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Minecraft Trial Game DESCRIPTION

Minecraft is an open-ended game where you decide what adventure you want to take. Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. In this free, time-limited trial, you’ll get to experience Minecraft in survival mode, where you craft weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive!

To enjoy the full Minecraft experience – including creative mode, multiplayer and more – purchase the game at any point during or after your trial.*




*If the game is available for purchase on your device. Trial worlds do not transfer to the full game.

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I love this game 😍 but I minus one ⭐ because when I was downloading this app I download this app at least four to six times but again and again it was not downloading but in in last it was installed and also when I was playing this game after some hours nothing was working❓ accept walking I cannot break anything take anything and jump also so I install this up and again download then it was working♥️✨


This is my favourite game however,the problem is that i have to re download the game many times so it makes it a bit less fun. Over all this is a good game no lag issues and it is extremely fun and easy.


Minecraft Trial is one of my favourite game. I played this game for a long time ago. This game is good for Minecraft beginners. I like it because of adventure. I have never played in creative mode 😔. So I played survival mode only. I had to fight mobs at night. So I tried peaceful difficulty. There were no mobs at night but still I didn't like it because it was survival. I'm actually trying to say that there is no creative mode In Minecraft Trial. Over-all this game is SOoOoOoOo good. 😊


This game is amazing. But i rate this 3 star... Because 1. Time limit : its soo short time. Its the blink the time 90 seconds but i want minimum 5 hours please devoloper i request you 2. Seeds im tired of loading up a new world and playing in the same place everytime ... And knowing where everything is ,seeds are a huge part of minecraft and ithink it should be in the trail Once more i request you please check this.....


I love the game! Mojang just make its Minecraft trial so like 7-9 year olds can play it for free! I rate this game 5 stars of enjoyment 👍


It's a nice game. But has too many glitches. I am not able to fight and take anything.I am not even able to open a door!!


Best game ever in my life, farming, swimming, finding ores and much more, but I like to get iron, redstone, gold or diamond, but every time I can not get limited time to find them, in Minecraft trial please make like Minecraft, unlimited time and much more, that's why I am giving 4 stars and add the full games and versions.


It's very good 😀 because you can mine, build, craft and survive in Minecraft Trail even though it give me 90 minute to play it. I'm eight year old girl in year 2023.


Overall it's pretty good but it has a lot of sensitivity as default and it's a nightmare if your playing on mobile Pls make the time limit 2 hours plsss


It's super impressive i do play the real one to and i also like the trail version to there are every thing iin this game but it doesn't have commands , mods ,maps and recourse packs but as a trail version it's ok


A great experience...... I gave it a 4 star because it sometimes lacks and I'm not able to break the blocks...


So far, so good. But I'm kinda uncomfortable with the trial timer. Plus, why not add creative mode. Like, there should be some cheats at least to make the game better. I don't how to pay for the REAL Minecraft version 😅.


I like it but the problem is the timer. I have full minecraft but on my ps4 and laptop so when i want to play mc i need To play the trial .I am fine it not having creative because I have i have 8 years of experiance in the full version


I want to buy minecraft but i am very very young (8 years) to buy it.But this game gave me the experience of the minecraft. but please please remove the time limit and give unlimited time to build unlimited thing and please unlock creative mode,seeds and cheats.


This is the best game I ever seen but the bad point is when the time end's and we can't play then but and yes i am very young so I can't buy the game Minecraft so yaa and we can do everything under the time and yaa i love this


It is very expensive game it's graphics are well . It is fun we can make house it's blocks are very hood it is no 1 game there are 2 modes in Minecraft


This game is great and i don't even mind the time limit BUT there are only 2 things that annoys me about this game 1=add creative mode to the trial,you won't be able to get every item in the game within 90 minutes and you'll need to overlook everything you can see and do in the game for it to be a trial and 2= Seeds Im tired of loading up a new world and playing in the same place everytime...and knowing where everything is,seeds are a huge part of Minecraft and i think it should be in the trial.


I plan to buy this game on my son's samsung T515 tablet. After he downloaded the trial version, it cannot be installed. The firmware was updated. Please fix this issue, so i can buy it for my son tablet.


I love Minecraft! I wanna buy this but im too young to have an online payment account. It's just like PC version but the controls can be a little bit messy just a little bit, but it's soo amazing! I wish it had a little more of game play before the trial period expires. It's just 90 min which passes in the blink of a second playing the game. That's the sad part. Otherwise it's awesomeBest game so far. No lag issues. No bugs. Strategic, full of surprises and what's most beautiful is:- the game le


To be Honest, I'm only given a Limited amount of time. And once the Timer runs out I can't Break Blocks, Craft items, Open Chests and etc. It takes 1-2 Weeks to get Rid of itself so I can Play again. I played although since the Aquatic Update and every now and then I found it Pretty Annoying, Please and I mean PLEASE Fix it!