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Budget and expense tracking integration allows you to easily manage your finances. The Excel spreadsheet and budgeting app lets you create, view, edit and share files, charts and data. Excel’s built-in file editor lets you check, edit and share sheets on the go. Excel makes it easy to review and analyze data, use a budget template, and more. Create, view and edit workbooks attached to emails.

Edit documents for data analysis, accounting, finance and other fields with confidence. Create charts, run analyses, edit data and annotate documents from your phone anytime. Accounting on the go is made easy with access to spreadsheets, pivot tables and chart makers.

Make spreadsheets and data files with robust formatting tools and great features. Build charts and spreadsheets that meet specific needs with Excel. Use a budget template or worksheet for your finances and edit anytime.

Spreadsheets, business collaboration, charts and data analysis tools on your phone with Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Features:

Spreadsheets & Calculations
• Manage charts, budgets, task lists, accounting & financial analysis with Excel’s modern templates.
• Use an accounting calculator, data analysis tools & familiar formulas to run calculations on spreadsheets.
• Rich Office features & formatting options make your workbook sheets easier to read and use.
• Spreadsheet & chart features, formats & formulas operate the same way on any device.

Accounting, Budget and Expense Tracking
• Budget Template: Spreadsheets & charts help calculate budget needs.
• Budget Planner: Budget templates & tools to help you drill down to your finance needs.
• Budget Tracker: Track expenses & save money.
• Accounting app: Calculate tax estimates, personal finances & more.

Data Analysis
• Chart maker to annotate, edit & insert charts that bring data to life.
• Data analysis features like Add & Edit Chart Labels highlight key insights.
• Budget tracker: keep up-to-date on expenses with easy to use budget templates.
• Pivot Charts and data visualization tools offer easily digestible formats.

Review and Edit
• File editor: edit documents, charts and data or update your task list from anywhere.
• Data analysis features like sort & filter columns.
• Annotate charts, highlight portions of worksheets, create shapes & write equations with the draw tab feature on devices with touch capabilities.

Collaborate and Work Anywhere
• Share files & charts with a few taps to invite others to edit, view or leave comments.
• Edit & copy your worksheet in the body of an email or attach a link to your workbook.

Create formulas, edit documents, manage budgets and design spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel.

1 GB RAM or above

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.

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Good, but a lot of functionality is really not as intuitive as it needs to be for mobile. For example, I just typed a countif formula and I cannot workout how to copy paste it to adjacent cells. Double clicking the bottom right corner doesn't work like it does on desktop. For some reason there is a button that makes the active cell highlight all the way down to the bottom row. Now stuck on row 1m and cannot ctrl+home or ctrl+up back to the top. Mildly infuriating.


Great App, but I have a problem and need help. Yesterday, I found out that all the excel files on the excel window - those weren't saved to my device - disappeared and even the remaining files lost most of it's data. I know no way to restore my lost date, so I hope you provide help.


It's really a good app for practicing those works which work in computer. We can make a sheet on everyday essentials. We can easily solve any addition,subtraction,multiplication,by Microsoft Excel. It eventually makes you great in the age of science.


Not as user friendly in comparison to your competition, Google Sheets. But that should not be a sacrifice for usability and functionality. Also, there are times when the app does not fully sync. Force stopping and restarting app does not resolve the problem.


Since early June update of the Office app, Excel crushes when you open / switch to the tab that contains stock formulas. Clearing cash and data, reinstalling, resetting from the app menu, updating to the actual version - none of these helps.


I find the column freeze when I'm typing and I can't see any page break to able me to know whether everything will be printed on a whole page when printing the sheet. A page preview would great to help from time to time to view if everything is perfectly lay out on the sheet or it need adjustment. As the columns are set at different width, it's difficult to know if part of the work set on the sheet will end up printing on another page when it to print the sheet. App need preview prior to print


One of my favorite apps to work with! Extremely easy to learn, I created a few files for former employer without having any experience with features that are kinda confusing plus adding simple external scanners and simple formating. The validation I can say were the hardest with errors pop ups in different languages was tough! But finished in a little over a year by myself!!?


Thank you for making this app available for use. I'd like to suggest that a way be made to install add-in functions for the mobile version of this app like the computer version does. I have tried to find a way to install add-in programs without success. I think that ability would make this app more user friendly.


Excel is fantastic, does great jobs, but of recent the formula bar appears on the bottom of my phone without my consent and every attempt to restore it to the top failed. I prefer the formula bar on the top of my phone. Microsoft should please correct this.


Works great, but not ideal for larger spreadsheets. Of course this is something you should consider when trying to use your phone to access a spreadsheet, but it would be nice if there was a feature to remove the command bar and stuff to see as much of the sheet as possible without zooming all the way out. All in all though, while it doesnt have quite the functionality and ease of use of Excel on the computer, it still serves as a decent tool to manipulate spreadsheets when away from a computer.


Update in June 2022 changed formula & data bar from the top of the spreadsheet to the bottom. I have not found a way to reverse this. It is terribly inefficient, even more so because I have used excel on my phone for 10 years, and this is a major change. The result is regular mistakes. I cannot recommend Excel now. Try another spreadsheet until this gets fixed.


I use Excel app while on the road to do quite a bit of my accounting / reporting for my over-the-road truck driving business. The app works very well and is quite dependable very similar to the laptop version of Excel. It's very convenient to be able to save your files directly to the cloud drive of your choice. It is definitely a business / productivity tool for me and is very convenient to use it instead of having to boot up my laptop computer. I highly recommend downloading the app... 👌👍


I have been using excel for many years. I tell everyone what a great product 365 is and sing the praises to anyone who will listen. I use the apps daily. HOWEVER, the new move of the fx bar to the bottom is absurd. Put it back at the top where it belongs. Why would a vital part of the spreadsheet be moved from the place it has lived from inception?


This really convenient for checking spreadsheets I use often on my phone or for adding data. Not sure I'd want it as my sole method of handling spreadsheets, a phone screen just isn't big enough to handle the menus and the data. But otherwise, it's great!


I dread using Excel or Word on Android now - account management in office products has become a nightmare, particularly trying to use off-line. Constantly locked out while the app tries to sync my account or get login details from another app. Still a problem a year later with the app not syncing to one drive but locking files so they can't be used elsewhere. Just horrible.


Last update killed the Android Version. As another user reported, the toolbar (which used to be on top), like the full desktop version, is now at the bottom, and very difficult to use. Totally counter intutive. It's become like the mobile version, which is difficult to use. It fails to take advantage of the larger size of android tablets. Microsoft. Please fix!


I bouth the premium version and that was a bad decision. It has almost the same amount of functions as the free version. Also, very little works here, like formatting, dynamic tables, pivot tables, slicers. I was thinking to use it, but forget it.... simply does not work. Its way better to keep with the free version, as you barely can do basic stuff, like filters. Just another cash cow for the big M


This used to be an excellent app until I did an upgrade today, Thursday, May 5th. Now the app does not open. When I click the icon, it opens the app 'startup page' and then closes the app again. It does not matter whether I try to open an existing file on my tablet or open the app from the app folder, I can't access my files and I have a presentation in a few days. I have a samsung galaxy A6 with s-pen. This has put me in a rotten position. I need assistance please. I need my documents.


Overall am not happy using this app. Very different to the desktop Windows version. An example of how frustrating it is to use this is for example when using a simple sum calculation method. For example if you select the sum function, and then type in brackets which two cells need to be multiplied or added together, and then outside the brackets you select the cell that the previous two need to be added to, subtracted from or multiplied to, the answer or desired result doesn't appear.


Good spreadsheet program for a free application, and includes all basic functions. HOWEVER, after the last upgrade(?) the data entry bar moved to the bottom of the sheet, with no option to put it back at the top of the sheet, where it belongs. Very unintuitive and confusing. The sheet gets covered by the checkboxes to ignore changes or accept changes. PLEASE, PLEASE, MOVE IT BACK!!!!!!!