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Microsoft OneDrive App DESCRIPTION

Microsoft OneDrive gives you more storage space for your photos and files. OneDrive’s cloud storage will secure photos, videos, files and keep them safe. Keep your files protected, synced, and accessible on all your devices. The OneDrive app lets you view and share photos files, photos, and videos with friends and family for safe and free storage. Plus, you can use the app to automatically back up your phone’s photos and videos. Start with 5 GB of free storage space or upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription to get up to 1 TB or 100 GB of cloud storage.

Microsoft OneDrive offers the following features:

Back up photos & videos
• More storage for all of your important files. Upload photos, videos, documents & more
• Automatic photo backup & secure photo storage when you turn on Camera Upload
• Find photos in the photo locker easily with automatic tagging
• View & share photos on your phone, computer & online
• Free storage & photo locker will secure photos & keep them safe
• Upload videos & keep them in secure photo storage
• Bedtime Backup is a dedicated backup state for seamless photo backup while you’re snoozing

File sharing and access
• Secure photo storage for all of your photos, videos & albums
• Share files, photos, videos & albums with friends & family
• Share photos & upload videos easily
• Get notifications when a shared document is edited
• Secure folder settings offer password-protected or expiring sharing links*
• Access selected OneDrive files on the app without being online

• All OneDrive files are encrypted at rest & in transit
• Personal Vault: protect important files with identity verification in secure folder storage
• Secure photos, upload videos & keep them safe with secure photo storage
• Restore files with version history
• Stay protected with ransomware detection & recovery*

Collaboration with Microsoft
• Share files across platforms & share photos in the photo locker
• Use Microsoft Office apps to edit & collaborate in real time on Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote files stored in OneDrive
• Back up, view & save Office documents

Document scanning
• Scan, sign, markup & send docs right from the OneDrive mobile app
• Keep documents safe in a secure folder

• Search photos by what’s in them (i.e. beach, snow, etc.)
• Search docs by name or content

The OneDrive app for Android offers 5 GB of free cloud storage to sync photos and files across your devices, share photos and docs, and keep your digital life backed up in the cloud.

Microsoft 365 Personal & Family Subscription
• Subscriptions begin at $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region
• More storage with 1 TB per person for up 6 people with the Family subscription
• OneDrive premium features accessible for everyone in the plan
• Share files, folders and photos for specific time windows for added security
• Protect your passwords with password-protected sharing links
• Secure file sharing app with added ransomware detection and recovery security features
• File Restore: Recover files up to 30 days after malicious attacks, file corruption, or accidental edits or deletions
• Share up to 10x more content a day with friends and family
• Access premium versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive

Microsoft 365 subscriptions and OneDrive standalone subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your Google Play store account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand.

To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your Google Play store account settings. A subscription cannot be canceled or refunded during the active subscription period.

Using this OneDrive app for work or school

For you to sign into your work or school account on OneDrive, your organization needs to have a qualifying OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Microsoft 365 business subscription plan


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Microsoft OneDrive App DOWNLOAD

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It won't show me any files that I've updated since November 2021! It's 2023 as I write this. The app refuses to refresh. Absolutely useless! Never had this issue with Google drive. Update: I managed to get my current files, by SIGNING OUT! I never even had to log back in, just open the app again after logging out and my files were there. The app still gets one star, because the scenario I just described is unacceptable from a company like Microsoft! They make too much money to suck this bad


very useful application to keep your files on cloud. todays world we need a secure place to keep our documents digital copy and other files and photos. anytime our smart devices or computer will be lost or damaged and keeping the files on cloud is the safest option. OneDrive helps to keep the files securely and access from most of the devices. also secure way to share files between families members, colleagues and external parties. very useful application highly recommended.


It's good when it works, but the Camera Backup feature is not quite there yet. Was told by Microsoft Support that the Android "Clear Data" action on the app would not lose any settings. Well sorry but it does! It also messes up your Camera photo backup settings and creates duplicates on the OneDrive cloud. Positive = At least data is backed up. Negative = Leaves you having to mop up the duplicate file mess and wasted storage.


I can't even comprehend how does an auto syncing app managed to fail syncing nearly 70% of the time and still not being fixed. OneDrive keeps on complaining either sign in issue or there is no network connection when other apps works just fine. I would constantly made tons of changes in excel only to find that onedrive didn't sync and all my work is gone. Very dissapointing considering a giant like Microsoft made this.


I love being able to save data on OneDrive, I know that I can access it from any device provided I have internet. This makes it easier for me to also be able to collaborate with other people, especially when I'm doing an assessment for Uni. Having the ability to back up all my images so I have access to them, too, is great. That way, I don't have to remember to bring along my hard drives, which I may not necessarily use.


How do you keep missing it...? I support your apps as much as possible, but you often make changes that make you apps worse. For instance, one drive/photos just changed so that it goes to the cloud for everything. Way slower, harder to share and relies on my data connection. Where as before it was seperated between device photos ( super fast and easy to share) and cloud storage (slow, harder to share less reliable due to connection). That drives me away. Now I have to use a different app...


One drive was pre-installed on my phone and when opening another app I accidentally clicked it and when it opened I saw that it had been backing up all my files without my permission(locked files) and when I tried removing it from the app it wouldn't let me without an account to click anything. So I disabled all permission, forced close, and disabled the app but I now worried it has all my company records stored on it. This is without a doubt the most intrusive and illegal app I've seen so far.


VERY ANNOYED. I paid for storage expansion to cone delete some files because the notification of my One drive being full was so annoying!!!!! But when I open it, it's saying all my files have been moved or deleted and cannot be viewed!!!! WHAT A WASTE OF MY MONEY, PAID TO LOOK AT EMPTY SPACE AND IT IS STILL NOTIFIYING ME THAT MY ONE DRIVE IS FROZEN!!!! I can't do anything on this app at all, it keeps saying Error unable to refresh. FIX YOUR APP, I WANT A REFUND!


Terrible refresh. App crashes due to poor connection to cloud and my internet is fine and using the latest high end phone in the market. Very unreliable and have to resort to desktop app. Please fix this and showcase the process rather than freeze and leaving the user wondering! Same with 365 after the update. Dreadful!


OneDrive is, by far, the most affordable personal cloud storage option available. I like how well it syncs with photos on Android (unlike on Apple's IOS; Apple, in typical form, makes it really difficult to sync with anything they don't make money from). I also like the "On this Day feature, where you can look back at old photos from the same date. Really, the whole thing just works well and is affordable.


I do like the app, but I have a light sensitivity and since it ALWAYS opens documents in Microsoft 365 instead of Word's mobile app it's a bit annoying. Microsoft 365 only allows dark mode menus, the background of all docs opened in it remain white. I'd like to be able to choose the default program that opens my word docs, since having to go into 'Open in another app' is a pain. Would also like to be able to fully disable the photo tab. Turning off notifications doesn't work, I still get them.


I have been using it way back in the years when the product was call SkyDrive. it's a great way to share photos with family and store important data you need access even when your not at home. it also integrate so well with Office365, or is it the the other way? it's great extension of my desktop storage but right from the touch of my fingers on my phone. Great work Microsoft!


OneDrive has been a decent, functional app for the most part. However, just yesterday I've been receiving notifications that the app 'keeps stopping' in the background. When I open the app, I just get a black screen and force quitting it doesn't do anything. The only solution is restarting my phone, but that's only a temporary fix. Microsoft, please sort this out! I store all of my files on here, so it's quite inconvenient.


I like the onedrive for all my stuff. But, you can't edit your photos, you can enhance them but if you want to change the size, change from landscape to portrait or change it from sideways to the correct way, it DOESN'T allow you to. So everything must be perfect when you save it


Horrible app. Why does it not have auto correct, auto spacing between words, auto caps after end of sentences? Basically, if you are trying to type, it is a pain! I've tried getting help from Microsoft. I've only gotten automated responses to read these FAQs, and try this. I've this, that and the other thing! Downloaded different keyboard apps, nothing fixes THEIR issue! Everyone in our company has the same issue. I'm a droid guy, but I wish that we could go back to iPads with pdf expert!


Onedrive is great for a desktop but the android app is very unreliable. I would not rely on it to back up photos because things get corrupted and Backup get stuck, requiring spending too much time researching the many troubleshooting steps to fix. I'm not alone. Many users have the same problems. Too bad because if it worked it be a great app. Unfortunately it has a long way to go. Turn off sync, plug in a cable and manually copy to the cloud.


The worst Microsoft product possible, can't make an adjustment on one computer without it screwing up your second computer if they both use the same account. This is completely unacceptable and shows the flaw of "cloud based" syncing. I don't want both computers to be the same exact thing! One is a gaming computer and the other is a family computer but I can't have both unless they are exactly the same or unless I jump through hoops to unlink them which I shouldn't have to do.


This app sucks! I want Samsung back!!!!!!! Update: December 2022... decided to give one drive One more try, still the worst utility app I've ever used, photos can't be viewed on phones gallery only in one drive, and also random photos missing and can't be found, I get notifications saying: In process of backup or Issues with back up, try again later! So its constantly running with nothing getting done! So irritating and a waste of time! Nice to know I'm not the only one that feels this way!


Edit: it gets worse. Now no way to add a shortcut to a Onedrive Excel file to my Home screen, and suddenly everything's opening up in a read-only file necessitating an additional press to open the file for editing. ------- Onedrive seems to become more and more insidious and intrusive with every update. I choose what files and folders I want to sync manually, I absolutely do not want this syncing by default and choosing for me.


Not too bad. A little clunky in places. Very irritatingly, it asks periodically to sign in although I never sign off. Also, it'd be really nice if it could be moved to the external storage card as it is rather large and takes a lot of space. I' d give it an extra point for this. 19.12.22 Worse was to come... I want to uninstall it altogether but it seems this is not possible. I can only uninstall the latest updates. MOST irritating.