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See details on today’s weather update.
– Get updated with current temperature, rain forecast, and Air Quality Index (AQI) data in a single view.
– Minimum and maximum temperatures of the day
– Alerts for AQI and important Weather activities

App Interface changes as per weather outside.
– Easily visualise the weather in your area with the Dynamic UI which changes as per the weather conditions outside.

Add multiple cities.
– Planning a trip, want to see the weather in your hometown, want to check weather conditions in cities where your family members live ? Just add any city in the world and see the live weather for that city
– Add up to 10 cities.
– View all cities in a single screen to compare weather in multiple cities

Air Quality Index (AQI) value and useful suggestions as per pollution level.
– See the Air Quality Index (AQI) value in your area and get AQI alerts.
– Know about the individual pollutants levels
– Get suggestions and insights based on the current pollution level in your area to help you understand the meaning of various Air Quality Index (AQI) related terms and reduce the impact of pollution in your life

5 day Weather forecast.
– Be prepared for the week with the weather forecast for the next 5 days with information on:
– Minimum and maximum temperatures
– Wind Speed and direction
– Rain Forecast

Hourly weather updates.
– See hourly updates for the weather with temperature, wind speed
– Useful Widgets to see important information on your homescreen

Other features:
– Sunrise sunset timings
– Rain forecast
– Fog forecast
– Wind speed and direction updates
– Real Feel temperature updates
– UV Index
– Atmospheric pressure


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Now the app don't recognize my location and I only have to enter the location manual to know the weather.. is annoying.


Thus app is not working, i installed the app and tried to open it but it wouldn't work, i give 1 star to improve my frustration. I really don't recommend this app for anyone !!


I think it is one of the best weather app available in the Play Store weath complete 💯 % weather information up to date available to viewers including pollution level in your areas. There are some drawback of the app is that it is quickly unable to trace my current location weather in the area due to recent changes in the app itself. Please do needful corrections in the app so that we get quick update in the weather ☁️ of the area we are visiting as per my current location.


Very very very very very very good because the sound effects and it stops at the time it stops in real life, not other app that stops in real life and didn't stop in the app, you need to download it now. Amazing App


Because, Weather report do not give my device location fixed. Yes,. Sometimes it gave fixed location when I was in Imphal areas, but when I stay at home never give my correct location.


App is ok but there is ko way I can correct the location. It is showing other location. When I try to find and add my exact location. New location gets added and both are visible then. Can I not edit the location to correct one


How can I give it above 3 stars when it's not opening?? Everytime it shows message, App Info, close app, send feedback... That's it.


It's easy, simple, informative. Overall it's good 👍 But accuracy is very poor, it shows 19° but in google shows 12°.


App doesn't pick up of your current location, you would need to add it. Seems like a very basic app, and a bit pointless. Other weather apps are much better


It shows the weather forecast of somewhere else and it doesn't even allow to change the location manually.


Hello Xiaomi, When I go to open the weather app, this message shows: Unfortunately weather has been stopped. The problem is in infinix hot 10 play device. Android 11 version, RAM 4GB, ROM 64GB


Add pictures and show weather forecast for atleast 10 days and also mention length of the day and remaining daylight which will help the user . It should be like the Google weather. Also wind pressure and direction should be mentioned.


I don't know where you get your data from, but is always wrong. The app shows 18°C in the middle of summer while outside it's actually 26°C. Thanks for nothing.


It is refreshing the weather of the city I was before but I have moved to another city and it is still showing me the weather of the previous city. Not of my current location.


This app is usefull but the reason why I have only given 4 stars is because I noticed the weather in my area was just partially cloudy , also there was no sign of rains,and it was 29°C which was actually correct, but this app was showing Thunderstorm, but there weren't any thunderstorm happening,after seeing this , I checked Google weather report and it was just cloudy in my area and even I checked other weather report apps, I would request the developer of this app to correct these issues.


I like the fact that it allows one to monitor the weather of different locations in real time which can all be added to the app as saved locations


APP is Ok but it doesn't shows correct weather forecast as compared to other apps, like snow prediction rain or sun it most of the time shows wrong forecast


When I open this app it keeps crashing it takes me back to the home screen please fix this problem this app is compatible with my phone my phone is Samsung Galaxy A12


The app is ok,but it needs some ui improvement.That it is only in areawhere it is lacks behend the goggle weather app.And that means this app is very,very what is needed now are some features which let the user decide if they want a weather report or a full detalied one . The default location it chosses is always wrong,even with GPS set to high accuracy. What's frustrating is I can't edit default location.And some images depicting the outside weather , just like Google weather has.


Good, accurate enough and smart. But can be future improved in various aspects. Can be made more user-friendly by making certain changes