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Link to Windows App DESCRIPTION

You love your phone. So does your PC. Get instant access to everything you love on your phone, right from your PC. To get started, install the Link to Windows app on your Android phone and connect it with the Phone Link app on your Windows PC.

Link your Android phone and PC to view and reply to text messages, make and receive calls*, view your notifications, and more.

Make emailing yourself photos a thing of the past as you share your favorite images between your phone and PC. Copy, edit, and even drag and drop photos without ever touching your phone.

Phone Link features:
• Make and receive calls from your PC*
• Manage your Android phone’s notifications on your PC
• Access your favorite mobile apps** on your PC
• Read and reply to text messages from your PC
• Drag files between your PC and phone**
• Copy and paste content between your PC and phone**
• Instantly access the photos on your phone from your PC
• Use your PC’s bigger screen, keyboard, mouse, and touch screen to interact with your phone from your PC.

Integrated with select** Microsoft Duo, Samsung, and HONOR phones for an even better experience:
The Link to Windows app comes integrated so no additional apps need to be downloaded from the Play Store.
Link to Windows is easy to find in the Quick Access tray (swipe down from the top of your screen to access it).
Exclusive features like cross-device copy and paste, Phone screen, file drag-and-drop, and Apps.

Let us know what features you’d like to see next by selecting “Send feedback” in the Phone Link app settings.

*Calls requires a Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth capability.

**Drag and drop, Phone screen and Apps all require a compatible Microsoft Duo, Samsung or HONOR device (full list and breakdown of capabilities: The multiple apps experience requires a Windows 10 PC running the May 2020 Update or later and has at least 8GB of RAM, and your Android device must be running Android 11.0.

The Link to Windows accessibility service is for those using a screen reading tool on the PC. When the service is enabled, it lets you control all your phone’s apps from your PC using Android keyboard navigation while receiving spoken feedback from your PC speakers. No personal or sensitive data is collected via Accessibility Service.

By installing this app, you agree to the Microsoft Terms of Use and Privacy Statement


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Defective right out of the box. Won't work with my phone. The dummy error message I see on my computer screen is "let's get you signed in" and I've probably clicked on the gray "Continue" button about 50 times, and nothing happens. Way to go Mircrosoft! I wouldn't have expected anything less from a bumbling mess of corporate incompetence such as yourselves.


This is one of my must-have programs on my PC these days. With everything moving towards cloud-centric data storage/retrieval, it only makes sense to me to start syncing my data from all of the different sources I have it stored on in my life. My one suggestion, or a wish list item, would be more functionality. Maybe some tools to utilize more of the smartphone features through the pc interface. I'm sure the dev team is constantly working on new features and updates though, that's all from me.


Why is it turning on automatically even if I specifically putted to don't do that? The app doesn't stop sending me notifications about "you're not connected to your computer" i don't want to connect yo my computer. So intrusive, really annoying, and the app doesn't do the best greatest thing you know? Its like 5 different notifications in just 10 minutes. Stop.
Thank for your feedback, Please note if you do not want to receive multiple notifications you can toggle off Link to Window on your Android device if you want to disconnect from settings on the PC and connect manually . For more information refer Thank you .


Very unreliable. Very frustrating. One of the worst apps on my phone. Sometimes it's connected, most times it's not. Needs refresh frequently, and that's a pain. Or it drops offline in the middle of a conversation. All day long today, it's shown my phone at 72% battery (current actual is 47%) I've checked updates, done disc cleanup, AVG, defrag, rebooted, yada yada yada. It ain't my phone and it ain't my laptop. You need to FIX THIS THING - or scrap it and start over from scratch...
Hi there, thank you for reaching out. Would you be willing to submit feedback within the application on your PC> Please go to Settings > Feedback > Send Feedback and attach the logs so we can take a look? Thank you.


Same bs. I just want to mirror my phone screen n apps to my laptop. So I can view certain apps, through a connection to my TV from my laptop, without having to tie up my phone! But I'm getting the same runaround I do w the Onedrive 👎🤬!!! I wish I'd purchased a Chromebook, had I known how badly Microsoft would perform 🙄😠! W every "improvement" the programs get worse! I used to LOVE Outlook, not anymore, same applies to the other apps!Just keep getting more complicated instead of user-friendly
Hi, sorry that you are having issues. please make sure your devices either connected to Wi-Fi or you allowed data sync on mobile to user phone mirroring feature. You can find more information on our support site: , thanks


Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. Mostly it doesn't, especially when you really need it to. There are various troubleshooting steps available, but like the app itself, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Very frustrating! Edit: If I can give this one star, I would. I have done all you suggested several times. It links messages and photos and if you click under "devices" on that screen, the phone shows up. It does not show under any linked devices in the general settings.
Please make sure the Your Phone app on your PC and your phone is updated to the latest version, your devices are on the same Wi-Fi and sign in with the same account to ensure the most reliable connection. Is Battery saver running on your devices? ( If issues, submit your feedback within the app to help us troubleshoot.


Frequently loses connection between phone and laptop, and on bad days, such as after the latest update, reconnection can be impossible for a while, stuck in one of those suffocating loops that Microsoft is so adept at creating. Good when it works, but that isn't really good enough, is it!


Sadly Microsoft has gone drastically down the drain since their incessant focus on AI and buying ChatGPT and ruining the world. This app is no exception, it's just terrible. If you have a Samsung everyone just used Samsung Flow, its functions are far superior, it actually connects and not bugs out every time. You can use your phone past just messages, I can actually play games with Flow and it has both a wired and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection. Disappointed at Microsoft but not shocked.


Great for reading & writing text messages. I used to go to the Verizon website to do text messaging on my PC, but this app is much more convenient. Two complaints: I wish that when I read a text message on the PC, it gets marked as read on my phone, so my phone doesn't keep alerting me that I have an unread message. Second, on the PC, the mouse wheel doesn't scroll the panels up and down, and the scroll bars are too thin to grab the thumbs on. Please enable mouse wheel scrolling.


Computer takes over phone when you are trying to make a call. Hangs up when you close the application in the computer. Really, not fully functional, the only good thing about it is texting from your computer. After response from Microsoft... Did all of that the problem is the programming and how it makes it so you can't use your phone. It takes over calls, if you close the window to get the confounded thing out of the way, it hangs up. The programmers made it do this.
Hello, sorry that you are having issues with Bluetooth call. Please check if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Make sure no other Bluetooth devices are connected. For additional troubleshooting steps you can visit our support site: Thank you.


Potential for this app is huge, but it fails so often it's mind boggling frustrating. Issues: It disconnects from my office CPU constantly. More often then not getting it to reconnect takes multiple attempts. The fact you can't select multiple photos at one time and save to CPU sucks. And this app is one of those that does not have an actual close button in the menus, and if you try and close the program using the X, it doesn't actually close and it continues to run in the back ground.


Works great and is very convenient. I stay busy on my PC throughout the week and like to listen to music vie a Bluetooth speaker though my Mobile Device. Normally end up sitting my phone down somewhere and miss a text or two throughout the day. This app helps make it possible to be noticed and alerted though my PC about incoming calls and text messages. Along with allowing me to compose a message, make an outgoing call, and reply to all text messages that come through my paired device.


I'll be fair and rate this 3 stars. If you want to handle calls and messages and see notifications from your phone and apps on your PC, it works well. I'm looking for a feature to see ALL of my pictures and files. I would love to access my videos and save them directly to PC. I can't do that with this. I also would like to have access to my files, documents, PDFs etc and save that from my phone to PC. I can't do that either. For me, this app is useless.


The app functionality is pretty good. I have but two gripes with it: the need to first allow the screen sharing and then unlock the phone when you want to access the phone's screen, and second - it's not always that I get the notifications from the phone on my pc. Sometimes one or two don't get through (only after manual refresh). You'd say it's not the end of the world but still that means you can't solely rely on this thing and have to check the phone from time to time.


To Difficult to Setup. Have had it work and have had it not work. The setup between phone and PC is a nightmare. When it did work, display phone screen on PC didn't. To much trouble to bother with if you aske me. A "standard" cut/past response from the "Developer" was no help at all. All suggestions were already tried. So, now it will not connect until you aet it tonuse mobile data if no wifi is available, even when wifi is available it won't connect.
On your android device, the app is already built in. Make sure the Your Phone app on your PC and your phone is updated to the latest version, your devices are on the same Wi-Fi and sign in with the same account to ensure the most reliable connection. Is Battery saver running on your devices? issues, submit feedback in app


Microsoft still hasn't got this app to bring a useful tool. In the current version, I noticed the ability to synch contacts. I've been using a 3rd party's app, to perform that function. I jumped into this feature. Tremendous mistake. I had a list of about 200 contacts I wanted on my phone. When finished, because i keep mailing lists on my computer, I had over 6,000 entries on my phone, with no way to restrict this. I quickly returned to my after market tool.
On your android device, the app is already built in. Make sure the Your Phone app on your PC and your phone is updated to the latest version, your devices are on the same Wi-Fi and sign in with the same account to ensure the most reliable connection. Is Battery saver running on your devices? issues, submit feedback in app


Like using this on my desktop so I don't have to grab my phone for each text. Only downside is you can't delete texts from the app, only from the phone. UPDATE: dropped to 2 stars as you still can't delete messages from the app and I can't find a way to use the apps from my cellphone as advertised. UPDATE again: Now I can't even connect. Have removed the app for the last time. Good luck to the Iphone users.


Everything just quit working. I'm an inspector and use this app to transfer pictures from my phone to my computer for my reports (when it works) The option to select and move more than one photo at a time has never been there, neither has the option to do ANYTHING with videos been there, and now nothing works at all. Won't load any photos, apps or messages from my phone. Just pay someone else to develop the dang thing for you if you can't figure it out. And quit asking me for reviews.


Used to be a mess. Gave it a try after updating my laptop to Windows 11 and I must say that I am now impressed. Works really well. The only issue I have found so far is with the phone feature. I can answer the phone using my laptop and my Bluetooth headset connected to my laptop. But while on the phone, the app doesn't keep the laptop awake. So it eventually goes into sleep, disconnecting both the headset and the call. Slightly annoying.


It's not working that well. At most, it can access apps on your phone and do a chromecast. Messages don't work, and so do calls. I can't even link them together. I enabled permissions for calls and mms/messages except for access to files, pics, and videos. If that's why they don't work, then I can only assume why it needs them in a not so good way. I choose what I want to enable only when I need it. Didn't see much of a point in it, but it seems useless now.