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Microsoft Word is the document editor that you can take with you on the go.

Write and create documents on your mobile device much like you do on your PC. Edit docs, share notes, craft a powerful cover letter, and collaborate on projects using your mobile device. Documents are easy to create, read, edit and share. Convert to PDF from Word and vice versa. Regardless of the format, Microsoft Word is one of the best free writing apps for writing on the go.

Access files and make edits with ease using the Word app. Read documents and open attachments with built-in docs viewer or edit a PDF using Word’s PDF converter feature. Share files and notes in the format you’d like. Create documents on the go with Word’s expert editing tools.

Resume templates, newsletters, brochures and more are accessible in the template gallery. Select the documents you would like and get started.

Blogger, writer, journalist, columnist or project manager: Microsoft Word moves with you.

Write a letter, create templates, read Word documents, edit docs and collaborate with your team anywhere with the docs and PDF app that can do it all.

Create Documents
• Use Microsoft Word as a cover letter creator by leveraging our beautiful templates
• Documents are easily created for any writing task.
• Editing with rich formatting & layout.
• Document editor keeps formats & layouts looking great.
• Docs app with templates for resumes, cover letters, forms & more.

Read, Write and Edit
• Read docs, letters, PDFs & scripts on your device in Reading View.
• Document & PDF App: Edit documents from PDFs by converting to & from Word documents.
• PDF Converter: save as PDF after editing & share the PDF easily.

Collaborate and Share With Anyone, Anywhere
• Collaborate – comment in your document right next to the text using Office Suite.
• View any document using the built-in docs viewer.
• Read & edit documents as a team and stay on top of changes to the text, layout & formatting.
• Editor history: revert to view earlier drafts & edit docs.

Microsoft Word for Anything
• Create documents like letters, blogs, scripts, notes, resumes, & more with beautifully designed modern templates.
• Share documents as a link, email or attachment.
• Write a letter easily using Word’s templates.
• Proofread, check spelling & review any document.

Sharing Simplified
• Share files & collaborate with a few taps.
• File & document permission management: see who is working on what.
• Copy files into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach PDFs & docs to the email.

Download Microsoft Word, a writing app free of restrictions free of hassle allowing you to edit documents anywhere.

1 GB RAM or above

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.

Unlock the full Microsoft experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac.

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Man, I am really struggling with this app. I've spent two hours trying to start page 1 after the title page, but all I've been able to do is erase the number 1 from it. The second page and onward is numbered starting at 2, which is useless to me. I can't find any help online. Everything just keeps telling me how to insert page numbers in general. Also, applying my format to pasted text is not working. I've got extra spacing in the cut text which I need gone.


My experience with this app has been nothing short of excellent! I use it to write all types of books, create forms, write letters, poems and lyrics for music! This program has been very vital to my success of putting my imagination into words especially with me being physically challenged! I would recommend this program to anyone!!


I really wish I could give less than a star. It's simply terrible. It fails to do even the very basic things like insert and resize a picture. How in the world do I spend ten minutes doing something so basic? Fix your problems and stop giving us the bare minimum. This app is not up to scratch. Don't waste toyr storage, don't download it.


Excellent document editor where you can pick up those that were created on your computer and continue working on them review attachments from emails and edit as necessary before responding. I have been using Microsoft word for many many years and it is as good on my phone as it is on my computer. Once I figured out that I could dictate my word documents like became much easier to use on the phone.


For an app with subscription every month, it is a total disapoiment...very few options for editing, its like the basic of a basic app, made by a child in a hurry. I don't think they are interested by this comment or adding new features. Everyone is using it and thats about it, good enough for them.


Breaks & removes features with each update. Like Dark Mode? Removed. Like Read Aloud? Breaks every update, then added back with inferior quality voice. Want the old voice back? Have to pay. Autosave? Have had entire chapters corrupted/deleted by it. Autocorrect? Will always replace words & sentences with actual gibberish. Tacked on scroll zaps you everywhere. The app has had these issues for YEARS. They're not interested in fixing them, they're interested in getting you to pay for membership.


There is a massive problem when doing a numbered list and it is ridiculous and frustrating. If you write 1. with text then under 2. with text, and so on, you cannot manually rearrange what you have wrote as it has been programmed to stay fixed like this. Now I have removed the 2 and 3 points, I cannot move the text along as it is fixed in place from the previous 2. and 3. This is a huge bug with Microsoft Word and seriously needs looking into and fixing.


FAILS AT THE BASICS! A lot of important tools missing or cumbersome. Missing ruler! Alignment changing when using desktop, phone and tablet. Poor integration with Onedrive. Inserting pictures in landscape mode rotates the screen to portrait mode. When using a NAS drive and file management it doesn't save edits to the file. The list goes on. Unfortunately still the best word processor option since it maximizes compatibility with cross platform versions.


Really good, but let down by a couple of really anoying problems. Speach to text button sits over the top of text in the bottom right corner as if it were tacked on later and they couldn't find space for it. Second issue is that it has a habit of fighting the phones autocorrect which ends up overwriting words when making changes.


Exceptional must-have office app. I love that it will not only read what you write out loud, but will also WRITE what you say out loud FOR you, your own little personal secretary taking dictation with exceptional accuracy - it also takes commands like "delete" or "delete sentence". Ya gotta love it if you're a writer, truly. Sometimes, at the oddest times, you have those inspirational moments and you're not at the desktop but, say, in a car, and with this app, you can capture those thoughts.


Everything is great except why is there a scroll right under the hand I use to swipe with? Can you please, for mobile view, make a right and left hand mode to move the scroll to the other side of the screen. I keep getting into a flow and go to move the page up manually and it turns quite frustrating when the scroll gets in the way and goes up to the top or at least away from where I was working.


I truly love this app. It's great having such a wonderfully functional app which works across devices with just a single subscription. It makes my work easier since I can type my documents on the go without having to carry an extra luggage of the laptop. The only snag, and I hope this gets fixed, is that documents typed and saved on one device, say the laptop, does not automatically get synchronised on another, say the tab, except it's saved on the clouds. But generally, it's the best app ever.


More importantly, I've had to start using OneSync to keep my OneDrive Word files locally stored. This app is fine with local files, but garbage with online files. I've lost whole chapters of writing because the synchronization is so terrible. Keeping a file "offline" should do the thing that OneSync actually is doing, but that didn't help. Recently they broke the dark mode. It's unfortunate, because a lot of the writing I do from my phone happens later at night.


I'm SO FRUSTRATED W/THIS APP! It has some of the most annoying/unusual glitches: Not being able to locate a file (just saved in recent documents!). No rhyme or reason! Or tapping on a spot to add in a missed word or punctuation..the app deletes the NEXT word without being asked to delete!!! So now,I PRINT a copy before exiting. I've been able to figure out many of the glitches but I'd truly love to have a SIMPLE office/document app that worked properly ALL the time!


the app constantly crashes when using the voice to text feature, specifically when using custom commands like "delete last two words". so unless I want to only record without making any changes it works, but otherwise it will just crash to the desktop and lose all unsaved progress. this is a serious problem and the 1 star is temporary until it is fixed.


it could be great, but it isnt. it is a powerful app, thats for sure - but the fiddly controls, the unintuitiveness and convoluted menus just makes things harder than they need to be. for example, you waste a lot of time just trying to align tables and images because of how bad the UI is. oh and dont get me started on the weird popup menu.


It's a mixed bag. I am an old word user (over 20 years) and it's had its ups and downs. Word for my PC, is a solid 5 BUT Word for my tablet and phone that's another matter. The android version is not easy to use. It's not intuitive. The menues need a good going over. For my android word processing I use Office Suite. I thought MS could do better but after seeing Windows 11 I'm not so sure anymore. Bill we need you back.


i was writing a paper on this. I've been working on it for well over 5 hours now. I hit the save button at the top of the screen several times cause I was scared of losing progress. After hitting the save button repeatedly, I tried to add a header, opted not to, and decided to exit the document. As I was, it asked "discard changes?" Or "save?" I hit discard because i HAD ALREADY SAVED SEVERAL TIMES. I reopen the doc and everything is gone. The last 3 hours of work, erased. I checked history.


Microsoft Word is great, but the One Drive software entanglement is cumbersome. I have lost hours of productivity trying to accomplish basic tasks, such as download Word only, to a desktop-without having to open Office. I do not want to look at all their products at once, and prefer a direct access. The Office software package provides useful programs, but is bizarre to navigate. I hope Microsoft will declutter their constellation of products for a more navigable experience.


The application is alright. However, my only complaint here is the fact that whevever I save and close a file, the file ends up getting deleted and keeps on saying (1) everytime I make a new version of the same exact file when the file in question cannot be found/automatically deleted. I hope you improvise this problem.