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* This application is a joint application of the game created by Mr. Kaname Misasagi. Please note that the author of the game is Kaname Misasagi.

An orthodox fantasy RPG.

・After going to 〇〇〇 by boat, I couldn’t return.
→Actually, Delia (from the beginning) can use the “transfer technique (ruler-like)”. You can use it from Menu → Skills. I hope you can come back with the transfer technique.

An adventurer in pursuit of his missing brother.
meeting with friends.
What do you choose and how do you move forward?

Fantasy RPG “Choose what you want, adventurer”

It is an orthodox RPG.
The battle is (should be) a difficulty that can be advanced quickly.
There are also some detour elements.
You can force-push the mid-boss, etc., and there is also a route to go around.
There is only one ending, but I hope the player can choose how to proceed.

Introduction page


【Method of operation】
Tap: Decide/Examine/Move to specified location
Two-finger tap: Cancel/open/close menu screen
Swipe: Page scroll

・This game is created using the Yanfly Engine.

・Production tool: RPG Maker MV
©Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc./YOJI OJIMA 2015

Dear ru_shalm
Dear uchuzine
Mr. Shirogane
Mr. Futokoro

Dear take_3

Production: Kaname Misasagi
Publisher: Nukazuke Paris Piman

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※Androidのバージョンが古いと不具合が発生する場合があります。1/10の確率でたぬきが有り金を問答無用で全部奪っていくだけのク✳︎ゲーです。◎アプリの仕様上、機種によっては動作が重くなったり強制終了する場合があります。(端末の再起動、キャッシュの削除などで改善される場合もあります。※データの削除を行うとセーブデータが消去されてしまうのでご注意ください。)・本ゲームはRPGツクールMV シーズンパスに収録されている素材を用いて制作されています。【権利表記】(C) 2015 KADOKAWA CORPORATION./YOJI OJIMA・本ゲームはYanfly Engineを用いて制作されています。・実況や配信はお気軽にどうぞ。・制作ツール:RPGツクールMV©Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc./YOJI OJIMA 2015
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* This application is a joint application of the game created by Mr. Kaname Misasagi. Please note that the author of the game is Kaname Misasagi.An orthodox fantasy RPG.・After going to 〇〇〇 by boat, I couldn't return.→Actually, Delia (from the beginning) can use the "transfer technique (ruler-like)". You can use it from Menu → Skills. I hope you can come back with the transfer technique.An adventurer in pursuit of his missing brother.meeting with friends.adventure.Fight.What do you choose and how do you move forward?Fantasy RPG "Choose what you want, adventurer"It is an orthodox RPG.The battle is (should be) a difficulty that can be advanced quickly.There are also some detour elements.You can force-push the mid-boss, etc., and there is also a route to go around.There is only one ending, but I hope the player can choose how to proceed.Introduction page【Method of operation】Tap: Decide/Examine/Move to specified locationTwo-finger tap: Cancel/open/close menu screenSwipe: Page scroll・This game is created using the Yanfly Engine.・Production tool: RPG Maker MV©Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc./YOJI OJIMA 2015・PluginsDear ru_shalmDear uchuzineMr. ShiroganeKienkuroMr. FutokoroYana・GraphicsDear take_3Production: Kaname MisasagiPublisher: Nukazuke Paris Piman
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* This app is a joint application of a game produced by shizuka. Please note that the creator of the game is shizuka."How do people become demons?"A closed women's dormitory where "demons" are said to be hidden.The protection bureau staff of the world who came to protect the "demon" meets two girls who seem to be dormitory students.Which of them is the "demon"?A short adventure that repeats conversations based on clues and seeks answers.This is the story of "I" who couldn't get used to it.(Number of EDs: 1 / Game over: None)* The subject matter includes horror elements, but there are no threatening elements.■ Production toolsRPG Maker MV■ Play time20 to 30 minutes (approximate)■ About live broadcastingNo prior notice is required.Please include the game name in the details of the video.There is no problem with using in-game images for thumbnails, etc., but please be considerate of viewers who unintentionally see spoiler images, etc.■ About derivative worksThere is no problem if it is within the range of hobbies. No prior notice is required.Please observe the manners.Please refrain from creating derivative games.【Method..
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Use your transformation ability to eat up the youkai that flood the city. An action-like adventure game.
* This application is a joint application of the game produced by mt.saji. Please note that the creator of the game is mt.saji.■ Game introductionA countryside full of youkai--Find the youkai lurking in the city and "eat up"!Use your "change ability" to take advantage of your predatory life!Youkai change predation action ADV!■ List the features of this gameYoukai collection.Transform.Action-like.A hidden mystery.■ Production toolsRPG Maker MV■ Development period6 months・ This game is created using uchuzine's virtual pad plug-in for smartphones.-This game is created using Shirogane's Boot Opening Demo plug-in.・ This game is produced using Yanfly Engine.Production: mt.sajiPublished by: Nukazuke Paris Piman
Collect materials, make items, and defeat enemies!
* This app is a joint application of a game produced by Motiru. Please note that the creator of the game is Motiru.A person whose hobby is collecting RPG materials has created a withdrawal game that collects and synthesizes materials.Move the "Alchemist of Withdrawal" Monica to defeat the rebels![Live / Derivative work OK]Notes-Some paid materials are used.・ It is "strictly prohibited" to extract materials from the game regardless of whether they are paid or free of charge! !! Please refrain from such cheating as it will be disadvantageous to RPG creators and players as a whole.(* Images based on the rules for unencrypted publication of works using FSM map material collection are used)Material creditfont・ Kosugi Maru Gothic・ Mojimo-game (used for a part of the image)Music material・ RP-music・ MIFUNO STUDIO・ Musmus・ Maoudamashii・ Yuku・ Tuna sashimi・ Mozell・ Kufu-sama・ YufurukaGraphic material・ Yuhina・ Mikoru・ Adventure painting materials・ Kurobakutei Theater・ Minikuru background CG material collection・ MVIconPacks1-6・ Ruruga-sama・ Kingdom rise and fall・ REFMAP・ Mochi-like blog・ Raindrop memory・ Shinome-sama・ Fish Kei・ AkashicsAbout reviews・ It is a personal production and a hobby. I would be grateful if you..
Unreasonable game ✳︎ game escape game
*If the Android version is old, problems may occur.The Tokai region is the most difficult escape game, the Tokai escape for short.It is a game escape game of the final devil super super super amazing difficulty ✳︎.◎ Depending on the model of the app, the operation may become heavy or may be terminated forcibly depending on the model. (It may be improved by restarting the terminal, deleting the cache, etcPlease note that deleting the data will erase the saved data.)・This game is created using the materials included in the RPG Maker MV Season Pass.[Right notation] (C) 2015 KADOKAWA CORPORATION./YOJI OJIMA・This game is produced using Yanfly Engine.-The password for level 3 is 45571.・Don't hesitate to give us a live commentary or distribution.

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