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Welcome to ZLearn!

This platform will help you gain the knowledge and skills required on the floor of the store and in the workplace. Through this you will always be updated of the latest releases and it’s specifics.

We hope that this platform can help you grow and improve your experience with us.

We hope to you see you on the inside!

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Integrated PRESENCE and PERFORMANCE application for ASN / THL in the City of Sukabumi
MySIPKA (Sistem Presensi dan Kinerja) adalah aplikasi inti yang akan dijadikan sebagai aplikasi integrasi dari sejumlah aplikasi yang ada, sehingga nantinya berapa pun jumlah aplikasinya akan melalui aplikasi ini.Diharapkan dengan cara ini setiap pengguna aplikasi yang berhubungan dengan BKPSDM tidak disibukan dengan banyak aplikasi.Saat ini sebagai versi awal sistem aplikasi ini terdiri dari SIAP dan eKINERJA
This App enables you to display memos to your status bar.
NoticeThis app will not be updated anymore.In future please use the following new N memo. App enables you to display memos to your status bar.It is useful for you to jot down a line or two without making a file for it.You can send the content of your memos to other apps.Even you can receive texts from other apps, and display as your memo.Display as many memos as you wish simultaneously. 3 lines per memo is set asa default.* Depends on a device, you may display over 3 lines per memo.InstructionWhen starting up this app, an input dialog window will show up.Enter you memos, and tap on a「memo」button, your memo will display in astatus bar as a notification.Tapping on a memo enables you to use these functions as follows:* share memosshare the contents of your memo with your mailer, twitterclient, text editor, and even with other apps.* See detailsBy tapping the contents of the notes that appear at the top, you can also see displays in the notification area not quite.* editenables you to edit memo.* copymaking a copy of..
CAE's latest flagship crew facing application.
CAE CrewAccess Mobileisthe latest addition to the CAEAirCentre®Crew Management platform. This is CAE’s flagship crew facing application that provides Crew Members with real-time access to roster information, personal information as well as self-service tools, including auto-processed duty swap and leave requests as well as our crew on flight chat® to keep teams connected on the go.With CAE Crew Access Mobile, Crew Members are able to access information from Crew Management in real-time,from anywhere, anytime so they can focus on delivering delightful passenger experiences! • View published roster information, including flying and non-flying rostered activities (even when offline or in an area of poor connectivity) • Receive real-time notifications when your roster changes & acknowledge directly from within the App. • Initiate and accept a swap request. • Post and search the Trade Board for swappable duties. • View leave balances and submitting a leave request. • Connect with other Crew Members scheduled to be on your flight.Crew AccessMobile is seamlessly integrated withCAEAirCentre®Crew Manager, Crew Control and CrewTrac.
Even if you are not good at asking questions, support with "Assist Mode"! ChatGPT in "Japanese" "Free" "App"! You can start AI chat immediately without registering as a member.
● Built-in chat GPT (open AI)● Easy to understand because it is in Japanese● You can use it right away without registering as a member● Support for question creation in assist modeThis is an AI chat talk app that answers your questions with an AI doctor equipped with chat GPT.Easy to use, just send what you want to hear! Uses are endless!▼ AI (artificial intelligence) chatThe AI chat of this application uses Open AI's Chat GPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) API.▼ Available for freeThis app is free.Even if the number of times limit is exceeded, you can use it unlimitedly by watching advertisements.▼Assist mode"I don't know how to ask questions" "I'm not good at asking questions and I don't get the answers I expected"It's okay to be like that! We will help you create a question sentence in assist mode.ChatGPT makes it easier to get accurate answers and advice!▼Tips for asking questions・Clarify the purpose of the question・Specifically explain the situation and background・Be careful of typos▼Example of AI chat・Explanation of words and things・Resolving and improving problems・How to achieve the goal・Speech creation・Writing・Generate ideas・Name proposal・Recipe creation・Difficult..
Employee Portal application is used for Leave management system.
Employee Portal lets employees view their self and his subordinate's Attendance & leave information and initiate a number of activities like applying for leave, leave cancellation, etc. Now get all your employee portal work done on the move.
Collect and send data easily slips
The Handle Billet is an application for the Android platform that aims to facilitate the capture job and sending the dockets data. Data is collected by reading the bar code and can be sent by email, Facebook, SMS or any other type of sharing available on your smartphone.How much ?The Handle Billet is a free product that uses advertising resources to raise money, so if you want to help keep the app, click on the ads.What is required to use the application?To use the application just a device with Android OS 2.3 (or higher), of at least 3 megapixel camera and the Barcode Scanner application installed.Because I need the Barcode Scanner application installed?We opted to use the Barcode Scanner application by allowing the user to keep it up to date without the need to update the Handle Billet.How do I use the application?The application is very intuitive and easy to use. However, when operating the menu button on your device, one option is to Help, which explains how to use the application.
Generate AI Content & Copy In Seconds with AI
CopykittiesAI Content Generator is a tool that helps you create content for your website or blog. It uses artificial intelligence to help you come up with ideas for your content, and then generates the content for you.Use AI to boost your traffic and save hours of work. Automatically write unique, engaging and high-quality copy or content: from long-form blog posts or landing pages to digital ads in seconds.Copykitties can help you save hours by automatically generating written content for all your writing needs. Whether you need a script for a video, an article for your blog, or a Voice-over for your new app, Copykitties can help you get the job done in minutes.Here are the main features of the app:- It's FREE FOREVER- The AI will help you write content that is both unique and without any plagiarism.- Generate intro/opening paragraphs, conclusion/ending paragraphs and outline (outline is a list of sections and sub-sections in an article/book)- Write Facebook or Google ads, Youtube video descriptions or titles.- Create original content that ranks for SEO.- Boost ad conversions with better copy.
An app that helps you maintain your college or university attendance.
This app solves the attendance management problems faced by college or university students who need to compulsorily attend a minimum percentage of classes each semester or session.FEATURES DESCRIPTIONTimetableYou can add your class timetable and mark attendance accordingly.AttendanceAttendance of each subject is displayed along with the percentage and a status which notify how many classes you need to attend to fulfill the percentage criteria as a student.Attendance HistoryThe history of events can be used using calendar view or timeline view.You can view a detailed history of all the events like marking present, absent, cancelled classes, holidays, adding subjects, deleting subjects, resetting attendance and editing attendance.Edit Attendance / Mark Past AttendanceIf you forget to mark attendance on a particular day, jump to that date and mark the attendance also mistakes made while marking attendance in the past can be added easily.Edit Attendance CriteriaIf the need arises, you can edit the attendance criteria that you need to fulfill as a student.Other FeaturesDelete Subject: If you wish to delete a subject you can delete it.Reset Attendance: Reset the attendance of the subjects.Report Bug: Found..
Provides need to know info to make a decision before hooking up your rigging.
This has been branded as an Official U.S. Army appThe app is designed to help Army Vehicle recovery personnel in the operational environment. This app incorporates all the rigging, sling leg force, and Mire formulas taught at the recovery school in one easy to reference application. This allows the recovery operator more freedom and accuracy in making decisions before implementing the rigging processRecovery operators all over the Army have being taught about the basic formulas of recovery. Only a few ever implement it, because often times you don't remember the formulas or it takes too long. This app gives you everything you need to know to make an informed decision before hooking up your rigging.
2023 Hindi calendar with latest 2023 hindi panchang details & festivals
हिंदी कैलेंडर 2023 with latest हिंदी पंचांग 2023Hindi panchang calendar 2023 is the latest hindi calendar for this year with new hindi panchang details. App is highly useful for Hindu people also called as Hindu calendar. Hindu calendar 2023 in gives all the important calendar and panchangam 2023 with precise fasting details. This app is very useful for 2023 festivals, holiday details and vivah muhurat Hindi Horoscope: App has quick access to Hindi daily horoscope and Hindi weekly horoscope Useful Features of the app:● Daily timings of Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonsethindu calendar panchank● 2023 hindu calendar for All months from January to December● List of all festivals 2023 & Fasting days & holidays with hindu festivals● 2023 Shubh Muhuarat dates with all details of vehicle marriage 2023 vivah muhurat● Hindu holidays, Christian & Islamic holidays for the year 2023● Tithi Nakshatra Yoga Paksha details in the vast panchang 2023 hindi language● Offline calendar as it works without internet with Hindi calendar offline● 2023 कैलेंडर in hd as the look wise is clear● Hindi Horoscope: Rashifal in daily basisहिंदी कैलेंडर 2023..
Take charge of your learning in your style!
Introducing iLearn, your one-stop app to take control of your learning in your style. Through this, you will be able to access the trainings assigned to you and complete learning courses. We hope that you will be able to take charge of your professional growth with us and be successful every step of the way!
The Learning Platform for ZLearn!
Welcome to ZLearn!This platform will help you gain the knowledge and skills required on the floor of the store and in the workplace. Through this you will always be updated of the latest releases and it's specifics.We hope that this platform can help you grow and improve your experience with us. We hope to you see you on the inside!
Take charge of your learnings and career progression!
To deliver learning content, handle training events, training course administration, skill gap analysis, tracking, and reporting. Through this platform, the Business HR team aims to digitalise the existing content, create e-learning content, organize it into courses, deliver the content, enrol users to courses, monitor & assess their performances, and provide a clear career path to every user.


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