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You can manage your mobile order and current tracking transactions.

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Community of CNC machinists enabling the future of manufacturing.
The Phillips Machinist is your personalized digital manufacturing assistant, with quick access to essential machine codes and calculators, direct contact with Phillips engineers, and practical resources designed to make your life easier.Spark your ingenuity with the Phillips Machinist, the only App you’ll need to succeed! The completely redesigned Phillips Machinist delivers a next-level experience offering these key benefits:EASY ACCESS TO CODES AND MANUALSA few clicks and you can access Haas G & M reference codes, Error and Alarm Codes, Macro Variables, and functions – and find information on how to apply them to your machines. Right away. Right on the shop floor. Explore our additional libraries with items from Okamoto, Hermle, Kent, Universal Robots and Markforged. CALCULATOR LIBRARYEnhanced everyday Calculators for the CNC Machinist in both Inch and Metric wherever applicable. Now featuring an information page that not only explains how to use the calculator but also the core concepts behind it! Some inputs have been configured to show suggested ranges for the optimal performance of a CNC program to keep you on the cutting edge. The Result section provides..
Showcase dogs, cats, Guinea pigs of different breeds and any other domestic pet
You can make your pet available by showing them on the app for sales or if you need any one. The following dog breeds can be found like Boxer, poodle, bulldog, Labrador and golden retrievers, German Shepard, Beagle, Rottweiler, Yorkshire terrier and any other domestic animals of different types.Little attributes of these animals were also explained.We try to connect both the buyer and sellers together.
LAPAN LAPAN android app allows you to easily reload.
Aplikasi android LAPAN LAPAN adalah aplikasi mobile gratis untuk member-member setia LAPAN LAPAN di mana pun berada. Aplikasi ini memudahkan Anda dalam melakukan berbagai transaksi seperti pengisian pulsa, pembelian token listrik, pembayaran tagihan pasca bayar dan lain lainDengan aplikasi ini, Anda dapat dengan mudah melakukan pengecekan harga pulsa terkini, melihat rekap history transaksi, history perubahan saldo Anda, aktivitas downline, chatting dengan customer service, dan lain sebagainya.Fitur-fitur yang tersedia di dalam aplikasi:- Pengisian pulsa/pembelian token listrik- Pembayaran tagihan pasca bayar (Listrik, PDAM, TELKOM, dll)- Pembelian voucher internet- Fitur chat messenger yang terhubung langsung dengan engine server pulsa kami- Fitur chat dengan customer service- Cek saldo & informasi akun- Cek harga realtime- Penambahan saldo dengan sistem tiket- Cek rekap history transaksi- Cek rekap history perubahan saldo (transfer saldo, tambah saldo, transaksi, dll)- Lihat agen downline beserta aktivitas transaksi agen downline- Fitur mendaftarkan agen downline- Transfer saldo ke agen downline- Fitur App Lock untuk mengamankan aplikasi dari tangan orang lain- Fitur cetak struk utk berbagai jenis transaksi via bluetooth, support berbagai macam printer thermal dgn ukuran kertas 58mm dan 80mm. - Fitur cetak..
VideoFizz™ makes it easy to create group video celebrations for any occasion!
Award-Winning VideoFizz™ makes it easy to create group video celebrations for any occasion! Tech Week Winners!Imagine your parents are having their 50th wedding anniversary, or your best friend just got engaged and you want to create an amazing congratulations video with friends and family from around the globe. You decide who you want to participate and we’ll collect their videos, add music, and combine everything together to create an awesome montage. Our app solves all the problems normally faced when trying to collect or share large video files. You don’t have to be a tech wiz! Start by downloading the app and follow these 4 easy steps:1) Tap CREATE VIDEO and choose an opening animation to personalize2) Tap INVITE OTHERS and we automatically create an invitation to email or text 3) People click the invite and upload their videos/photos. (It’s so simple even your grandma can do it!)4) When you’re ready tap “COMBINE CLIPS” and the finished montage is ready in minutes.Why is it so awesome?- Everyone participates for FREE.- There’s no limit on the number of people you invite.-..
More Than an AI Assistant: Diverse and Engaging Content at Your Fingertips.
We are thrilled to announce the public release of ANSWER AI, the ultimate solution to writer’s block for marketers, content creators, and students alike! 🔥Our AI-powered content generation platform uses the GPT 3.5 turbo model, powered by ChatGPT, and is boosted with real-time information through Google search and web access. With this cutting-edge technology, you can now create high-quality content quickly and easily, with features like paraphrasing, summary writing, and a specialized coding assistant.You can easily find and fix bugs in your code with the Coding Assistance feature, conduct detailed searches on the internet with the Advanced Internet Search feature, generate high-quality images on demand with the Image Generator feature, create complex Excel formulas with ease with the Excel Formula Writer feature, and much more.The Chat Interface allows you to interact with ANSWER AI through a conversational interface, with an enhanced AI bot that has access to real time information from the web.But wait, there’s more! The Content Writer feature is designed to help you quickly create high-quality content for a variety of use cases. You can choose from several..
You can read the text of a NFC tag or write text to it!
You can read the text of a NFC tag or write text to it!
View read & search all pdf files with a PDF Reader App. PDF Viewer for Android
PDF Reader is the best office tool that helps you interact with PDF files & PDF documents. PDF Reader supports ultra-fast reading files in all formats, documents, receipts, photos, business cards, whiteboards, etc. PDF viewer for android can auto scan, find and list all PDF files on your phone. PDF Viewer and reader allow you to easily view and read and manage your files in one place. Read books and PDF notes anywhere with this ebook reader. It is a free PDF reader and PDF viewer for all PDF files.Open, View, and Read PDFs with the fast PDF reader for android. A simple PDF viewer is free and reliable to read PDF documents and PDF e-books. PDF app for android is the best PDF viewer to view PDFs. PDF file reader offers its users the feature of reading PDF files directly from their mobile phone. The free PDF reader app provides the feature to read PDF in dark mode. The PDF viewer app makes it very easy to scan & read PDF files and manage documents on your phone. Download..
Write in Syloti Nagri Letter with Nagri Keyboard
Installation1. Download & install2. Go to Main Menu > Enable Keyboard > Select Syloti Nagri Keyboard3. Enable Syloti Nagri Keyboard > Main Menu > Select Syloti Nagri Keyboard4. Then open any typing field (practising or any other text fields).5. Enjoy! PermissionInternet permission is NOT required. So, nothing to worry about it.
Instantly top up diamonds to any id while you enjoy playing
¿Cómo conseguir diamantes en el 2021?Esta app te permite obtener los preciados diamantes max de dos formas, por medio de oro y jugando donde disfrutas de divertidos juegos sin costo donde los tienes que completar y se te daran puntos a tu cuenta para canjearlos por diamantes. ¿Cómo puedo recargar diamantes?En la app necesitas tener oro para obtener diamantes, despues debes ingresar el id del usuario a recargar, ademas de su nombre en el juego para asegurar una recarga instantanea.¿Por qué usar nuestra app?Muchas personas utilizan redes sociales para comprar diamantes, sin embargo, no llegan los diamantes y los precios son elevados. Aqui es donde puedes comprar y ganarlos de manera segura y rapida, en comparacion con otras paginas o apps, esta app es la mejor opcion.Te permite ingresar a salas online donde se premia con diamantes a quien logre sobrevivir, es decir tendras diamantes jugando. Puedes invitar a tus amigos y formar escuadras para competir ser el campeon infinito, lo importante es divertirse con la comunidad y ser un master.No pierda tiempo ni dinero la tienda de tu barrio...
Various SiCepat services can now be accessed via Android
SiCepat Point adalah layanan pendukung aktifitas SiCepat melalui Android yang mudah digunakan dan diakses oleh pengguna, segalanya jadi lebih mudah, lebih cepat dan ujung-ujungnya meningkatkan kualitas kerja dan efisiensi kerja jajaran SiCepat.Berbagai layanan SiCepat sekarang sudah dapat diakses dengan SiCepat Point seperti pemintaan penjemputan barang, tracking pengiriman serta cek harga paket pengiriman, sekarang sudah bisa dilakukan melalui aplikasi SiCepat Point, dikemudian hari berbagai layanan akan terus ditambahkan dan disempurnakan.
Private Company Application
You can manage your mobile order and current tracking transactions.

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