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- performance and stability improvements


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WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game.

In this free Sandbox god game you can create life and watch it prosper! Spawn sheep, wolves, orks, elfs, dwarves and other magic creatures!

Civilizations can craft and build houses, roads and go to war with each other. Help them survive, evolve and build powerful civilization!

The Sandbox. Play around with different powers. You can dissolve ground with acid rain or even drop an atomic bomb! Spawn tornados, underground worms or a Heat ray. Enjoy creative destruction or craft worlds full of life!

Watch how classic Conway’s Game of Life can quickly destroy world civilization. Or create Langton’s ant cellular automata

Simulate various disasters. Meteorites, volcanos, lava, tornados, geysers and more. Simulate and watch evolution of creatures and the rise of civilizations

Craft a pixel world. You can build pixel art world using different free tools, magic and brushes. Just use different pixel types for coloring. Be creative!

Experiment in your own Sandbox game. Play with different creatures and powers in magic world simulation

Become a God of your own pixel art world. Create life and build civilization of different mythological races. Build a world of your dreams!

You can play this Sandbox game offline without wi fi or internet connection

Download Super WorldBox – God Game for FREE!

If you are experiencing any problems, please do get in contact with me here: [email protected]

Leave your feedback or suggestions if you want to see more powers and creatures in this free Sandbox game!

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Been playing for about a year off and on, definitely a fun sandbox game, also good if you like to build worlds. Kinda sad that mobile can't make iceberg maps though, but to be honest, titanic maps have way more than enough lag. Just zooming in and out causes lag, which really sucks. Especially when my game crashes from it.


I would give 5 stars, but there's a few things that bug me. 1. You can't edit the items/armor that people have. 2. People level up and advance too fast. Like in 500 years,the elves and dwarves will be maxed out but the humans will be like 10 levels behind and, orcs will still be at like level 30. Finally, the history gets cleared if you reload a saved world. Like, I wanna see I things that happened 100 years ago even if I reloaded the world since then. Other than these things, the game is great.


Just bought premium, overal it's a great game with interesting mechanic but getting repetitive after couples playtrough. Maybe if you add feature to share, upload & download custom map between players and with their each campaign or world scenario. I think it will make the game more interesting. Sorry for 1 star tho, I just want to catch your attention. Will change to 5 star if this happen.


Loved it! I still play it too. Its fun to create and destroy countries and nations alike! It's addictive too! But I do say is that a majority of the stuff you can chose is for premium only which IS kinda cheap and you can just watch a add for 3 free powers for a awhile but I do feel like it would be ok if you change a little of the premium stuff to normal. Not complaining!


I get it, to play the full version, you pay $10. Ads are annoying, especially when they crash your game. Lack of auto-save is frustrating; it's time for an update. If you offer unlockables through ads, make sure it's a smooth experience. The free version should be enjoyable to encourage buying the full one.
Hi. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We are constantly making improvements and fixing the game with every new update. We would appreciate it if you could fill out a small 'bug report' here: You can also send the game logs to [email protected]. Game logs are located: Android/data/com.mkarpenko.worldbox/logs. Thanks


I bought premium after using the app for approx 4~ months.. and it made the game even better. It's amazing being able to feel like a "god" and control almost every aspect in the world, while watching the habitants do their own thing and sometimes go to war! the only unfortunate thing is that i lost my long lasting world after deleting and redownloading the game.


I love this game because the objective is....... TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO! And it's really fun too! I was wondering if you could add a shark or something like a witch that turns humans into harmless animals? I mean like a frog or a pig. I dont really mind if you dont add it. I have some more ideas like a giant, a slime and some more I forgot. By the way forgot to mention one more thing! Keep up the great work on the game because it's one of my favorite sandbox games.


As it is still under development , I cannot say it is the best , but the mass amount of updates shows the developers are not like other mobile game developers , they seem to care! The game itself is quite fun , long periods of play time get boring, but for a short time , you feel entertained like any other sandbox game. However now, it keeps crashing whenever I edit a character or kingdom. I'm not sure why, I hope it can be fixed.
Hi! Glad you like the game! More stuff is gonna be added soon! =)


This game is great, however in a future update I was wondering if you guys could make even larger maps and also if you could possibly also add the ability to create and edit plots and plans, such as I want this nation to join or create an alliance with his neighbour or declare a war, and finally when at war with other species, it's kind of a waste to completely destroy the nation, perhaps if you could change it to mixed specie - nations, that'll be great too, other than that great game!


Great game! I've played this for past year on and off and absolutely fall in love every time! SUGGESTION - (which I think could change faction combat in a good way) AI adding walls to their cities/towns as a research through culture, starting at wood and moving to stone etc therefore adding a siege aspect to attacks rather then Enemy factions just rolling through towns with high numbers and destroying everything almost instantly. Attackers would have to pas through arrows and walls.


This game is very good, and fun at the same time for me. But there's a problem, while I was going to play Worldbox. It suddenly crashed for no reason. I don't know what's the reason for this but when I tried going back into the game, it crashed again. And then I tried again then it crashed more sooner then it crashed instantly when I tried going into the game. Overall, I think this game is very good I recommend playing it if you like sandbox games like me. And I really like the pixel artstyle.


Really fun! I got the premium, and unlike a LOT of stuff I've seen, it's worth it. I really like the feature of getting premium items without buying them, and the game never gives you random ads. I am a little sad that we can't have more civilizations, Lemon people, Skeletons, and other stuff, but other than that it's perfect.


This is a good game; I love it! However, I would suggest adding a feature where humans would build houses on water if they're in a situation where they lack land. I would also suggest adding also air transport; it would be cool to see them flying around and adding more technological advancements.


Great game honestly, it's changed so much over the years for the better, and there's always new updates right around the corner. Easily addictive. I do have a suggestion though, it has come to my attention that the system of animals has not really changed that much, maybe have animals make dens or caves (ex: wolves, bears, foxes, etc.) Or maybe even bandits being able to set up camps and have their own hierarchy. Still a great game however.


The game was super fun and all. I love how they allowed you to create variety of lands and water with a single touch. UI is pretty clean and not too comfy, sometimes you accidentally tap the wrong power menu and you'll create new doom to your world and it can't be undo unless you reset it. The new ages are kinda innovative that every 50 years they will turn into new unique age but it's not something that I liked. Can you add modern age into the game? It'll be awesome to look a highrise building.
Hi. Thank you for your feedback and rating! The game is currently being developed in the medieval-fantasy style.


This game is probably one of the most addicting games out there, and I had a few ideas. I think it would be pretty cool if your villages could advance further to the modern age, but only after years of development and research. Adding more boat types and possibly roads/airports. This games endless level of creativity is outstanding, Even a couple years later. 10/10
Thank you very much! More interesting things are planned in the future updates! ;)


Best God Simulator on Android. Regularly updated, fun, offline, and awesome. I bought this game years ago and it's still being worked on. I've seen this game evolve over time and it's come a long way. It's so good, I'll be buying it on Steam once I can afford to. The only drawback is device heat from the processing this game requires. Though, this can be mitigated by turning off various sims or generating smaller maps. Worth every penny spent and even more.


Very fun game and time killer with a buncha ways to make worlds, establish kingdoms, use destructive weapons on said worlds, among other things. Also, the game is offline and doesn't cram advertisements in after every singular tap, making the game so much nicer. One setback, however, is that there are several tools that require an in-app purchase, but overall, this is a very solid game that I would definitely recommend.


Great simple 2D sandbox game. For me, the joy is in the lore and worldbuilding. For the rest of me, it's the range of unique powers and options that keeps me coming back. I bought premium quickly and feel good about it, especially since it was relatively cheap. I think I prefer this game on Steam for the mouse controls but it's more convenient on my phone.


This. Is. The. Best. Pixel. Game. I. Ever. Played! I wish I could download the Super one for free though. I like how the graphics and speed is. Even the animations are great! I also likes the different ages. The best update yet! The only down side is that the game lags when I start the game, I always got to restart the game. But this is actually a great game! I would love to recommend this to my friends and family. Bro