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-New Levels
-New Characters
-Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements


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Get ready to run, jump, and climb your way to victory in Run Race 3D! Compete against others in a race to the finish line, using your parkour skills to navigate through challenging obstacle courses and terrain.

With dozens of maps to choose from, each requiring a different set of skills, you’ll never run out of challenges. Jump from wall to wall, climb ropes, slide to gain speed, flip to jump higher, grab onto bars to swing, and use monkey bars to avoid falling.

Customize your character with a variety of skins, clothing, and dance moves to make them truly unique. Increase your ranking by beating your opponents and show off your skills to the world.

Experience the thrill of parkour and become the ultimate runner in this exciting and fun game.

Never stop running in Run Race 3D!

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I just started playing this game and then after a couple days it started kicking me out of the game and othwr player are getting kicked out too but that is the only problem that started happening but it is a fun game to play


Gameplay is straightforward, easy to comprehend. Good to pass the time. The app plays offline, but it wouldn't load until it had an internet connection. Also to get anything offered after winning, you'd have to watch ads.


Good game, fairly challenging, but on the second half of level 44, it is glitching on mine when the race is just starting. It does the countdown, but it automatically says I lost immediately following. How can I lose a race that I have not even run yet? lol. Also, the other competitors' names aren't showing up. It just has a question mark for both and then my name at the bottom. Hope this helps you fix it because I wanted to give 5 stars.


Starts out as a really fun game and time consuming but then I had some problems 1) The ads. I get for like money and stuff but too many. 2) The bugs. I started and the game was great but then every time I would try to play a match it would glitch and say it was over and it gives me the option to pass the level for an ad but I would click it and it wouldn't work. It didn't give me any other options. Just needs a little help overall a great game!


As with almost every game these days it seems, this is more like a never-ending stream of ads with 15 seconds of game play between each one. It's gotten very glitchy. Sometimes the race starts and you automatically lose before you've even moved. You'll always have to deal with vibrations at certain types of obstacles, and sometimes the vibration won't stop until you force close the app. After a certain point, you just start repeating the same races over and over and over, nothing challenging.


I've had this game for a long time, at start seemed to be excellent, but as I leveled up, I noticed same levels are being repeated constantly. And as we progress, the movement I would expect from the character is not being made. For example, I am tapping constantly and after 3 tries it would work,as if the game doesn't want us to win. The same movement seems to be working for other contestants which are obviously seeming to be bots.. Overall good idea, tho improvement needed.


Way too many ads. Also, you forced me to like the game in order to get that "do you like the game" message off. I've played it before and I actually liked it but I deleted it because of all the ads. Figured I'd give it a try again but now it's worse. An ad after every event? You want people to play the game or watch ads? I win, ad, I lose, ad, I decline an ad offer, boom, another freaking ad. And the worse thing is, I have to click 3 screens to exit ads, 5-7 seconds between screens. Unbelievable


The game is super fun, but I have a real big issue with it. If you play with Wi-Fi you are bombarded by so much ads you can't even play the game, but if you're offline the game "glitches" and "doesn't work". It also tries to make you watch a video to pass every level that you "fail" without giving an option to play again, and the coins on the coin level are placed in the worst places. Edit: It also won't stop vibrating even if you turn it off, it's not just a small thing either it's constant.


Game is great, but it has a lot of glitches. When first I downloaded it, it was well and good and then after a day, wgen I turned it on again, it was not working. I waited for TWO weeks and then it started to play. It is kind of annoying that even if your in the lead, sometimes the person behind you passes the finish line, you get eliminated. I ignored that but now the game is not working AGAIN! Please fix the glitches.


The concept is very good it is neither too hard nor too easy. Fantastic. GREAT to play, interesting exciting. But two complains, that we have to run across the same map two times in one game and then again in the next game two times. So, attemting the same map actually 4 times is frustrating. Okay, but the game is good all with different levels👍👌. And too many adds... I am sure many are complaining about this. Sometimes after adds we can't even come back to the game so start again!! Besides👍!


I have played this game on my ipad a couple years ago, and it was one of the funnest games I had ever played. But now I instaill it after a couple years on my ph, and it is still very fun and competitive and ai love the unique maps. But there is just so many ads. And every time you pass a level ad time. Every time you click No thank you to something or yes, ad time. And there for so long, and you dont even have a choice to skip them!! Not even after 3 seconds or 5 you have to wath the whole ad!


This game is actually not bad. When you put your Wi-Fi on, it starts glitching. But when you switch it off it starts working properly. Once you've been playing for a while until you're like at level 7 or 8, if you're eliminated, you can't play again since the button that says 'play again' suddenly disappears. And if you're going to play again the level you lost, you'll have to leave the game and join again. It's really frustrating. That is why I rate this 3 stars. Please improve. Otherwise 👌


i love this game! a good thing to play when your bored! i wish the ads were not as much but otherwise good! one more thing... you unlock new places to run but i wish we wouldnt have to run the same place every time we want to unlock a new level! A leaderboard would be good as well, because it gets a bit boring after a while. I reccormend it for something to play if you are bored.


the game is great. but there are some problems that absolutely ruin the game. 1) if u hit a wall then try to jump u most likely turn around, get in last place, and then keep going the right way. this needs to be fixed or lots of people will end up deleting the game. 2) when I double jump, it sometimes doesnt work :( . 3) WAYYYYYY too many ads. 4) (which is just a suggestion) you should be able to make your own skin and somehow, your own victory dance. this would a great touch to the game.


The game is very fun & addictive. In the time I've played, I've experienced no bugs. Also, a lot of people complain about ads or their characters running backwards but the game is free so they have to make money somehow & the running backwards is too help you reset and make the obstacle/jump you missed. My only complaint is I wish there was a multiplayer mode. Otherwise, great game!


I like the game, but once I reached level 35 the obstacle course kept changing every time I lost. it would for some reason revert back to the first couple of level obstacle courses. Also lets say I completed one of the 3 runs on level 35, the second run would be a completely different course and so would the 3rd run. I've never had problems with the glitches on jumping. BUT my player would randomly run the opposite direction. Or when I go down a ramp, he would seem to get stuck and slide slow.


I really like this game, definitely a time killer! And it's also offline, which is a bonus. One thing that bothers me are the ads that keeps showing up. But, I can deal with that problem easily, just turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data and turn on airplane mode! Nice game, keep it up, and please remove the ads! It's so annoying, it's ruining a pleasant gaming experience.


This game is the laggiest thing I've ever seen, to the point where you can't even play. Even the ad doesn't lag as much as this. Somehow, I got to level 10 and the fact that the first 1-3 seconds is just a frozen screen and your inputs don't even work for the next 7 (or possibly even the whole time) already tells me that this game needs some big improvements, especially with how some maps are broken (i.e. 8 and 10). I think the ad has better gameplay than the app.


I really like the simplicity of the person/design. It's challenging enough to enjoy but easy to get the hang of so it doesn't get annoying. Easy enough to learn without a tutorial, just trial and error. Controls are good, it's fun to play but needs more new levels after level 25. To everyone complaining about the ads...haven't you realised yet? You can turn your Wi-Fi off for a while and play any game you like without ads. It's simple!! 🙄


I love the graphics, its a great game to play because of the racing. The controls are very simple, not complicated and it gives a lot of adds to show more fun games to tru out to help. I personally don't have a single problem with this game. If i were you, id try it out and see myself if i were to like it. People cant be mean to you in the game, and theres no chat. Idk if you play online or whatever, but you can customize your name. You can unlock new levels. Try out this amazing game!