem whatsoever. I'm totally happy with this app


Honestly, this app is great. I have been using this app for 1-3 years and it's been super easy. Thank you to the creator for telling me how to work the app, I was pretty confused. Also, thank you for actually replying quickly. I would also like to say the magic button is useful and the app functions well.


This app is really good, it has multiple useful features that make it the perfect tool. Along with manual eraser mode there is also magic mode which is very useful, you can even repair the image to correct mistakes. 10/10


This app does exactly what it says it does! Literally removes backgrounds so easily!! I also love the different tools that are there so you can edit photos more easily. It's so simple and easy to use as well! No need for any complicated things, it just gets straight to the point. I love this app and I've been using it for months without any problems!! Highly recommend this app, it's amazing 👏


I have been using this app for a while and I have to say this is the best background remover. It gives you a lot of options on how you want to do it and it works 90% of the time. I understand that there cannot be perfect removal everytime that too for a free app that's why I gave 5 stars(although this app surpasses all expectations as I just edited a complex graph and it perfectly removed) Thank you for keeping this app free and accessible, its very helpful for my school work and otherwise also.