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Microsoft Excel App DESCRIPTION

Budgeting, chart creation, data analytics and more – all at your fingertips. The Excel spreadsheet and budgeting app lets you create, view, edit and share files, charts and data. Excel’s built-in file editor lets you manage your finances with on-the-go budget and expense tracking integration. We make it easy to review and analyze data, edit templates, and more.

With Excel you can confidently edit documents, track expenses, and compile charts and data . Create charts directly from your phone for convenient data analysis, accounting, and financial management. Access to spreadsheets, pivot tables and chart makers make budgeting in Excel easy.

Make spreadsheets and data files with robust formatting tools and features that boost your productivity. Build charts and sheets that meet specific needs with Excel’s wide array of worksheet resources.

Spreadsheets, business collaboration, charts and data analysis tools all on your phone with Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Features:

Spreadsheets & Calculations
• Create charts, budgets, task lists, accounting & financial analysis with Excel’s modern templates.
• Use an accounting calculator, data analysis tools & familiar formulas to run calculations on spreadsheets.
• Workbook sheets and charts are easier to read and use with rich Office features & formatting options.
• Spreadsheet & chart features, formats & formulas operate the same way on any device.

Accounting, Budget & Expense Tracking
• Budget Template: Spreadsheets & charts help calculate budget needs.
• Budget Planner: Budget templates & tools to help you drill down to your finance needs.
• Budget Tracker: Track expenses & save money.
• Accounting app: Use as a tax calculator for estimates, personal finances & more.

Data Analysis
• Chart maker: Annotate, edit & insert charts that bring data to life.
• Data analysis: Add & edit chart labels to highlight key insights.
• Budget tracker: Track expenses with a personal budget template.
• Pivot Charts and spreadsheet visualization tools offer easily digestible formats.

Review and Edit
• File editor: Edit documents, charts and data from anywhere.
• Data analysis features like sort & filter columns.
• Annotate charts, highlight parts of worksheets, create shapes & write equations with the draw tab on devices with touch capabilities.

Collaborate and Work Anywhere
• Share files & Excel sheets in a few taps to invite others to edit, view or leave comments.
• Edit & copy your worksheet in the body of an email or attach a link to your workbook.

Microsoft Excel is your all-in-one expense manager, chart maker, budget planner, and more. Get more done today with extensive spreadsheet tools to enhance your productivity.

1 GB RAM or above

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.

Unlock the full Microsoft experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC and Mac.

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The app is really helpful. I just wish full functionality was available. Data Validation and most options of the data tab are not available. Pivot Tables are not available fully. If these main functions were to be added, the app would be great for elevated productivity.


Just installed, created a new spreadsheet which I worked on for hours and was saved in onedrive and auto save on, opened tablet to find its been deleted and completely missing, not recoverable. It's a bit limited and clunky to use as well.


I have been with Microsoft since 3.1 if anyone still remembers it. The changes over the past few years has bought me back to MS rather than using Google tools. you have connected the dots and it nice to see the new 365 office. amazing compared to 3.1. 😂


Use this for the first time to make a chart to keep track of pills for dog. I wish there were a little bit more help online for this app, but overall, if you are familiar with the desktop version, and take your time you can figure it out! Kudos to the developers who were able to get most of the functionality of the desktop version, onto a phone app. At least the ones that I am familiar with and I use everyday at work.


It's pretty good for editing excel sheets on the go but is missing a few abilities. (e.g. naming a table and others) You would probably have to still use a computer if you want to make a more in-depth sheet.


Problems syncing with my one drive. All my changes have been made on my phone yet when I try logging back into the file it says it can't download the changed version because another user has made the changes. It was definitely me made the changes though. This isn't the first time this has happened. Just managed to get my changed file back but had to save a copy of the unchanged file to do it.


A very useful mobile version of Excel. I use the free Android version that has limited functionality but it covers all the basics and it's free without any annoying ads! The interface is a bit clunky but it's never going to be brilliant working off a phone screen. There are some limitations to functionality but I guess that's how MS tries to persuade you to pay for a full Office 365 licence. 🙂


Excel is a must for me. I use it for most everything I do at work outside of our erp system. It works great on a pda platform connected to Microsoft Onedrive for sharing files between users. I use it as a technical notepad as well. I build specific spreadsheets for tasks that have various functions, formats, comments, and notes making tasks very user friendly for other people to work with and understand. Excel is an excellent platform, and I appreciate all the effort that went into creating it.


This is a nice, fairly intuitive small form factor for Excel. The controls make sense, and I enjoy the ease at which it works. This is a great app to use when you're looking at small data sets and ones that need minor tweaks done on them.


not flexible. this app is considered paid app, but it can't function like pc version, at least the print area can't adjust from 0 to a custom print area. other things can be done in Google sheets or WPS. the only good is it never changes my print area after being set in the pc version.


Used to work well, but in the last few months or so, I can't open any of my files from the mobile app over wifi. It just starts loading and fails every time no matter what I do. The only thing that works is opening the files from OneDrive or switching wifi off, which is clunky and cumbersome.


One problem only. Often the new work entered does not auto save to the folder on my phone when i close the document. Has got to the stage where I can't trust the data to be saved so I must "save as" to ensure the new work is saved. I have a galaxy s21 fe and all software is up to date. I have had the same problem with previous phones, all Samsung. 6 months after posting this and commenting on the Save flaw not a word from microsoft


It definitely takes some getting used to using Excel without a physical keyboard but it's a comprehensive version of a classic spreadsheet app. Pretty much the standard for spreadsheet apps anyway, yet they did a solid job of making it usable with a touchscreen phone.


Autosave doesn't always work, every now and then when I reopen the app it has not saved the last entry. I store the book on my phone now, because syncing with onedrive would take up to 10 minutes, sometimes it wouldn't sync at all (using WiFi, with my router about 6 feet away from me).


It is great for creating simple tables and charts. However, it doesn't appear to let you merge and split cells or I haven't figured it out. Creating graphics also appears to be next to impossible. Really wish they would put some kind of toolbar or pop up that resembles the computer version.


I think this Excel app is great. I had no idea that it had more features than what I was using. I'm trying to get used to navigation of all the tools. The "Hide" tab is only one or two clicks and the second drop down menu (under Fx ) is very useful. It's like [Insert, Delete, Don't, Tool] etc into one. For an app, it is very useful.


It has been difficult to use Excell on my laptop, because I don't have access to the formulas to change different cells. I have a new computer and have consulted with experts, but I was able to make only a few corrections. Today, I viewed this same spreadsheet on my cellphone and "readable" info appeared. Wow! Changes/corrections that I had struggled with for weeks! I wish that this program could be more "User Friendly" on my computer as it is on my phone.


Great chart utility. Worried about legacy xls files but seems to handle them ok. Several months later, program works fine...except it does its best to make me save my files in the cloud, one drive. I dont want that except in special cases. You have to watch where its sending your files when you hit save. I dont dare auto save. This is the same on all my devices and all the office programs. Otherwise, its great and worth the subscription.


I remember the years when excel was a necessary evil. And there were sooo many years like that. They've shown marked improvement over the past 6 or 8 years which has made me an excel fan boy. Their Android app is amazing!! Simple, easy to use, yet has so many features for a mobile app. Don't think that you'll even come close to the full desktop version, but you can do more than you would think. Great job MS!!


It is pretty good especially on a tablet. The larger screen helps. On my phone it is okay to view, but to enter anything or manipulate the borders of cells is nearly impossible. I don't know what the solution of that would be because that is a constraint of the size of the device. In general, regarding the tablet, it would be nice to have things like cell size and word suggestion behave more like the PC/Windows version.