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Vegas Crime Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to a gangster journey of Vegas Crime Simulator, a role-playing gaming app that immerses you in the heart of a criminal empire in the city of Vegas. This RPG adventure offers a unique blend of action and storytelling, allowing you to forge your path from a rookie gangster to the most feared crime boss in the city.

In this open world, every decision impacts your mission. Start your adventure by understanding the complex dynamics of the Vegas criminal underworld. Vegas Crime Simulator lets you dive into challenging quests and missions. Shape your character’s destiny and make choices that will define your journey in this universe. Get on daring heists, engage in car chases, and navigate a world where crime and power mix together in an RPG setting full of action.

The role-playing element extends to every aspect of the game. From customizing your character with unique outfits and weapons that will enhance your abilities and skills, to engaging in dialogue with other characters that shape your story. The complex mechanics of Vegas Crime Simulator ensure a deep, engaging gameplay experience, where your actions and decisions have consequences. Experience the fun of racing through the streets of Vegas, battling rival gangs, and evading the police in this simulator game.

As a gangster simulator, this gaming app offers a variety of risky missions and quests, each designed to enhance your experience: whether it’s helping your neighbor to fix the car, or a stealthy chase to find the mafia lair. The RPG elements allow you to live through the excitement of executing complex missions, making strategic choices to expand your empire and maintain control over your territory. In this open world adventure, the city of Vegas becomes a battleground for power, where your decisions in racing, fighting, and crimes shape the future of your empire.

The open world environment of Vegas is yours to conquer. Explore the city, take on side quests and mini games, and immerse yourself in a world where crime, risk, and adventure intertwine. The game mechanics give you the freedom to interact with the environment and NPCs in various ways, making your experience unique. Drive the fastest super cars, engage in gun battles, and rise to the top in this action simulator.

Make sure to visit the in-game shop, to find all the tools you need to climb the top of the criminal world. Get yourself an arsenal of melee weapons and guns, ranging from classic pistols and SMGs to fantastic blasters. Drive through the city using a wide choice of cars and bikes, or fly across skyscrapers on a plane. If you want to achieve even more battle power you can buy a combat helicopter or a mighty mech.

Upgrade your gangster skills, enhancing your health for longer shootouts or stamina, to escape police chases. Buy and equip your thug with superpowers including rope, flight and wall climbing, even the strongest criminals won’t be able to surpass your abilities.

Vegas Crime Simulator takes your adventure to new heights with the Zombie Arena. You’ll face waves of furious zombies, including dangerous zombie boss and a mighty robot boss. Fight bravely in the arena, showing your gun skills and courage in battles against the undead. With each victory, you’ll earn extra loot depending on your rating.

Vegas Crime Simulator isn’t just a gaming app, it’s an experience that puts you in your own crime saga. As you navigate this open world, remember that your choices will determine your legacy in the Vegas crime empire.

Are you ready to dive into this immersive RPG and carve your path in the world of crime and power? Download Vegas Crime Simulator now and start your adventure in the lively streets of Vegas, where every decision shapes your destiny as a crime boss.

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This game is nice but not like the old version I played this game when I was a kid and that time this game was very good very fun to play now also it is OK but not like old version. But any way it is OK the map size has increased in this version and other thing anyway nice game but not like old version.l played this game after many years that kind of fun I dont get when I was kid but any way good game.And one more thing I played Vegas crime2 realgangstarcime the same toturial has been given
Thank you for the review! We are happy to hear that you enjoy the game. Thank you for all the kind words and support, we'll do our best to provide the best experience for you and other players! Best regards, team Naxeex.


Such a superb game with dazzling graphics and powerful weapons


Good game, nice for people who can't afford the actual Grand Theft Auto game. But the problem is that the walking, jumping and running animation is so stiff and the protagonist looks like he is awkwardly speedwalking. Second, the font is really ugly, it's nostalgic but it isn't pretty to look at. And finally, the control to fight and fire your gun is so janky, the button should be replaced with a fist button and a bullet button for the fist fighting and the gun fighting respectively.


When I was in 2 class I used to play this game but after some time , the game was changed and the map was also changed so now I am in 6 class I playing this again and this is great I love this game 💜😄


Hello, I love NAXEEX games first time I download this game it was the old version, means the characters, graphics, and so on I like the old version but update in this game is too bad because I don't like it's graphics and the character I use to play. I give you four stars.this because when I was played the old version of this game I was getting more experience better than this new version
Hello! Thanks for the feedback! We are sorry to hear that you don't like the update, but it is necessary for us to improve the game to bring our players a new and better experience. We hope you can give our game another chance and reconsider your review! Best regards, team Naxeex.


I used to play this game when i was in 2nd grade now im in 7th grade. I downloaded it after many years and noticed many change. Its not like it used to be so many ads and other promotions but its ok. So many memories were refreshed after i played this game but its not like the old version. But I still like it.
Thank you for the review! We are happy to hear that you enjoy the game. Thank you for all the kind words and support, we'll do our best to provide the best experience for you and other players! Best regards, team Naxeex.


Hi naxeex this game used to be great in the old model that we had in v 3.6 I absolutely hate this new version could you work on bringing the maps,ui,character and other stuff back to the older version same with its sequal or you could make a new game but using the old UI, I would really appreciate if you do something


It's a fully fantastic game but I think you should give more updates on this game. Than I give 5 Star rating 🥰🥰


Best game is about 115 mb and I love his game and I request the old graphic is best please return the old graphic


The ads are insufferable. Every time I accidentally click the menu option, I get an ad. After completing a mission I get an ad... and the real kicker is there is an unskippable feature to "try your luck" which is like a lucky wheel, but when you press the try your luck button it gives you an ad. There is no X button for this. I used to love this game, but damn i dont remember this many ads.
We're sorry to hear that the ads are bothering you. We understand that ads can be frustrating, but they are necessary for us to keep our app free. You can remove ads by purchasing gems or currency from the in-game shop. Best regards, team Naxeex.


tho this game is fun there are some issues that I wanted to talk about : 1. ( My opinion ) I can't find any enemy transformers like how I did in the old version 2. Even tho you added new weapons for us to use , was it really nessesary to remove the old weapons like the Deagle ( it is my favorite pistol ) 3. When driving vehicle , the game responds to the control late 4. Low stamina 5 . Autoaim doesn't function properly ( Like how it did in the old version ) 6. After entering the water ,
Thank you for the review and your ideas! We are happy to hear that you enjoy the game. We will surely inform the development team about your suggestions. We plan to improve the game in the next updates. Stay tuned! Best regards, team Naxeex.


tho this game is fun there are some issues that I wanted to talk about: 1. (My opinion) I can't find any enemy transformers like how I did in the old version 2. Even tho you added new weapons for us to use, was it really nessesary to remove the old weapons like the Deagle (it is my favorite pistol) 3. When driving vehicle, the game responds to the control late 4. Low stamina 5. Autoaim doesn't function properly(Like how it did in the old version) 6. After entering the water, you barely get out
Thank you for the review and your ideas! We are happy to hear that you enjoy the game. We will surely inform the development team about your suggestions and the issues you have experienced. You can also send us more feedback to [email protected]. Best regards, team Naxeex.


Hello Naxeex Games, this game is so fun,I mean the guns, vehicles,skini graphics, the mission, and more and it is such a great game.I even download one of your games and it was a 5 star . But the problem of this game is anytime when I watch an ad, sometimes it would crash and it sucks but not that much please fix it so it won't crash. Thank you😊
Hello! Thanks for your feedback! We are happy to hear that you enjoy the game. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues. It seems like the issue might be in your phone having too little RAM! Try clothing other apps while playing! Best regards, team Naxeex.


Hello Naxeex Ltd, I love your games and have been playing this game for 2 years. I just have some upsies and downsies that are related to game features. Good side: Yes you can manage to steal cars and fly planes, have missions and have good weapons to fight. But although there is problems in this game... Down side: 1. There are not many NPC people so it does not feel like Las Vegas.2. You can't go into much buildings (I would like every building allowing to open the door to go inside)


Hello Naxeex Games, this game is so fun, I mean the guns, vehicles, skins, graphics, the missions, and more and it is such a great game. I even download one of your games and it was a 5 star. But the problem of this game is anytime when I watch an ad, sometimes it would crash and it sucks but not that much. Please fix it so it won't crash. Thank you😊
Hello! Thank you for your kind words and support. We are delighted to have you with us! The issue may be related to your device having too little RAM, try to close other apps while playing or set the graphics settings on a lower level! Best regards, team Naxeex.


This is easily one of the best games I have ever played from the app store. I would like to go over some things that this game may need improvments on, but I'm not trying to argue with anyone here. First off, their are a few techical errors in the game that I've noticed. For example sometimes I die from being rammed with a car at full health, this isn't a huge issue and probably doesn't need to be fixed. As well maybe some more gun veriety might be nice, but the current selection is reasonable.


Limited missions, which ends quickly then there are no other missions. Please add more various missions, also add more variety of weapons and cars. Also it's almost impossible to control bikes as well, hence please improve the control on them or at least increase the size of the controller. Otherwise good game.


I played this game years ago and the update is just weird and looks fake. The graphics are so fake and I honestly prefer the old update where it looks real and not filtered too much. Please bring back the old update, I don't like the new graphics and the way the cars look. Where the tank and helicopter are located, you guys added military soldiers and I wish there are none because it's hard to get those two vehicles.


1: The game is pretty fun don't get me wrong. I like the missions and ext 2:i like the Gun designs and gun damages. 3: I dont like the fact that there is an ad every Time you finish a mission. 4: The game does get tideous after a while. 5: Looking at this company's other games, No offense BUT YOU HAVE NO VERIETY the Only thing that they do is change the map And character that you use in game. They don't change the cars weapons or Anything in the shop


Missions were so easy that I finished them quickly. The map designing is average. The achievements are to less. But the 3 achievements of finding those 3 things were perfect because they stressed in the idea of exploration. There game engine isn't able to handle a lot of traffic, this could be the problem if my phone, too. And the worst thing: I couldn't use the Superman and the transformer; as soon as I bought them the game excited itself, wasting my gems.