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Bricks Breaker Quest Game SCREENSHOT

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Bricks Breaker Quest Game DESCRIPTION

How to play
– The ball flies to wherever you touched.
– Clear the stages by removing bricks on the board.
– Break the bricks and never let them hit the bottom.
– Find best positions and angles to hit every brick.

– Free to play
– Tons of stages
– Various types of balls
– Easy to play, Simplest game system, Designed for one handheld gameplay.
– Off-line (without internet connection) gameplay supported
– Multi-play supported
– Tablet device supported
– Achievement & leaderboard supported



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Bricks Breaker Quest Game DOWNLOAD

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I have always loved this game but had quit playing as I got to a level I couldn't beat. When looking for a game to play to earn diamond rewards, I saw this. This is a newer version than I had previously, and I really enjoy it. Plus, unlike some other games I have played to earn rewards, my reward was issued immediately. I highly recommend this game, even if you are only playing for fun.


The game was ok until you guys started with intrusive ads after every stage and pause. That's just ridiculous and removes all the will to play it. Uninstalled straight away


Giving 1 start to get the attention. As an old player of this game, Im on stage 1500, i didnt like the very recent update that has been made. the one that you can only have bonus balls when u have 2 rows left which previously used to happen whrn 3 rows were left. PLEASEEE! reverse the update, it has gotten a bit hard and not so fun to play noww. Please reverse the update man
Dear User. This is Mobirix. We're sorry to hear that the game did not fully satisfy you. We will consider your feedback and constantly work on adding new content and improvements, so we hope you'll give it another try in the future. Thank you.


Ad Generator. An otherwise great game let down by an overabundance of ads. If I could pay 6.99 to get rid of the ads I'd be happy to do so but can't find any option to do so. Will avoid this developer in the future.
Dear User. This is Mobirix. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with the game. Your feedback will be taken into consideration as we continuously work to improve the ads usagess. We hope you will consider giving it another try in the future. Thank you.


Generally fun, but the adds, especially for other games, appear broken, are annoying, have no time limit, and otherwise are irritating. I generally enjoy this game, but after countless attempts to avoid tower war adds (among others) I'm tempted to simply stop playing.


Your average brick breaker game, not a lot of ads,fun to pass the time in long meetings and such. It's a generally exciting game and has beautiful glowing lights around the bricks but can be frustratingly hard, not recommended if you have anger issues but other than that a fun game, Hope this helps!


Loved this game until something changed recently. Whatever changed, it made the balls go so slow it almost looks like connection lag and no matter what I have tried I can't get it to go back to the way it was. Very frustrated and will delete soon if not fixed.


Lately the ads last up to 1 minute and beyond, rendering this game unplayable. I wish we had the option to just outright buy this game in order to get rid of ads, instead of being forced to spend extraordinarily long amount of time on ads alone.


Normally I like brick breaker, lately you have no control of the start of the play as the ads lock your play and you can't aim. The ads have been horrible and interference in the game makes me hate all advertisers by such a poor implementation within the game play. Brick breaker should repay advertisers for all the poor will being aimed at them because of these programmers. Rating a 1 for now until they fix it.


Played this frustrating game as long as could take it. This is more like pachinko than any game of skill. The targeting fails and the balls do not go where the aiming line shows. Plus the balls carrom of the squares at odd angles which is as much to the players benefit but confusing and annoying. It is mesmerizingly random and fun to watch if you don't care at all.


Got multiple ads in which I could NOT mute the volume, which seems to be a new and unreasonable change. The new ads also didn't show me the length of the ad like they used to. So, despite enjoying the game for a while, these changes to the ads has led me to delete the app.


Game was great. Great take on an older simpler game with new cool additions. Went to go play it, and now, all of a sudden, the ball is moving 1000 times faster than it was when i started as if some setting was changed, making the game unenjoyable. I have tried everything to get it back to original setting. Ican'tt. Too bad so sad! Teied help menu and messaging they dont even know what game Im referring to because apparently they have so many. Quality is not an ideal here, only quantity I Guess!


I used to love this game. I don't have a problem trying many many times to complete a level but I do have a problem with is in the just few monthsv they're being ad after ad every time I hit retry. It used to just be occasionally. It's really getting too be too much and I hardly play anymore.


I got a new phone z flip 5, this game is not compatible. This is a really cool game to play. I will be looking for something close to it
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by many advertisements. The frequency of advertisement transmission will be communicated to the department in charge for review. Please send other inquiries and suggestions to [email protected] and we will try to improve it as much as possible. Thank you.


The Watch Ad to continue button has stopped working. I press it and it greys out and nothing happens. But once I click retry or to get those 30 gems it gives you every so often you'd better believe those ads work. Super annoying.


So this is prolly the longest game I've been playing atleast once a day everyday for the past I dunno how long this game has been out but id say about 6 years now of playing. Other then that it would be call of duty mobile but out of those two games, these are by far my fav. I wish I could get past this last level but without putting down money I cant make it past. Or I have to save up my coins for atleast 2 weeks if I wanna beat this last level im on. Been stuck on it for about a week now. Help


Fun but WAYY TOO MANY ADS!!! I should not have to watch an ad every time I switch levels or retry a level. I also shouldn't have to click 3 different exits just to get out of said ad! I've played this for years but now it's time to uninstall!


it's ok. I find that the ball doesn't go where the aim line points after bouncing off the wall. hits noticably higher. Seriously if I watch a couple more tik Tok commercials I might reactivate my account and spend my time there. overkilling the game. cost you another star for the excessive adds


Use to be a great game to waste time in and even play against other opponents. Sadly, now it's more aggravating than enjoyable. You can no longer connect with other players and if or when you do, and win, you get a disconnected message and bonus point are not awarded.


Used to be a great casual game to pass time. Different levels of difficulty, but typically enough boosters to help on difficult ones. Always tons of ads, but the length has gotten bad, just to move to next or retry a level. I can close/restart faster than the ad plays. If it's for a reward, I'm fine it, but not to just retry or move to new level. And the update to give bonus balls if top 2 rows are left, instead of 3 it used to be is, disappointing. Also started freezing often.