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Cryptic Words Game SCREENSHOT

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Cryptic Words Game DESCRIPTION

Are you ready to challenge your mind? Welcome to Cryptic Words, the ultimate problem-solving game featuring logic puzzles and brain teasers. Keep your brain sharp and active with our game while you answer questions on your favorite topics.
Cryptic Words is not your regular old school crossword game which is getting more boring with each round.

Top Features:
-Every difficulty of level: from very easy to hard crosswords.
– A lot of fascinating word puzzles and challenges on all kinds of themes.
– Endless complicated & dazzling puzzles in the most relaxing brain game ever.
– Challenging hidden proverbs, quotes, historical facts, etc.
– Awesomely intuitive & user friendly game’s interface with good graphics

Cryptic Words puzzle game works as a good brain-training machine that you can take with you anywhere, so you can play your favorite crosswords whenever you want. With this project, you will take all kinds of overwhelming crossword puzzles. This brainteaser game will put your logic skills to the test! As you progress, the game will get increasingly harder and more interesting!

A few tips to decipher puzzles much faster like a pro:

– Match letters with numbers.
– Type letters right into the solution field.
– Make sure each letter matches the correct number.
– Keep on filling the empty dashes in the word list.
– Solve as many puzzles as you can with prompts.
– Complete each level easily.
– Have fun on every single level of these brainly games!

If you want to solve a lot of mind-dazzling puzzles and boost your IQ – this game is a solution! What are you waiting for? Download Cryptic Words right now and see why everyone loves it!

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Cryptic Words Game DOWNLOAD

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Actually this game is not good i played just 4 levels this game needs improvement and the reviews and ratings are very less


I love this game and enjoy the game


The game breaks at level 36


The game started with a tutorial which told me to click on the clue.. nothing happened after I clicked it .. absolutely nothing