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We are constantly trying to improve the app experience; this release contains more features and improvements including:-
✔ Ability to choose whether the screen stays ON or OFF plus other Stability fixes for best performance.
✔ Bugs removed to improved performance for Easy Share App & Text messages with apps.

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Marriage Prayer Wishes App DESCRIPTION

Marriage celebration is once in a life time occasion that is worth celebrating for every newly married couple. Being able to compose a warm and heartfelt wedding messages or wishes may seem to be a lot of task to you because of your daily engagement and busy days at work, that is why you find yourself stuck while crafting the right marriage message for your friend, brother, sister, son, daughter, boss, colleague or even parents celebrating their marriage anniversary. That is why we felt the need to compile and save these Marriage wish messages in this App for easy sharing with married couple.
We created in this app the most well-versed, brilliantly composed marriage wishes to enable you share the right wedding wishes idea and make your wedding messages more appealing to the bride and groom.

These wishes will help you to express your well-wishes in a unique way to the just married couple. We equally crafted heart-felt messages for couple celebrating their marriage anniversary. So, send wedding wishes to them and make their special occasion more special by congratulating them on their wedding day and praying for a happy married life. We sincerely hope that these messages will present your views to the married couple.

The App is user friendly. With just a click on “Share With” or “Copy Text To”, the App will automatically generate texts only for direct sharing/sending through SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, Ymail, Twitter, Facebook, TrueCaller Messaging, etc. We created this App not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something useful and sharing it. We acknowledge composers of these great messages.

Features of this great Marriage Prayer Wish App:
➤ Wedding congratulatory Message
➤ Wedding Messages for Friends
➤ Marriage Prayers & Blessings
➤ Newly Engaged Couple Wishes
➤ SMS for Newly Married Couple
➤ Wedding Wishes for Sister
➤ Wedding Wishes for Brother
➤ Marriage Wishes for Daughter
➤ Marriage Wishes for Son
➤ Best Wishes on Wedding Day
➤ Wedding Anniversary Prayer Wishes
➤ Marriage Wishes for Colleagues & Boss
➤ Thank you messages for attending our Wedding

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