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Merge Hero Raising Game SCREENSHOT

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Merge Hero Raising Game DESCRIPTION

[ game introduction ]
Let’s gather mercenaries to help the newbie warrior and go on an adventure!

1. Easy and fast growth
: The fun of getting a mercenary and growing at a rapid pace just by owning the equipment!

2. Easy operation and gameplay
: Merge the mercenary summoned on the screen by dragging and growth is complete!

3. Massive stages
: Provides over 30 different stage themes that you will never get tired of!

4. Rich content to enjoy
: Provides dungeon content that requires various strategies!

5. Cute mercenary character
Let’s collect diverse and unique mercenaries and fill out our encyclopedia!

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Let’s gather mercenaries to help the newbie warrior and go on an adventure!
[ game introduction ]Let’s gather mercenaries to help the newbie warrior and go on an adventure!──────────────1. Easy and fast growth: The fun of getting a mercenary and growing at a rapid pace just by owning the equipment!2. Easy operation and gameplay: Merge the mercenary summoned on the screen by dragging and growth is complete!3. Massive stages: Provides over 30 different stage themes that you will never get tired of!4. Rich content to enjoy: Provides dungeon content that requires various strategies!5. Cute mercenary characterLet’s collect diverse and unique mercenaries and fill out our encyclopedia!──────────────

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Hello~ This is Merge Hero Rise! We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. An emergency hotfix update was released around 2:50 PM on March 15th, but this problem occurred because Google review had not yet been completed. As we are an indie team, we sincerely apologize for not being able to prepare a smooth communication channel for our users.