* Introducing Carnival Adventure, arriving 3 February 2023
- Collect tokens in any arena and in potions to unlock rewards galore
- Get the Golden Road to take your adventure to the next level for super exclusive rewards and skins
* Start bigger with invincibility by watching an video Game SCREENSHOT

【图】截图 0)【图】截图 1)【图】截图 2) Game DESCRIPTION

Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!

Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying to make you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game!

With new controls developed especially for touchscreens, offers the same fun gameplay that millions have already enjoyed on PC. Play online in free-for-all action and use splitting, shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players – or avoid them! Use a variety of special secret skins with the right username!

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great game. but can you limit the time of the biggest balloon so we can reach big balloon too. or you can reset server every a few hours. plus, add more server please. like on pc we can choose which server we want to play


I payed for no ads but I still see ads as well as the no ads offer which I purchased had around 2 thousand coins and I think 175 dna it also had an epic potion but I got nothing of these items/rewards and I still see ads. Miniclip support isn't responding to me aswell I request I get what I payed for.


This game is totally not fair I can almost never get to like the top 10 The people in this game are 2 Unfair Add a Mode Where you can set to not online mode Where there's only Bots Not real people Also you can set They're Difficulty. Oh also make it so you can set parties To different game modes Please add this in the next big update :)


This would be a 5 star but it's impossible to play the game when every time I start there's people as big as the map there needs to be more servers so there's even a chance. At this point its just luck if you don't get snached up by someone as soon as you spawn.


Absolutely horrible. You play 1 match then an ad you load in to another and an ad pops up. By the time that has ended you have died so you load into another game and the same process repeats. Fix your game!!!!


Bad physics, inconsistent hotboxes, inconsistent artstyle, too many micro transactions. I would play anything but this, so much better a few years ago before the game got greedy and repetitive.


overall the app works very well 👌. except the amount of ads there are. there are ads every single time you die. it just doesn't stop. get rid of some of these ads. some of them you have to wait over 20 seconds to skip. remove it please.


Used to love this game but they need more servers and less players per server. 56 players is too much, you spawn and die immediately because theres no space and its all taken up by large players.


Really fun and addictive until you start spawning with the teams etc. At first I think you must spawn on baby player servers or something, they are so much better, no massive cells all working together to eat you within 5 seconds. I've tried going on Battle Royal for a fairer experience but nobody is ever trying to play it, maybe 3 players max so I get fed up of waiting. Tried making my own 'party' so I could just play with friends but I was mistaken, it still dumps you in with the teams.


Everytime my wifi turns off, I turn it back on. When I load to the game I am still the party, but I am in a different server. Another issue is that the amount of ads has increased. Please fix these I am so tired of it. This game is very fun to play so I give it 3 stars!!


It runs smoothly the first couple of rounds, but after u start to enjoy it, it begins to lag. It always spawns people near the biggest players and that's how they keep losing then, when u try to replay there is always an ad. There are so much ads like every 1 or 2 rounds. Which is not cool😭


Fun game, however the I'd appreciate if the algorithm is adjusted so I do not spawn within people or have others spawn atop of me. This is not a rare occasion and is quite annoying when you have to sit through ads each time you spawn in. & NOT play ads while IN game!!! I can accept after you die you get an ad, but when it affects gameplay, that's not cool!


They deleted my other 1 star review! Lots of teamers . I watched an ad for 2x chests and the ads froze and, I had to restart the entire game. And got Nothing! Anti team affects the solo players. Lots of in game pop ups. Even ads pop up when your in the service area. Pop ups are designed so you accidentally click or buy something!


I have once again lowered my review. This time from 3 stars down to 2. The simple fact is that the split button simply doesn't work most of the time and rather changes my direction due to tapping the screen. When this happens the movement stick appears inside of the split button and moves me towards danger that I was trying to split away from, or moves me away from mass that I was trying to split On, Completely ruining my game. Please fix this, its really starting to get annoying.


Its a great app and I really like the start big feature and the resume as being 300 mass but whenever I click on video instead of paying for it, it makes me watch the video and not even let me start big unless I pay!! It would also be soooo much better if when you split it doesn't take as lkng as it does to get back together!


Playing on mobile is a horrible experience don't waste your time downloading this rubbish!! I have a really powerful phone with 20ms of latency and it's fully optimized and it's still lags like crazy and in my opinion it's unplayable. But that aside the amount of realastate you get it's simply not enough you need to zoom out at least 2x as the vertical distance is too short and you find yourself getting eaten before you even get a chance to move out the way. Very disappointed


Amazing, I've been playing this ever since i was like a kid. 7+ years of fun.. and came with some casualties: -lags, delays (mostly at daytime in my area) -maybe add a mini map> not with all the other people but where you are in it -potion slot increase -and maybe the coins from potions can range a bit more Anyway, i love agario please never abandon this game–


This game is a single memory leak. The idea a great, but after some levels it slows down to unplayable and needs to be restarted. Please fix! Most annoying: Somtimes the servers are evacuated because of low player numbers. You lose anything, even an already completed goal. Leveling up is no fun at some point because only filled up shapes get the points, in fact, they are wasted.
Hi there! We're very sorry to hear you came across this situation! Please contact us at with your details. Include your Game ID and the device you use. We'll do our best to resolve it. Thank you! 😃


The worst game ever. Why are you keep spawning the biggest ball towards the smallest ball?? Dumbass. The smaller one couldn't get a chance to play without getting eaten by the biggest ball😡👎🏻 They're obviously cheating throughout the server! How could this even possible, you idiots?! I hate this game so much! I regretted for downloading this! A total piece of 💩😡


This game is so laggy, whenever I try to move my joystick, it just starts moving all over the places except where I want to go. I try to eat, but when I want to move left, it's literally dragging me to some ugly blob. Thanks for nothing, British empire. If you're looking for games to play, this is not the one. If you're looking for a chill, single (or multiplayer) game, this one is the exact opposite.