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We update our app regularly to make your Mi Music experience better. We've polished a few things, fixed bugs, and made some performance improvements.


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Mi Music – Free and unlimited Music app!
Get unlimited access to millions of music, curated playlists, and content from your favorite artists. This is the music app for you to listen to online and offline music. What’s more? Hit music for free!!

Listen Unlimited! Kinds of music are all at Mi Music
Popular music, New songs, Live music, Classic, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Kpop, and more, whatever you want to listen to are at Mi Music. Tons of songs are waiting for you to play!

Main features of Mi Music:
• Find streaming, hit music and play songs
• Play any mp3, song, and music online and offline
• My own music does matter: create and listen to your own playlists

Try free and unlimited music player-Mi Music now!
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Mi Music - Listen Unlimited, Surrounded by Rhythm!
Mi MusicFree and unlimited Music app!Get unlimited access to millions of music, curated playlists, and content from your favorite artists. This is the music app for you to listen to online and offline music. What's more? Hit music for free!!Listen Unlimited! Kinds of music are all at Mi MusicPopular music, New songs, Live music, Classic, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Kpop, and more, whatever you want to listen to are at Mi Music. Tons of songs are waiting for you to play!Main features of Mi Music: • Find streaming, hit music and play songs• Play any mp3, song, and music online and offline• My own music does matter: create and listen to your own playlistsTry free and unlimited music player-Mi Music now!Send your feedback to:


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The app just auto deletes music from my phone, after every single update, i have to re-download mp3 musics just so that i can listen to it again. Furthermore, not all android devices can sign into a mi account as the app does not support google services. Very disappointing 👎


The concept is great, but the execution is poor... I can't set a playlist cover, it just keeps the song's album cover as the playlist cover, and that's annoying (also I prefer the old style lyrics playback). The lyrics in some cases are shown double, and the app is generally quite buggy... Please try and make something about it. Update: they fixed the cover setting problem and other major bugs, but I still want the old lyrics!!!


The last update inserts ads into playlist that use internet data and can't be skipped. Unusable. It's a shame xiami devices actively block other music players by putting them in standby while in screen off. Need to buy another phone now.


The latest update is a nightmare. It puts random inages as covers to my songs. I've also found in my playlist a couple of songs I never downloaded.


It's good app but i don't want it's online services but while i listen the songs , the ads keeps showing in the cover photo of the playing song and it's below the play button also. And one more thing, i don't know from out of the blue, automatically generated some music tone after i reinstall the update. 🤷♀️ That's two things are REALLY annoying. 😣👀 please do something !


The app itself is great but the adds are not. Whenever you're listening to a song a add will come while the song is playing it's anoying but but not so much it's reasonable considering that the overall app itself is great


App is pushing too much unwanted notifications from few days. It was not an issue before but now even I turn off everything in settings, it continuously throws ads.


To be honest I've never seen a music player to show this Huge amount of ads and nothing can do to disable them!!! It goes without saying that, this is a exclusive music player app for Mi. Awful!!


Used to be decent but now I get constant annoying notifications. If I disable them the player controls don't show in the notification drop-down. Using something else until they allow disabling these idiotic notifications.


Great app, I just have one problem, it doesn't appear in my homescreen, I tried uninstalling it and it doesn't work, I have to open playstore and open the app through there. (Sorry for my bad English I'm not a native speaker)


The album art is never consistent with the music playing. After The July 10 update, two strange music mysteriously appeared on my songs list. I really thought the update would fix the inconsistency between music playing and the art displayed. Truly Disappointed.


The app works wonders, but theres a small issue that made it... Well, unusable. As I tried to update the app, it again asked for permission for media and such, which suppose to help the app to operate. But as I opened and checked the permission, it was automatically on "Not Allowed" and cannot be changed. Is this a glitch or is it something that I missed?


One of the worst update that this app have received. Ads everywhere and music's that I didn't download and no options to deactivate this trash ads. It used to be my preferred app for music


Xiaomi has done a bad job keeping their ui organized as even in this app I get bombarded with useless ads. I have set my settings accordingly so I don't get any ad in any app I run. However newer users who are not familiar enough with the UI can't or don't know how to disable the ads so that's a big no no. Now the app ad- free is much more enjoyable and the new interface looks clean. However there are some bugs here and there.


The most recent update is again bad. Removed the scroll-by-alphabet feature making it so slow to scroll through and why compress the play screen? Looks weird and messy. Also, it crops the titles even though half the screen is empty. Very few updates actually make this app better...


Liked using the app, but one of the last updates "broke" it, because settings now partially don't work. First, I see constant ad notifications outside the app that I can't turn off. And the second major problem: even though I turned off displaying mp4 files (what I actually couldn't do for a long time, because it didn't save new settings) and some folders with other audio files, I still see them among the music. Couldn't you change it? Because now the app provides quite an awful experience.


Three dissatisfaction: 1. Whenever I create a new playlist, it automatically gets filled with ALL of my songs and I can't remove them. 2. Whenever I do something else like reading manhwa, and I pause the song for 5 sec, the notification bar disappers and I have to interrupt my reading to open the music app again. And 3. The notification bar (or whatever it's called) just show's no album cover or the album cover of the previous song Please fix these problems


Ok so really solid app. Close to no problem but. There is one groundbreaking issue. When downloading a song it takes a long time before it's found in the amp and sometimes it just doesn't appear.the should really fix that issue and quickly because this is a ground breaking bug. Also it'd he nice to be able to back up your playlist so you don't lose all your song if something happens.


Just like other people, I want to play other apps with Music, but the music notification always disappear. I prefer the old one, what am I trying to say is, when the Music notification disappear, of course the music will also disappear. I keep trying to make it won't disappear again but nothing seems to work. 😢


After recent update, my playlists were blank and when I go to any folder, i find it empty. Even though the files are there and it shows from the folder view that is has X songs, but I click on any folder and it's empty. Same for browsing by album or artist. The only way to play my music is to play all songs.