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Microsoft Word App DESCRIPTION

The document editor that you can take with you on the go – Microsoft Word.

Write and create documents on your mobile device much like you do on your PC. Edit docs, share notes, convert to PDF documents, craft a powerful cover letter, and collaborate on projects using your mobile device.

Documents are easy to create, read, edit and share with Microsoft Word. Simplify on-the-go document collaboration and editing with our easy-to-use Word app features. Convert to PDF from Word and vice versa. From doc editing to collaboration and beyond, Microsoft Word is one of the best free writing apps for writing on the go.

Access files, documents and make edits with ease using the Word app. Read documents and open attachments with built-in docs viewer. Edit a PDF using Word’s PDF converter feature easily. Share files, documents and notes in the format you’d like. Create documents on the go with Word’s expert editing tools anytime, anywhere.

Read, edit docs and create a document for any need. Resume templates, newsletters, brochures and more are accessible in the template gallery. Select the documents you would like and get started.

Blogger, writer, journalist, columnist or project manager: the Microsoft Word writing app moves with you.

Easy document editing, at your fingertips. Write a letter, create templates, read Word documents, edit docs and collaborate with your team anywhere! Get the docs and PDF app that can do it all.

Create Documents
• Use Microsoft Word as a cover letter creator by leveraging our beautiful templates
• Document editor keeps formats & layouts looking great.
• Docs app with templates for resumes, cover letters, forms & more.
• Documents are easily created for any writing task.
• Editing with rich formatting & layout.

Read, Write and Edit Documents
• Read docs, letters, PDFs & scripts on your device in Reading View.
• Document & PDF App: Edit documents from PDFs by converting to & from Word documents.
• PDF Converter: Save as PDF after editing & share the PDF easily.

Collaborate and Share With Anyone, Anywhere
• Document comments can be left right next to the text using Office Suite for seamless collaboration.
• View documents using the built-in docs viewer.
• Edit documents as a team and stay on top of changes to the text, layout & formatting.
• Edit docs and view editor history: easily revert to view earlier drafts when you need to.

Microsoft Word for Anything
• Documents for your needs: Letters, blogs, scripts, notes, resumes, & more can be created beautifully designed modern templates.
• Write a letter easily using Word’s templates.
• Share documents as a link, email or attachment.
• Proofread, check spelling & review any document.

File Sharing Simplified
• Share files & collaborate with a few taps.
• File & document permission management: see who is working on what.
• Copy files into the body of an email message with its format intact or attach PDFs & docs to the email.

Document, PDf and writing app free of restrictions, hassle and workarounds. Download Microsoft Word to edit documents anywhere, seamlessly.

1 GB RAM or above

To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.


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A really useful app, I love the ease of use, whether jotting down the odd prose or thought, or writing a short ditty. It makes writing down thoughts as easy as opening it up and away you go. Signposting the options would make it easier for those that are not used to using on a mobile device. But once used, it all gets easier to find the right options.


How is the PAID version on Microsoft Word far more glitchy, finicky, and buggy than the FREE Google Docs app? The keyboard constantly disappears unwarranted, the font styles and sizes automatically change to something else for every single new line typed, and copying and pasting is an absolute pain. Google Docs has NONE of these issues. I know it's not a phone issue because this is a new phone and the app is fully updated.


I use the full version of Word on desktop and this version on a tablet when away from my desk. This version is limited to the point of uselessness, and the inability of customise toolbars etc. is such that common functions such as sub/superscripts have to be accessed via menus every time rather than shortcuts/taskbar and others like special characters don't exist, forcing me to copy and paste from previous work every time. Ill-conceived over-simplification.


This application is essential for a mobile work environment. I often used it mainly as a tool to read word-based documents. Today, I used it for writing via my Android smartphone l, then this application is getting handier. However, though, it's not for typing a larger document with graphics, tables, and the other like. This application is simply useful for a mobile work in one or three pages.


The app worked perfectly well for the first few weeks (except for a persistent bug where the second quotation mark in a quote would be wrong until you hit space and then backspace), but in the last few days it has started to act up. It freezes all the time, and saving a tiny document can take over a minute. For a paid service, the app should be more stable. I'm using a Galaxy s10+ that I've had for maybe six months and it has a lot of free memory, so I don't think it's an issue with my phone.


We used this app for over 3 years and were happy with it. Then files would not always be attached once emails were sent. Made our business look unprofessional. Then suddenly it would not allow us to send a file without having to pay $10 a month. Microsoft were not helpful in explaining why. I got passed on to 3 different people so gave up. I still don't know why we are being charged for a free app and afraid to delete it incase files are lost.


EDIT: I love this app even more now. Since the creation of OneDrive I can access or edit any document from any device. Working at home, I can just grab my phone for a quick thought to be added to something without sitting down at my desk. I've been using Word for over 20 years. I love it. It is great for creating any document you could possibly need.


Generally a good experience using MS Word. Although recently, while using the App on my Android tablet, it did experience a problem when the "Save As" portion under the "File" tab disappeared. I had to remove the App and then reinstall it. After that, it went back to normal usage. Other than that hiccup (which was a bit distressing at the time), MS Word has performed well.


Word works well enough but super disappointing it does not properly support mouse and keyboard. For example, none of the tab keys on any of my keyboards work which is really annoying when making bulleted lists and starting paragraphs. Also, very annoying that I can't click-and-drag to highlight text with a mouse. If i want to highlight text, I have to use my finger to highly the multiple words I want then can go back to editing with mouse.


I love using word. I currently use it as a "Quartermaster" list I moved from a notepad, converted to PDF and then Word. It works well, I just wish on my phone it had better control and was quicker to use. I may try to put some EXCEL type features on it & think it may be quicker. It just takes the time to build. I hate making a shopping list. Now retired, I make one separated spreadsheet w/all food & personal items separated into different paragraphs & sel what's needed before I leave.


Doesn't support WiFi Direct printing or offline use anymore. You can open documents you have locally, but any actions like saving to PDF or printing will error out without an active Internet connection. In particular this means printing via WiFi Direct is not possible. Also all documents are registered with the cloud regardless of settings and history is kept with no opt-out. The interface is also terrible for viewing or editing, just use Google Docs in compatibility mode.


Good for a quick edit but not heavy writing. If you need to jot something down or make it quick edit on something in the cloud then this is a great app but honestly there are many missing features and the UI is a little clunky at times. If they update it to make the experience a little bit more smooth and add more features then it gets a five star. But as is, it's still a work in progress.


Word is working well now, I can now rate it with an outstanding review. Although, I lust some of my documents that was saved, but after when I registered on the app, I got my documents back. I can simply used this word app to write and edit my ebooks with my smartphone by inserting and cropping images while I upload it to Amazon, it makes it simple to publish my book and also recieve other portable documents format easily. Thanks to the developers.


A solid app, i love the dark mode and the ability to write on the go with just my phone even if I'm not near my computer. But please move the dictate button! It's in the lower right of the doc, blocking the view of text while I'm typing, making mobile typing a pain. Letting us turn off or move the icon would be a godsend, or even put the icon in the options bar would be good. Just don't keep it where it is! Would've been 5/5 starts if not for that button. That's how frustrating it is!


Used to be the best Android app for word processing, but now so many bugs! And it's not like I'm impatient, these bugs have been there for about a year. The worse is that the files won't save on the cloud all the time. Sometimes they save but more frequently I have to save the doc on my device. It's just frustrating because I've been a one drive user forever. This needs to be fixed and please add the option to add TOC on the tablet and phone apps too.


This app has found a new way to FORCE Onedrive on you. All of a sudden, Dropbox is no longer compatible with Word. I get an error message each time I try to open my documents through Word the way I always have! I can only save to Onedrive or to my device. I suppose it makes sense, considering you can edit, create, and access all documents on Dropbox without being forced to pay for a subscription. Dropbox lets you access your documents without internet as well. Will be deleting Word.


This app is good as I thought. I like the special feautures like, Correcting spellings, voice typing and more. This is very easy to use in a pc than an android smartphone. There is a small bug in the autocorrect option. If we try to type words not in the dictionary, it convert into another word. But I like this app. I highly recommend this application.


It's difficult dealing with something that looks like Word but, by comparison, is very limited. And, while Word's obvious necessity for limiting itself is apparent, by and large, it is still difficult to use. Plus, OneDrive's background "syncing", while it is necessary, it is still not what MS Office proclaims it is supposed to be! Nothing has really changed much. It is still ... disappointing.


I am used to Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows, and expected the same features, accuracy and stability on my brand new Samsung S8+ tablet (which I use when I travel). What a huge disappointment this was... A very limited feature set, bugs, instability - a very poor experience. I will definitely be looking for a different solution next time. Sorry, Microsoft. I have been a loyal customer for so so many years. I even hoped I could eventually replace my laptop with the tablet. No way...


Very pleased over all. When using this Word App in my andriod tablets and Samsung Galaxy phones and typing as far as editing and back spacing, it erases the words or sentences that I am not trying to edit or revise. This is the only thing that is very frustrating and can be time consuming. Please fix this issue. Other than this, I have no complaints. God bless you.