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TechProfit is an educational platform concerned with enriching your knowledge in improving the methods of managing your existing business, as our content teaches you management, marketing, and other important matters for building a strong business.

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Highly customizable kanji learning companion for your Japanese studies.
Kanji Study aims to be a helpful and easy-to-use tool for learning Japanese kanji. The app includes flashcards, multiple choice quizzes, writing challenges, kanji and word search, custom sets and much more. Kanji Study hopes to be your essential companion for mastering kanji.The app is not entirely free; however, the free version has no ads and offers unlimited study of beginner kanji, radicals, hiragana and katakana. The dictionary and all info screens are also free and unrestricted. The one-time upgrade unlocks the remaining kanji levels and allows you to create your own custom sets. It also supports the continued development of this project.Main Features★ Flashcard study • Rote memorize kanji in manageable sized sets. • View stroke animations, readings, meanings and examples. • Customize theme, layout, displayed actions and swipe behavior. • Assign study ratings to filter kanji out as you learn them.★ Multiple-choice quizzes • Customize quizzes to show readings, meanings, example words or sentences. • Example words can be selected from JLPT, common vocab and favorites. • Quiz times and distractors adapt based on your results. • Further..
Offline Kannada English Dictionary & Translator
Burn the words like a dragon with Dragoma! The free Offline Kannada English Dictionary & Translator application. Internet connection is not required! If you want to learn Kannada or English the most effective way, there's no better choice than Dragoma! Dragoma shows the definition/meaning of Kannada or English words as pop up without opening dictionary app ever. No hassle of switching between apps. You can look up word definitions while reading PDFs/e-books while browsing the internet and even while playing games. Just copy the word, Dragoma dictionary will show you the meaning/translation. Welcome to download the Offline Kannada English Dictionary & Translator / ಆಫ್ಲೈನ್ ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಷ್ ಕನ್ನಡ ಡಿಕ್ಷನರಿ & ಭಾಷಾಂತರಕಾರ Features: ♦ Super Search with pop-up button/hover button/floating button.♦ Example sentences translation.♦ Voice recognition on Dictionary and Translator.♦ Audio pronunciations.♦ native speakers’ pronunciations with videos.♦ FlashcardsMemorise basic vocabulary effectively!♦ Favorites♦ Notes. Take notes about the words.♦ Random words.♦ Tests.♦ Search option is working on both KannadaEnglish and EnglishKannada directions. Super Search:1. Select and hold the word you would like to get the definition for.2. Click on the “copy” option from the..
This application helps read, write and listen Geometric Shapes.
This application is especially for parents and teachers .By using “Geometric Shapes” app parents and teachers will be able to make the kids learn about Geometric Shapes and how they look like.
Connect with ALL ABOUT TAXES in an efficient and transparent manner
"Best Practical courses for Accountants, Professionals, CA Students,CS Students, CMA Students, Class-11 & 12 Commerce Students in the filed of accounting, taxation and finance prepared by experienced professionals."
Interview Skills for IT, MBA & Competitive exams. Aptitude , Quiz & Puzzle App.
If you are looking an app for sharping your technical skills as well as your mind capabilities than Interview Skills is for you. Interview Skills has All Engineering Stream & MBA related frequently asked interview questions & answer, Aptitude, Mathematical formulas, Quizzes, puzzles, GK & some useful tips that helps you to crack your interviews as well as your competitive exams. Interview Skills may be useful for you to get the success.The Interview Skills is useful for fresher as well experienced employees to improve their interview skills & sharp their mind capability. It’s a most effective time saver app for those who make a deep research on searching interview related queries & aptitude questions on web & play quizzes and solve puzzles also. It’s material design and colourful themes definitely catch your eyes. Features:This app totally offline, so you can practice your interview related questions, aptitude, play quiz & solve puzzles anywhere, anytime without internet.frequently asked interview questions & answers,best for practice for competitive exams,Mathematics formulasAptitude questions with detailed solutionQuizzes & PuzzlesGK & Some TipsAlmost all types Job related solution..
Beautiful design and high efficiency calculator
Choose your preferred layout:- simple: for the most common math operations- scientific for more specific math functions (trigonometric, logarithmic,)Customize the appearance of your calculator by adjusting:- font color,- screen design,- background image
Expected skills from 3-4 years old kids
Fun game that teaches preschoolers numbers, counting, letters, logic, and morePreschool Adventures 2 is a wonderful game with educational puzzles for 4-5-year old kids.Completely safe and having NO third-party ads, this game is a perfect tool to help preschool children grow, learn, and have fun at the same time. And it also gives parents some time off – while the child is having fun and learning new things, you can sit down and relax. The game is suitable for little girls and little boys alike. The game contains 36 puzzles in 4 fun, colorful, and educational sections, specifically designed to contribute to your child's cognitive skills, exercise abstract thinking abilities, and develop general knowledge. Developing these abilities and skills can help prepare your children for school and give them extra advantage in life.While playing the game your child will learn:✔ Counting from 1 to 10✔ Completing a missing part of an image✔ Matching objects according to "depends on", "is opposite to", and "is a kind of" logical relations✔ Bilateral and spatial awareness (above, below, left-to, right-to, behind, in front of)✔..
Problems with grammar? With this app you can improve your spelling playful way.
Máte problém s gramatikou? S touto aplikáciu si zlepšíte pravopis hravým spôsobom. Diktáty už budú pre Vás hračka. Čakajú Vás diktáty, v ktorých musíte vybrať správne písmeno zo slova v diktáte. Touto hravou formou zistíte Vaše najväčšie nedostatky, alebo si len zahráte hru na zlepšenie vašej gramatiky zo slovenského jazyka. Okrem diktátov tu nájdete aj rôzne otázky zo slovenského jazyka aj literatúry,ale aj testy z monitora. * 20 diktátov zadarmo * Diktáty na rôzne zameranie * Testy zo slovenského jazyka * Testy z literatúry * Monitorové a prijímacie testy * Hravá forma zlepšenia gramatiky * Diktáty, v ktorých nájdete otázky zo slovenského jazyka a literatúry * Štatistiky________________________________________________________________________________________________Odkaz na stránku aplikácie :ý článok o aplikácií na :"Z času na čas sa objaví slovenská aplikácia, o ktorej musíme bez okolkov povedať, že je skutočne užitočná. Diktáty nie sú žiadnou výnimkou." - AndroidPortal"Jedna z mála slovenských aplikácií, ktorá stojí za trošku pozornosti. Aj keď nevyzerá zrovna najkrajšie, funkcionalitou nepochybne dobieha všetko ostatné." - Refresher"Aplikáciu odporúčame, ak si chcete overiť znalosť slovenského jazyka. Poteší rodičov, ktorí pomocou nej môžu vyskúšať svoje deti."..
NCERT Social Science Solutions for Class 10
NCERT Social Science Solutions for Class 10When you jump into 9th grade social science, you can find yourself a bit lost with all the material being thrown at you on a subject that you are still getting acquainted to. The four branches within this subject are quite a handful, So we have come across this app that can help you sail your way through 10th grade social science with ease. Answering social science questions is a challenge and it can be hard to come up with the perfect answer. One needs to know how to frame an answer that is to the point and accurate. To get better at this, it is best for the student to answer the question on their own and then cross-check with the NCERT solutions for class 10 social science provided by app.NCERT Class 10 Social Science Books Available for:-Understanding Economic DevelopmentIndia and the Contemporary WorldIIDemocratic PoliticsHistory :-Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism in EuropeChapter 2 The Nationalist Movement in Indo-ChinaChapter 3 Nationalism in IndiaChapter 4 The Making of a Global WorldChapter 5 The Age..
Discover UAM App, the official implementation of the Autonomous University of Madrid.
The official application of the Autonomous University of Madrid will allow you to keep up to date with all the news and everything that happens on your campus.• Information of the university: Consult all the information about the Autonomous University of Madrid (events, news, educational offer, access).• Private profile: All your personalized data according to your university profile. Check your subjects, grades, etc. And also your digital university card. You will always take her with you!• University calendar: From the app you can access your academic calendar and know all the events of the university.• Challenges and prizes: A different section, full of fun, in which you will find challenges designed especially by the Autonomous University of Madrid for its students and users. Do not miss them, you can get great prizes!• Advantages of being a member of the Autonomous University of Madrid: in this section you can participate in raffles, contests and have a series of discounts that will allow you to enjoy the best prices in certain services.
TechProfit is an educational platform concerned with enriching your knowledge in improving the ways of managing your business
TechProfit is an educational platform concerned with enriching your knowledge in improving the methods of managing your existing business, as our content teaches you management, marketing, and other important matters for building a strong business.

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