Are you ready? Time for a new update!
-450 new levels are waiting for you to beat
-8 New Areas: Car Museum, Aerodrome, Courtyard, Planetarium, Circus, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom
-Don't miss our big sale for newcomers
-Join teams to request free lives and help team members
-Interesting events like Castle Cup and Team Battle have tons of rewards to claim
-After passing Level 450, you will unlock the Challenge Mode
-Compete with worldwide players to join the leaderboard


【图】Castle Crush(截图 0)【图】Castle Crush(截图 1)


【Important New functions and events have been added to our latest version】
Now you can join a team to request 5 free lives every 4 hours. Beat other teams in the Team Battle event and win 8000 free coins.

The long wait was certainly worth it, as we launched 450 new levels and 8 new areas. Don’t worry if you finished all these new levels. By that time, you will unlock the Challenge Mode.

I heard that a Castle Cup competition is going on, the world’s top match-3 players are participating in the competition. Hurry to join them! We have prepared a super discount package to help you win the event.

Want to know the ranking of the world’s players who also play this game? Check the Leaderboard and you may find that you are just a little bit away from being NO. 1 in the world.

Unlike traditional match-3 games, we stand out for BRAND-NEW levels and elaborate decoration scenarios. Download the game for endless joy and a refreshing experience!

It is 100% ad-free and no internet is needed!

The old steward Spencer lives in a hotel in urgent need of renovation. Achieve the goal of each level to get decoration rewards to help him.

– Solve HUNDREDS of challenging levels, you will never get bored playing this game!
– Castle Cup, Team Competition, Battle Pass, Leaderboard, and numerous activities are held in turns!
– Elaborately designed levels with obstacles such as Calf Bank, Juice Cup, Cupboards, and Mailboxes!
– Unlock new areas and decorate rooms from the very beginning. You are the creator of your hotel!
– Different bomb combinations can bring powerful effects!
– Chance to get MYSTERY GIFTS to start the next level with Power-Ups!
– Collect extra coins and special treasures at Bonus Levels!

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This is something similar to Royal Match but when you go to login to Facebook it won't let you. When will you be adding teammates and tournaments to the game?
Hi dear, what's the notice you have got when you failed to connect facebook? we need more information to locate the bug, it would be much helpful if you could send us a screenshot or a recording, and yes we will add more events and functions in the near future, thanks so much!


Its a good game and is similar to royal match 3. Ive just played but if it gets too hard ill probably uninstall. But for now ill see how far i go in the game.


Hello 👋 HI I'm Justin botres update


Needs to be connected to Facebook


Good game same as royal match got to last level expedited more when you going send more levels and update


Its says I need to be connected to the internet, which I am so I dont know. However I do like this game if I can proceed on with the levels.
hi dear, we will fix this bug in our next version. thanks so much for your support, which means a lot to us :) have a wonderful day!


Love the game
hi dear, thanks soooo much for your support, we will keep doing to bring better game to you guys, have a wonderful day!


hi dear, thanks soooo much for your support, we will keep doing to bring better game to you guys, have a wonderful day!


I found this game maybe 2 hours ago and I'm into level 3, how soon do you plan to add more areas?? I don't want to be stuck waiting for the new levels like Cruise Match. One last thing, you're being SUPER GREEDY with the stars (level 2 wanted FOUR stars for a swan,) people aren't going to play if they think it's not worth the time it takes to get stars and having to drop so many on one detail.


Won't even open
hi dear, really sorry for this problem, could you pls kindly send us a recording so that we can locate this bug and try to fix it asap. our hotmail is thanks and have a wonderful day!


Fricken rip off please don't bother


Really enjoying this game ☺️
Thank you very much for liking our game, we will continue to work hard to make better versions!