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Gothic Merge Game Game DESCRIPTION

Game Introduction:
Gothic Merge Game: Ghost Island is a casual synthesis game with sprite evolution. It has a weird and beautiful game world, a brand-new synthesis and development gameplay, and adds unique game features. In the game, you can combine all kinds of weird items by matching and merging to get more and more powerful things. A place where you can explore elves, wonders, magic and adventure in the world of Gothic Merge Game.
Game Background:
Legend has it that in a strange land, there is a magical ghost island, where a powerful vampire queen once ruled everything.
On this land, it is a paradise for ghosts, as long as you don’t break the queen’s rules, you can do whatever you want.
However, for unspeakable reasons, the Vampire Queen fell into a deep sleep.
The ghosts lost their restraints, and the land was once again chaotic, dilapidated, and desolate.
I wonder how the Queen will feel when she wakes up one day in the future?
Game feature:

-Manor cultivation-
Complete tasks, recruit elves, and rebuild Ghost Island;
Collect supplies and exchange for various mysterious magic props.
Help the Queen rebuild a glorious estate.

-Recruit elves-
Find dozens of elves living in the ghost island, evolve them, make them span 9 growth periods, and finally get the faithful guardian of the land!
Hatch elf eggs, and the elves will work in the ghost island to collect items for you.

-Matching items-
Hundreds of items are waiting for you to drag and merge them! Create powerful combos, unlock new upgrades, and fill your deserted lands!
Find the destroyed sculptures in each level, match and rescue them, and create new life!

-Daily Challenge-
Open treasure chests, collect gold coins, merge gems, and get daily rewards.
New missions are always waiting for you to challenge!

-Seasonal Events-
Colorful seasonal events continue to roll out!
More limited-time pet limited-time items are waiting for you!


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I was initially excited about this SPOOKY themed merge game, but no... It's a cheaply done skin placed over another one of their already cheaply done merge games. Half the items don't even have new skins. No real events, just a loop of the same 3-4. Only thing that gets it 3 stars is the fact that you can play without paying. Gets boring and pointless quickly though.


spooktacular game very enjoyable thanks for a great game.👻👻👻👻👻


Stop giving the same game 20 different titles


love Halloween and merge games


it's adorable and addicting.


colors are great adds are short easy to play


not a bad merge game, was hoping for something spooky but mostly still just cute


*Updated* I keep getting a message that states: "This level is still in the works. Wait a minute", when trying to continue levels (currently at level 81). Also, is there not a way to contact customer support through the game? Are you updating new levels soon?


I love this game 🎮 it really makes me feel like I am very excited to be able to get to play with friends and family members


the game is fast pace and fun


Played this game under different name. Loved it then BUT it was Beta and had to start all over again. Since this is same game but with different heroes I'll try again. Loved it first time don't expect anything different this time.


very slow game with alot of wait time


Bit glitchy and crashes on opening chests. Otherwise has potential


The game was fun and have even spent some real money but the game started glitching so I uninstalled the game. When I re-download the game and signed back in I lost all of my items. I'll call it a wash but that irks me. If I could give 0 stars I would have.
Sorry to bring you a bad game experience, I want to confirm with you, is the game bound to the Google account before uninstalling the game? After reinstalling, is the login account the same as before? If it is convenient, please contact us by email, we will try our best to help you solve it!


Fun! Runs out of energy quick but is good game.


the pets get tired a bit too quick for my liking but other than that I am loving the game


just starting out, so far it's really fun


Finally a real merge game unlike the generic types of today such as merge restaurant and all its ilk.


Too much glitching. And some one in the 3rd place stays. 😡
Sorry to bring you a bad gaming experience! If it is convenient, please briefly describe the failure you encountered by email, and we will try our best to solve it for you. Thank you for your support of our game!


truly is a good game. just overkill on the constant gameplay interruptons. go here, do this, look at that... UGH!! just let me freakin' PLAY good luck guys, I'm out.
Thank you for your feedback, we deeply understand that our game still has a lot of room for optimization, and hope to bring you a better gaming experience in the future.