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Here you have a huge collection of molds to make crafts in Felt, EVA, Painting and Sewing. Choose the category you need and download your templates for free. This is the largest organized pattern bank you’ve ever seen, ready to print and use patterns.

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Beautiful Designer 2021 Calendar Themes for Mobile lock screen and live wallpaper .* 100 Different types of Background Themes* Enable/Disable Lock Screen* Set Option for live wallpaper for each theme* Slide to unlock lock screen.* Browses/View Option for Monthly CalendarBeautiful Natural Scenes, Hindu Gods, Jesus, Islamic, Flowers, Fruits, Birds, Happy New Year, Traditional Themes for Lock Screen and Live wallpaper.Custom Calendar Language : You have an option select language from app settings, 26 Types languages by Below countries list are supported for Calendar Theme.Please find list of support languages for Calendar.English , Indian languages ( Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Odia, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, BengaliBangla ).
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Download free templates for crafts in Felt, EVA, Painting and Sewing
Here you have a huge collection of molds to make crafts in Felt, EVA, Painting and Sewing. Choose the category you need and download your templates for free. This is the largest organized pattern bank you've ever seen, ready to print and use patterns.
A course platform with hundreds of techniques for those who love crafts.
An online course platform for those who love crafts and want to learn different techniques whenever and wherever they want.If you like manual arts or want to earn extra income through the crafts you love, download the app!Hundreds of video lessonsFelt crafts, sewing, natural cosmetology, embroidery, fabric painting, bookbinding and dozens of other styles. You will learn from experts from all over the country, in a simple, direct and fun way. Just choose and get started!Simple and easy to use platformThe video lessons are detailed and easy to follow. As well as the design of the application, which is simple and intuitive, for you to enjoy without complications.Incredible molds, scratches and teaching materialsThe materials are available in PDF. Just click and download everything in real size, ready to use as you want.Classes available offlineDo you want to see classes on the bus, on the subway or anywhere else? You can download to watch whenever you want, without needing an internet connection.Download and start enjoying it right now!

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