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Our App, designed to provide you with a more accessible and connected experience with our union. Here you will find relevant information, resources and tools to help you stay informed and actively participate in our union community.

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Application for Free Meetings! Can directly stream to Youtube.
Meeting application for the Ummah1. It's free, no choking monthly fees!2. Full Time !!, no time limit Can be used full time 24 hours3. can be used by more than 100 people and without additional costs !!4. can stream directly through the application to YouTube!
2nd Line for Calls & SMS. Cheap International Calls & SMS. Virtual Phone Number.
FREE TO DOWNLOAD'Cloud SIM' App allows you to create and add multiple phone numbers to your smartphone and tablet instantly. You can have up to 4 extra numbers on your mobile which includes a UK, POLISH, CANADIAN, FRANCE and USA number.Make high-quality international calls to both mobiles and landlines for next to nothing. We offer low cost calling rates for calls or text SMS. Cloud SIM allows you to choose your connection type and set up your call via either a local access (GSM), mobile data or WIFI. This means you never have to worry about bad reception or your call dropping.**A second phone number for freelancer, Dating, Business, Online, Gumtree, & other use**Free text chat between Android phones worldwide while using WIFI or data, share pictures and or call using the local access from your free minutes while you travel or have no internet access. No matter where you or your contacts live! You’ll get these multiple numbers without any additional or roaming charges Stay in touch with your friends and family worldwide with 'Cloud SIM' App! KEY FEATURES..
It is a 'business social network' that connects the necessary employees and part-time jobs at the sale site to companies that help with the sale and recruitment activities.
[새 버전 정보]안드로이드 12와의 호환성 문제를 해결하였습니다.기타 성능 개선 코드가 담겨 있습니다.[언제 어디서나 모바일로]현장 검색을 위해 컴퓨터 앞에서 ‘사이트’, ‘카페’ 등을 오가며 현장을 찾으실 필요가 없습니다.편리하게 내 핸드폰을 통해 현장검색, 구인등록 등의 서비스를 편리하게 이용해 보세요[상세한 검색]‘8개의 지역분류’ , ‘13개의 현장구분’, ‘14개의 업무내용’을 카테고리로 상세한 현장 검색이 가능하며 개별 현장의 특징을 한눈에 볼 수 있어 현장 선택이 즐거워집니다.[구인 등록]미리 설정된 입력항목으로 구인 글 등록이 쉽고 빠르며 등록된 구인 게시물을 관리하기 편리합니다. 또한 구인시 문자발송 비용 없이 등록 즉시 구직자들에게 알람이 전송됩니다.[나만의 현장 알림 기능 ]미리 설정된 ‘지역’, ’현장구분’, ‘업무내용’을 기반으로 내게 최적화된 ‘맞춤현장(Custom Spot)이 등록 될 경우 알람으로 알려드려 현장을 놓칠 일이 없습니다. 소리/진동 옵션을 통해 업무나 휴식에 지장이 없도록 하였습니다.[다양한 현장 정보 및 이벤트]HOT현장, 최다 관심현장 등 다양한 현장 정보를 전달하고 이벤트를 통해 즐거운 분양Line을 만들어 갑니다.[섹션기능]통계섹션을 통해 베스트현장, 최다조회 현장 등의 다양한 정보를 확인하실 수 있으며, 도서관 섹션은 1만 표제어 검색이 가능한 부동산 상식, 법규 등 다양한 분양의 지식들로 채워질 예정입니다. 또한 앞으로 나올 서포터즈, 풋프린트 섹션과 기획중인 다른 섹션들을 통해 다양한 정보와 지식, 재미를 느끼 실 수 있을 것입니다.
Dalily is Arabic caller ID & Search Engine for identifying Real and True caller.
Dalily is the best Arabic caller ID and search engine for identifying real and true caller. It has more intelligence than other search engine. Dalily caller lets you search beyond your existing phone book list, identify unknown incoming calls and namesIt also searches for any number whether it’s local or across the Arab world. Dalily caller app identifies almost a hundreds of millions record in (Saudi Arabia (KSA)United Arab Emirates (UAE)KuwaitBahrainOmanQatarYemenJordanLebanonSyriaEgyptIraqMoroccoTunisiaAlgeriaSudanPalestineLibyaComorosDjiboutiMauritaniaSomalia)Features- User can search by phone number or name.- View the personal photo, video, address, job and social networks like (Facebook, Twitter…) etc of the searched person if available.- Show all the existing names related to searched phone number order by recent.- Notify the user if someone searches for his number in Dalily.- Identify who’s calling you if you don’t have their number in your address book.- Identify if the person has WhatsApp or not.- Fast and easy in use.- Show the Emergency contacts for above mentioned countries.- Enhanced Version of new feature "Who Search for Me" which will allow user to know, who searched for your phone number in..
Bangla Voice Keyboard Type with Voice
★How to install Pro Bangla Voice Keyboard? Go To the end of description for Installing Bangla Typing Keyboard or Bengali Voice Language Keyboard. Bangla keyboard 2019 is an android application which let you to write Bengali alphabets on your android keyboard. Bengali keyboard app is Bangladeshi language keyboard 2020. Pro Bangla Voice Keyboard is and no need to purchase it. Bengali voice typing feature is incredible and powerful feature of Pro Bangla Voice keyboard 2019. Pro Bangla Voice Keyboard typing in Bangladeshi language with voice feature is tremendous working feature. Bengali keyboard allows a user to write, type and speech to write message in Bangla language and Bengali text words. Send build in SMS, Type SMS in Bangla Language, Compose emails and write captions in Bengali language, klavye klavyesi Keyboard. Bangali keyboard app contain bangali keyboard on which you can write bangali language keyboard an Bangla keyboard in English is to use EnglishBengali language which is Bangladeshi language. Easy and fast Bangla typing is the first priority of this Bangla Keyboard. On the other side, direct Bangla typing pad and..
Want to Hide WhatsApp Images, Videos & Audios? Lock it Now with Chat Media Hider
Hide Whatsapp Images, Videos & Audios with Chat Media Hider app Hide or Store your chat images, videos, and audios before anyone sees itChat Media Hider is the perfect solution for your privacyHide personal images, videos & audios in a Single ClickWe all know, many times we receive intimate images, videos and anyone with your cell phone can see it.Stay safe and protected. Hide chat images and videos with Chat Media Hider.Install Now for Free & Protect your Personal Media👉 Chat Media Hider Features:✨ Hide all your WhatsApp media ( Images, Videos & Audios ) in a single click✨ You can also add your media files individually ( so that only selected images & videos will be hidden )✨ All your hidden files will be stored in the Chat Media Hider app & no-one can see them in the gallery✨ Protect your media files with a password so that only you can see✨ All your login Attempts can be accessed from the Access History & see if anyone tried to log in👉 Tips:- Please remember the Secret question & answer...
Transform your phone into a satellite smartphone!
Please download the SATSLEEVE+ / HOTSPOT App only if you have a SatSleeve+ or a SatSleeve Hotspot model, for all older SatSleeve models please download the SATSLEEVE App instead.Transform your phone into a satellite smartphone! Download the SatSleeve Hotspot App for free and get seamless connectivity via satellite when outside of terrestrial networks. Enjoy calls, SMSs, emails, instant messaging, social media and smartphone information apps in satellite mode across Thuraya’s satellite network covering Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The SatSleeve App supports 14 languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese (Simplified), English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Urdu. Note: Thuraya SatSleeve+ or SatSleeve Hotspot is required to use this App. Visit for a list of authorized Thuraya Service Partners and outlets where you can buy the product and check which of the latest iOS and Android smartphones are compatible.
ZTE routers and modems setup , configuration and connect
ZTE routers and modems setup , configuration and connectzte AC30zte AR550zte Bavo ZXV10-W300 zte F609zte F620zte F660zte H220N zte H369A zte MF283 zte MF286 zte MF28Bzte MF29Azte MF612 zte MF65 zte MF65Mzte MF910Vzte MF923 zte MF93Dzte NetFasteR WLANzte Z-917zte Z288Lzte Z700Azte ZHXN-H108NS zte ZXDSL 531Bzte ZXDSL 831zte ZXDSL 831zte ZXDSL 831zte ZXDSL 831zte ZXDSL 831zte ZXDSL 831CII zte ZXDSL 831Dzte ZXDSL 931VII zte ZXHN F620zte ZXHN H108Nzte ZXHN H208N zte ZXHN H208Nzte ZXHN H267Nzte ZXHN H298Nzte ZXV10 H201L zte ZXV10 H208L zte ZXV10 W300zte ZXV10 W300 zte ZXV10 W300zte ZXV10 W300
Business communication made easy
Universe Softphone is part of your Universe cloud solution. This means that the phone in your pocket communicates with your phone solution in the cloud. Stay connected and updated with Universe Softphone, no matter where you are. Features• Softphone• Transfer calls attended.• Transfer calls unattended.• 3-way call.• Put on hold.• Mute.• DTMF.• Speaker.• Call history.• Forward all your devices on Universe platform.• Forward your One number.• Forward company main number.• Set CLI.• Add or remove devices for One number.• Login and logout of queues.• Presence on colleagues.• Company phonebook.• Private phonebook.• Visual voicemails.• Send e-mails to users.
Make Stickers for your keyboard and messenger or use our personal sticker packs
Create your own sticker packs for WhatsApp messenger and keyboard. You can make memes from your own photos or choose from our beautiful personalise animated sticker store.Make Sticker packs from your pet pictures, for your girlfriend or boyfriend, for your family and for your friends, all in 6 easy steps.1. Create a custom sticker pack2. Select a photo to change into a sticker and add to the pack3. Cut them, crop them with your finger ☝4. Add text or turn yourself into a meme 😝5. Save the sticker pack6. Add to WhatsApp messenger keyboardYou can also select custom made stickers from our Animated Sticker Store. All WAStickerApps are FREEPlease note: - If you can't add the animated stickers to WhatsApp, it means you haven't received the latest update. You can wait for the update to come via Google Play, or update via the website of WhatsApp.- "Sticker Maker and Animated Sticker Store" is a tool to create WhatsApp stickers. It is not affiliated to WhatsApp.- The custom stickers are created and owned by users, the sticker maker app will not..
union news, Web Page, for consultation documents and more
Our App, designed to provide you with a more accessible and connected experience with our union. Here you will find relevant information, resources and tools to help you stay informed and actively participate in our union community.

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