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The kick match for soccer superstar players
Can You shoot better than a professional football player?In the world free kick match, you must choose the best path and open the goal with a beautiful and cool shot.strike from the side and top the defenders, goalkeeper and obstacles and get full scores.Install and shoot it now!
Think you got what it takes to beat the high-score? Then Download and Play!
Got a few extra minutes to spare? This is where you'll want to spend the- A hyper-casual game that you can get onto at any time. - Developed by Vrutik Shah, a member of the Game Development ClubINSTRUCTIONS1)Press and hold finger2)Swipe Left or Right to move the ball3) Don't let the ball fall down!GET SET GO!Please do write reviews! Your feedback it very important!
Mind-bending puzzles and comedy fun!
🧩 Comics 456Squid Survival GameMind-bending erase game and fun comedy!Comics 456S-quid Survival Game is an erase game full of comedy stories. Comics 456Squid Story is created to bring you the story of the player 456 trying to pass all challenged to be the last survivor and reach 45.6 billion won. In each level, you will laugh out loud with classic but funny scenes of the K-drama.What are you waiting for? 👀 👀 Download Comics 456Survival Game and discover the unexpected twists 🔥🔥HOW TO PLAY🔺 Identify the wrong part🟥 Delete one part – DOP by swiping your finger across your phone screen 🔴Click 💡 Button to ask for a hint if you are stuck.🔻Enjoy funny scene at the end of each levelFEATURE🧩 Delightful graphics with unique cartoon style and cute animations🧩 Music and sound effects🧩Phone and tablet support🧩 A joyful experience for players of all agesIf you love Comics 456Squid Story please rate 5 ⭐️ and leave your favorite comment below.💌 If you have any contribution to the development of the game, please contact us directly.
Drinking games app to cheer up a party with friends, alcohol and shots
🍹The best drinking games app on halloween. The funniest drinking games for adults to cheer up a party with friends or your couple 🍹.🍺Download these games for drinking shots, liven up the party with your group and make the pre parties and evenings epic 🍺.🍸If you want a combination of daring challenges, committed questions and the most entertaining games, all mixed with an huge amount of humour and, why not?, a little naughty, this is your drinking games app for get drunk🍸.The mechanics of the app withgames for drinking shots, TrickOrDrink, is very simple: Meet with a group of friends, prepare the beverage you want, and let Triky’s app do the rest. This drinking games app are a turn-based play. At the turn of each player will be assigned a test and when all players have finished their turn, they will play together a challenge in group to finish each round. You can find, daring challenges, naughty questions, a lot of truth or dare and a huge amount of never have I ever phrases. All those things combined with a..
Swipe your finger to find your way out of the maze!
Easy decompression operation experience;Fun and rich maze levels.Trapped in the intricate maze, you need to pass all the bubbles to open the door to the next floor, what kind of secrets are hidden in the maze, go to the next floor to explore now!
High Definition fidget spinner simulator in the palm of your hand!
Swipe the spinner to the right, wait for it to stop and enjoy the sweet rewards! Buy new finger spinners, compete with your friends and beat the highscore!Each spin brings you closer to unlocking a new hand spinner toy. Can you unlock them all?
How good are you at making animal sounds? Find out with this app!
How good are you at making animal sounds? Can you bark like a dog? Call like a rooster? How about bleating like a goat? Try Animal Voice! The app includes a smart algorithm that detects how close you are to the real animal.You can share the sound you made and your score with your friends.Great app for a party!
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Tap your way to defeat as many monsters as you can in this idle clicker game!
Grab your sword, summon new allies and join a fighting adventure! Tap and click to crush the monsters and titans in our rpg autoclicker games! Start your journey in an exciting idle game with titans and monsters. The world has been overrun by huge monsters and titans. We need a hero to bring peace to the land, and that hero is you! Slay monsters for gold, find treasure, and explore new worlds. Collect money to get upgrades for your hero and new idle abilities. Destroy the dark forces to bring peace to the land.Monsters Crush Auto Clicker offers a wide range of features, including an autoclicker to help you win battles, rare artifacts to upgrade your equipment, and daily rewards for combat achievements. You'll also have the opportunity to summon a faithful unicorn to aid you in your battles and master other abilities to become an invincible hero.Tap crush the monsters, hire and upgrade new heroes to unlock new idle abilities. As a leader, you must grab your blade and conquer the world with your brave allies and even a..
Enjoy 1# Classic Bubble Shooter which is a fun Puzzle game!
Shoot and pop bubbles and experience hours of fun in this classic bubble shooter game!Bubble Shooter 3 is a super relaxing bubble pop game that will keep you busy for hours shooting balloons and solving puzzles.Play now and experience endless excitement with this highly addictive free shooting game!🔴Train your brain and put your matching skills to the test playing this exciting bubble shooter game. Challenge yourself with thousands of amazing puzzle levels filled with awesome quests, boosts, and rewards. Aim and explode all the colored balloons to clear the board and move on to the next bubbly challenge! Blasting bubbles was never this fun!🔵With thousands of levels and tons of free fun puzzles, Bubble shooter 3 is a must-have game for your Android device! Download for free today and start shooting bubbles. Match 3 or more colors to create a line blast, shoot all the balls, and clear the board.How to play this top bubbles game:* Drag your finger to aim, release your finger to take a shot* Match colors to pop and blast balloons* Improve your bubble shooting skillsclear..
As a child, hide from the terrible monsters in your house
A point-and-click and survival horror game.This time, fear found you at home.You must defend against the nightmares wandering in the dark. Playing as a child, you must guard yourself until 6 o'clock in the morning, watching the doors and driving away unwanted creatures that may run into the closet or into your roomYou only have a flashlight to protect yourself. This will scare away the monsters that may be hiding at the ends of the corridors, but be careful and listen. If something gets too close, the glittering lights in his eyes will be your end.
best of game 2019
best of game 2019
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5 because I want to prove my mom that games doesnt cause violence