- New quests
- New locations
- Added explosives
- Fixed bugs

Infected Frontier Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Infected Frontier(截图1)【图】Infected Frontier(截图2)【图】Infected Frontier(截图3)

Infected Frontier Game DESCRIPTION

You find yourself in a survivor’s camp. There are a lot of zombies around and you will have to find a connection with other survivors and leave the infected area. Your bike is a loyal assistant, but you can also transfer to a cooler vehicle. Upgrade, complete tasks and find a way out of these infected territories.

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An exciting story in a post-apocalyptic world
You find yourself in a survivor's camp. There are a lot of zombies around and you will have to find a connection with other survivors and leave the infected area. Your bike is a loyal assistant, but you can also transfer to a cooler vehicle. Upgrade, complete tasks and find a way out of these infected territories.

Infected Frontier Game DOWNLOAD

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I like the game overall but just not the fact that I'm stuck on a motorcycle. I'd rather be on foot


Stop deleting my review please


Grinding fun. I love the game but just become a grind after the radio tower mission, working on personal and cycle upgrades. Can't wait for updates. I'm hoping they come out fast. I need them rubber boots! P.S. Found a way to skip your level requirement for breaking things 😬😂 Just use the molotovs!!! Don't fall off map 🙄


No location for items to continue. Need batteries but you can't get them


Great game. I have completed everything up to getting electrical resistant shoes. (I need wires, but there doesn't appear to be a place to get them as I have explored basically the whole map - including the undeveloped part of the map past the trees beyond the west fortress). I also can't upgrade much more now that everything is requiring batteries, which also seem to be non-existant. Hopefully, the game will continue to be developed as it is very enjoyable.


Desepcionante , todo empezó bien pero si no tienes cuidado puedes quedar atrapado en algunos citios del mapa y la unica forma para restaurar al persona es cerrando la app y volviendo a cargar el juego


Its a decent time waster, but the communications tower will not build. It won't accept the microchips. Please fix, as this is a game breaking/ending.


THE GAME IS NEW GUYS. like the game alot as of right now the microchips won't leave my inventory at the communications tower so I can't continue the missions as of now. ik these issues will be fixed in time can't wait to see where the game goes! update ! right after I posted my review there was an update that fixed my issue thanks!!!


Super duper fun!! Currently a little soft locked at the Micro-Chip/Explore the Communications hub stage but I didn't realize these were all updates from TODAY!! Game has a great flow and upgrade system can't wait to see what else you do with this game!! #changethegame


emailed devs 3 or 4 times and get no response not worth playing anymore doesn't look like they are interested in suggestions or even adding to game i don't know but deleting because they can't find the time to answer a email


I lose money and attack level when I die, if i get to close to a mountain/hill wall I get stuck and can't move from it. Fix loosing money and attack level I'd give it a better rating. Other than those issues it's a pretty fun game


More ammunition


Excellent game but like everyone else said no gas cans or batteries. I'm assuming the game isn't finished yet. I'd love to play more when it's finished.




Fun game but can't find batteries so I can't progress.