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With the meaningful verses, hadiths and sayings that come during the day, you also create awareness, sometimes make you happy and sometimes make you think and contribute to your spirituality.

Rich Content:

Prayers ✓
The Holy Quran in Turkish ✓
Arabic writing ✓
The Holy Quran ✓
Listening to the Holy Quran with audio ✓
Listening to Quran Meal with Audio ✓
Esmaul Husna (99 Names) ✓
The Life of the Prophet ✓
Great Islamic Catechism ✓
Library on Site ✓
Risale-i Nur ✓
Prayers (with Arabic Recitations)✓
Prayer (Picture and Video Narration)✓
Prayer times ✓
Nearby Mosques ✓
Find Qibla ✓
library section, ✓
Religious Stories✓
Religious information, ✓
Books of Great Persons ✓
Listening to Audiobooks ✓
Ashr-i Sharifs ✓
Messages Section (Friday, Kandil, Bayram, Picture Friday Messages) ✓
Verse, Hadith, Prayer Notifications ✓
Yunus Emre ✓
Hacı Bayram-ı veli ✓
Journey to the birds ✓
Mevlana Series✓
Religious TV Series movies ✓
Peace-giving publications (Hz. Yusuf, and verse hadith publications, exemplary stories) ✓
Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha Messages ✓
Hymns Without Music ✓
Religious Days ✓
Mesnevi Sharif ✓
Arabic Lesson ✓
three months ✓
Listen to Religious Radio Online ✓
Live Broadcast (Mecca -Medina) ✓
Photo Gallery (Mecca-Medina-Quds) ✓
Notepad (Save Places to Remember in App) ✓
To Do List ✓
Our Social Media Accounts ✓
Zikirmatik ✓
Add to Favorites feature (To Save Your Favorite Parts) ✓

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A very rich Prayer application that contains magnificent content
With the meaningful verses, hadiths and sayings that come during the day, you also create awareness, sometimes make you happy and sometimes make you think and contribute to your spirituality.Rich Content:Prayers ✓The Holy Quran in Turkish ✓Arabic writing ✓The Holy Quran ✓Listening to the Holy Quran with audio ✓Listening to Quran Meal with Audio ✓Esmaul Husna (99 Names) ✓The Life of the Prophet ✓Great Islamic Catechism ✓Library on Site ✓Risale-i Nur ✓Prayers (with Arabic Recitations)✓Prayer (Picture and Video Narration)✓Prayer times ✓Nearby Mosques ✓Find Qibla ✓library section, ✓Religious Stories✓Religious information, ✓Books of Great Persons ✓Listening to Audiobooks ✓Ashr-i Sharifs ✓Messages Section (Friday, Kandil, Bayram, Picture Friday Messages) ✓Verse, Hadith, Prayer Notifications ✓Yunus Emre ✓Hacı Bayram-ı veli ✓Journey to the birds ✓Mevlana Series✓Religious TV Series movies ✓Peace-giving publications (Hz. Yusuf, and verse hadith publications, exemplary stories) ✓Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha Messages ✓Hymns Without Music ✓Religious Days ✓Mesnevi Sharif ✓Arabic Lesson ✓three months ✓Listen to Religious Radio Online ✓Live Broadcast (Mecca -Medina) ✓Photo Gallery (Mecca-Medina-Quds) ✓Notepad (Save Places to Remember in App) ✓To Do List ✓Our Social Media Accounts ✓Zikirmatik ✓Add to Favorites feature..

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