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FreeCard – Unified Loyalty Card
FreeCard is a unique service that combines the best prices and offers from our partners in your city and on the Internet.

After receiving your FreeCard:

■ Add store maps to the application. For example:
Maps Crooads, Magnit, Pyaterochka, ILE DE BEAUTE, Ikea Family, Gloria Jeans, Sportmaster, OSTIN, Red Cube, LEtoile, Malina, M.Video, Rive Gauche, COLINS, Children’s World, Marks & Spencer, Svyaznoy Club, Wild Orchid, ECCO.
Savings, discount, rebate or bonus cards: you can issue new ones right inside the application on your phone. No need to go to the store.
Works without the Internet.
Show the barcode when purchasing at store checkouts to receive a discount or bonus;

■ It’s profitable to buy
You subscribe to your favorite establishments, brands and even entire categories of goods and services and receive the latest information about prices, promotions, promotional codes, sales and special offers in stores online and offline.
Every day new promotions appear in the application, under the terms of which you can buy coupons for using services or visiting establishments with discounts of up to 90%! For example:
cafes, restaurants, cinema, spa, sugaring, go-karting, bowling, water parks and other entertainment at incredibly low prices!
It’s simple – you want to visit new interesting places with discounts, and your partners want to attract customers. FreeCard brings wishes together! And that is why our partners are ready to give exclusive discounts from 50% to 90% to you – our users!

■ Buy with cashback
Maximum cashback on purchases in 3000+ stores for example:
– booking services (Aviasales, Booking, Ostrovok, cashier ru, fly ru, etc.)
– global marketplaces (AliExpress, eBay, Gearbest, Banggood, etc.)
– clothing stores (Austin, Colin’s, La Redoute, etc.)
– hardware hypermarkets (Mvideo, Eldarado, Svyaznoy, etc.)
– grocery supermarkets (Pyaterochka, Magnit, Auchan, etc.)
Cashback for Check. Scan paper receipts or download electronic ones and get money back, even on purchases you paid for in cash.

The loyalty program includes 3 levels. Each of them is achieved by accumulating a certain fixed amount through cashback. The more you save with cashback, the more % of the purchase price you will receive.

■ Compare prices
Before purchasing an MTPL insurance policy online, find out prices from 20 insurance companies, compare them and get car insurance online. Save up to RUB 6,000. due to the difference in car insurance prices. Plus cashback.
Compare financial services for the selection of consumer loans online, loans on a card, refinancing, car loans, mortgage loans, comparison and registration of debit and credit cards, deposits with interest. This also comes with cashback.
Compare prices for products and brands in popular online stores.
Compare prices and determine the cheapest Air tickets, Hotels, Buses, Train tickets, Tours, Housing rentals, Sea and river cruises, Sanatoriums, Excursions, Transfer, Car rental, Travel insurance.

Compare services for Business: Cash settlement services, Loans for Business, Domains, Hosting, VPS, Accounting, Communications, Acquiring, Advertising, Services, software, SEO.

■ Consider your expenses
Save receipts from purchases in the application; this will help not only keep track of expenses and plan a budget for the future.
If you purchased a low-quality product or service using a saved receipt in the application, you can get a refund in the store.

■ Security
All data that you leave in the application is reliably protected by the SSL protocol and the principles and rules for processing personal data provided for by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” are observed.
Reliable. The ability to store all your plastic, discount, club, bonus and loyalty cards both in your mobile phone and in the cloud via linking to email or social media. networks. It’s free.

For assistance, feedback and suggestions, please contact [email protected]
Sincerely yours, FreeCard team!

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Unified Loyalty Card
FreeCardUnified Loyalty CardFreeCard is a unique service that combines the best prices and offers from our partners in your city and on the Internet.After receiving your FreeCard:■ Add store maps to the application. For example:Maps Crooads, Magnit, Pyaterochka, ILE DE BEAUTE, Ikea Family, Gloria Jeans, Sportmaster, OSTIN, Red Cube, LEtoile, Malina, M.Video, Rive Gauche, COLINS, Children's World, Marks & Spencer, Svyaznoy Club, Wild Orchid, ECCO.Savings, discount, rebate or bonus cards: you can issue new ones right inside the application on your phone. No need to go to the store.Works without the Internet.Show the barcode when purchasing at store checkouts to receive a discount or bonus;■ It’s profitable to buyYou subscribe to your favorite establishments, brands and even entire categories of goods and services and receive the latest information about prices, promotions, promotional codes, sales and special offers in stores online and offline.Every day new promotions appear in the application, under the terms of which you can buy coupons for using services or visiting establishments with discounts of up to 90%! For example:cafes, restaurants, cinema, spa, sugaring, go-karting, bowling, water parks..


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