Thank you for using File Manager. Here's what we've done in the new version:

1. Fixed some known bugs.
2. Boosted overall performance.


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Mi File Manager is a free, secure tool that helps you find file faster, manage files easily, and share them offline with others. It supports tons of cool features: quick search, moving, deleting, opening, and sharing files, as well as renaming, unzipping, and copy-paste. Mi File Manager also recognizes multiple file formats, including music, videos, images, documents, APKs, and zip-files. We update our app regularly to bring you the best experience. With Mi File Manager’s crisp and clear UI, file management becomes easier than ever before!

Key features
Recent: View the files you worked with recently without looking for them.
Categories: Files are organized into categories by their formats. From there, you can access to frequently used apps quickly.
Storage: View your storage stats and manage all folders on your device.
Cleaner: Free up storage space on your device by deleting cache and junk files.
Mi Drop: Share files with friends who are nearby without connecting to the Internet.
Global search: Enter keywords to find files.
Multiple file formats support: Open videos, music, documents, APKs, and compressed files with one tap.
File compression: Compress and decompress ZIP/RAR archives.
Manage multiple files: Select multiple files for the same operation.
Multiple languages supported: Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Chinese, English, Español, Português, ру́сский язы́к, українська мова, Tiếng Việt




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I love my file manager ever since I started using it I've never felt the need to look for any's simply moves files at awesome speeds and ui is very easy to get used to it can even decompress some archives I give it 1000/100👍 thank you for this wonderful app..only small issue is I cant find the whatsapp icon that's usually on the first screen when the app is opened I've checked the 'more' but it is there I really like the feature so please fix this


Good app. I just have a minor issue. I want an update wherein I have the option to keep the specific folder I access to remain open. Each time I open a note file it automatically switches to my preferred third party app then always automatically shuts my notes folder (security feature?). It's not really hard to navigate back to my notes folder but when I'm making quick edits of several note files then get kicked out to the starting default folders, it gets annoyingly tedious to navigate back.


Albeit a little complicated at first, it's a good File Manager all things considered. My only issue is that sometimes it lags and it's a little too slow, and that there are sometimes ads that pop-up without warning. I mean, come on... Does Xiaomi need to put ads in EVERY app? 🤨


Overall this is a good app however I do have a few problems with it, firstly the UI, while the app is quite nice to use the UI isnt that user friendly and takes a while to understand, secondly the lack of a recycling bin, many times I would delete a file just to rember that I actually needed it and would have to download it from scratch, if there was a recycling bin then this problem would be avoided. Other than this the app is quite good and I would recommend it.


Overall, a good experience. There's a bug though. Some folders when opened, gets opened from scrolled down view, like in the middle. I have to scroll up for some folders. Also, it would be really great if you could add tabs, that way its a lot easy to multi-task. Also, to copy or move a file, you have to select the destination from the first, like press copy<(shows internal or external storage)<have to go to the destination from the start. Could just press copy and stay in the same page.


I have no problems with the app, except the fact that my private folder files seem to have completely disappeared with no hope of getting retrieved. I have no idea what happened to them.


I have a problem with thumbnails. All my videos thumbnails don't appear in File Manager, but in gallery and other apps they appear. While on photos, in the File Manager all the thumbnails are visible, as well as in other apps. Only the video thumbnail in File Manager does not appear.


Undoubtedly, the most amazing app for exploring files. Super simple and lite. There are other apps out there that provide more features. But this one is the best. No ads. Good Interface. Good Private file system. Best explorer for exploring Android Folder.


This application if full of bugs I don't recommend you to use this. From last few months I am facing issues with deleted media. The files (photos, videos, PDFs) i delete are not being properly deleted. I see some ghost thumbnail while sharing media through WhatsApp or any other application.


I really like this app, it do exactly what it's made for. Can you please make an option to quickly send a folder as a whole so that you don't need to get into it & manually select everything. USB integration please.


I'm unable to find trashbin option or folder in mi file manager. After watching so many videos of utube how and where I will found that...still then I can' first I got that but before 1 month I'm unable to find please solve this problem .otherwise that's too good..if I had gotten that bin folder ,the phone had been more clean. Please please solve this mi 8


This inbuilt file manager once had best features. But from last update it became worst ever file manager, it is literally unable to manage files. They also removed the built-in video player in the app, now it requires external video player to play videos.


With each update, your app getting worse. It was okay-ish in the first place (phone's default file manager app), but slowly it's getting really bad after each update. What is the point of continuous update if it will only making the app slower in say like refreshing deleted files or calculating storage size? If only I can rolled back to my previous version of your app 😖 👎


I had just been trained and I was receiving the same problems as the other users were mentioning and I was wondering how long it would take to fix the problems and if there were other apps with the same name like File Manager and File Manager+ and if they would work until MIFILE 2.0 was fixed and hopefully they have it fixed. Because as I stated before I had been trained on the app and I was trying to enter my first case and I will know more once I get into the app about how it's working.


Can't even handle multi tasking. Clunky, super slow, not much features, inconvenient UI and button functions, annoying to navigate between different storages. Unable to set default app to open certain file type. Just bad and annoying to navigate. *Edit: It's much worse. Really slow file read. Constantly saying "Can't move files" without telling me why, when clearly I still have enough free storage left. Transferring files is much worse between the device and external USB drive.


I can't understand why my storage shows nearly 80% when I have deleted all the pending files. I have refreshed again and again. I have been using file manager since 2016 and it is one of the most useful app I have in my phone. I don't know why for the past two days, my storage shows full. Please fix the glitch.


The WhatsApp cache feature is not working for a long time. WhatsApp changed its default media folder location the feature stopped working. I thought the app will update itself. But it's been so long. Either fix it yourself or add a option so that users can change the default folder themselves or remove the useless feature. What's the point of keeping it when it doesn't work at all.


Please change the UI of the app as it has became quite old and a little cluttery. I have seen some other versions of Mi File Manager, and their UI looks quite refreshing, new and modern.. Specially change the interface of recents file menu, as it seems quite confusing and cluttery sometimes. Also add some smooth animations in the app while opening and closing a file and clicking on the folders. Otherwise the app is quite good.


I updated to latest version and after that I can't able to see the video thumbnails in file manager as well as any video folder. It's shows the blank thumbnail on videos and it is very difficult to find and play the specific video. Please fixed it asap. I also uninstall the updates from my device and now using the earlier version which not have this issue. I also raised issue to MI using their feedback app but still I not get any I updates on this. Please fixed this issus asap.


It's a very good app. The only problem I have with it is not being able to properly search files containing underscores in the file naming system. It fails to recognise the words in-between the underscores and will only pick the files when the underscores are inserted and the full name(s) of the file typed. Apart from this, it is a well thought-out file manager.