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1.Optimize default lyrics search results
2. Optimize playback
3. Fixed bugs


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MusiX is the right music player you have been looking for. With all formats supported and stylish UI, MusiX provide the best musical experience for you. Browser all songs on android device, listen to music offline, you deserve to get this excellent music player!

Not only supports Mp3, but also WAV, FLAC, APE and all other formats. And play them without losing quality.

Simple UI and easy to operate interface
We have designed the musiX easy to use for people of all ages. And it is so simple that even children can use it with no difficulty.

Key Features:
Offline music player, songs player, audio player, mp3 player
Play songs in shuffle, order or loop mode.
Scan all the music files automatically, manage and share songs
View by songs, artists, folders and playlist
Create playlist
Stylish layout
Sync songs to cloud

Hope you enjoy your music with MusiX
Any ideas or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us.

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MusiX is the right music player you have been looking for. With all formats supported and stylish UI, MusiX provide the best musical experience for you. Browser all songs on android device, listen to music offline, you deserve to get this excellent music player!Not only supports Mp3, but also WAV, FLAC, APE and all other formats. And play them without losing quality.Simple UI and easy to operate interfaceWe have designed the musiX easy to use for people of all ages. And it is so simple that even children can use it with no difficulty.Key Features:Offline music player, songs player, audio player, mp3 playerPlay songs in shuffle, order or loop mode.Scan all the music files automatically, manage and share songsView by songs, artists, folders and playlistCreate playlistStylish layoutSync songs to cloudHope you enjoy your music with MusiXAny ideas or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us.


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It's a good music app, but it's lacking some qualities, when the equalizer is turn on instead of enhancing the sound it reduces the sound quality, and also we need a sort button too on the list, pls look into that...also work on the ads cos is kinda annoying sometimes


The producers of this app can't control the rate of ads in it. In fact they sat down to make an app this useless and can't even search for music because an ad that has been programmed never to go away will block you from searching. And the ad cannot even be accessed. Please if u see this app don't think of downloading It. It is worthless


I don't have interest in the money ad. Don't force it on people. I can't search for music, it just keeps popping up. And you can't skip it which is bad. Uninstalling the app straight up.


MusiX-,share offline app is the best music app I've ever witness,it has no ads when connected to internet connection, another thing I cherish in the application is that it has the feature of searching for any music you want. They worth up to 10 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.


The app is awesome in music but I've stopped listening to the latest music because an add for earning money is just on the Start, perhaps they can take it out so that we could continue listening to music because most people have experienced that which some they say they no longer trust the app.


The App needs some sort of work to be done, I don't like it when playing song it will suddenly stop playing. I think this is where it got wrong, and please add some fun features to enhance it usage. For the ads please, I personally delike it, work needs to be done there. I don't want to be seeing ads on my phone using the App. And the latest update be like another problem, which one is earn money for here? I hate to hate what I hate.


The app is great but I am yet to understand why there are no keys to skip or change the songs when I'm playing them and my screen is locked. Why do I always have to unlock my phone in order to change songs?? Also I can't seem to drag songs when I wish to listen to a particular part again. Do something about these things please!


What's wrong with this app. It wasn't like this before. After the recent update I can no longer download songs if I don't share the app. Funny thing is that those I share it to must install the app before I can download songs.


Well it's good, it's easy and simple but the problem is my music reach a time stops playing, like when I downloaded music after 2moths the songs can't play anymore.


I like the app so much even if i change phone i do download it again. But the developer of the app mow wants people to stop using the app and go for another music app by not allowyimg download until you share before you download. And i did but the app still shows me to share is it until i share it to the all social media or to the whole world before i can download a music ? You better fix this or I go for another app.


hmm the app have been getting some faulty issues lately starting from,the fact that my storage ain't even full upon still i would try to download a hit and it tells me cache failure 🤷🏿♂️, it's really bugging me out real bad and it's frustrating,try to fix it and again thanks.🤝🏿


The app is ok but it's suddenly started showing ads very frequently. The most annoying is the earn money ad. I have tried everything to make sure it goes out cos I have not been able to search my songs without having to go through it and this time around it doesn't allow me to search for songs anymore. Pls something should be done abt it cos am sure I am not the only one having problems with ads


Nice app. It was cool to use. But the app will not load the song on SD card once you remove it and insert it back, it will not automatically load by it self, you will need to uninstall and install it back before it will load the song back, please find solution to this


This app is useless abeg.. I enjoyed it at first but now it's telling me to enter code which code abeg and the thing is pausing the song like it's annoying and the downloaded songs are t even saved to ur phone they r saved to only the app do u know how painful it was when I found out all my data was a waste which kine nonsense app is this abeg if u can't fix it drop the app.. remove it from play store it's useless....


This is the best app that I have ever seen but there is a problem and it's you can not send the music to another phone and if by mistake you delete the app from your phone you will need to start again from the beginning this state's that you can not save your progress


I am not able to download songs atm because I have to share before I can download. This is annoying because I currently have a problem with my WhatsApp and I can't share which means I can't download. Prior to this, a countless number of my friends have downloaded the app because I recommended it to them. Sharing should be a choice and if your app is good, trust me it doesn't have to be mandated before people will share. I really love this app and have no plans uninstalling it (yet). Fix this pls


MusiX is the best music app, the downloading process is easy and simple. I have been using this app for the pass 4year and I don't have any problems with the app. I will recommend it for any person looking for a good music app to download music and can play them offline, I will rate 100/10.


I love this app, it's hasslefree and user friendly... I easily adapted it as my music player, while exploring, I recently found that I could earn from carrying out little tasks on the app. I won't delete my previous review, I'll just add an update below; This app started out great but it keeps getting worst by the day! I can't download music let alone play them ☹️ the feedback keeps showing "play error" or "the song has either been deleted or marked private by ytt" please fix this!!!


This app is the best. It's safe, secure and you can trust it to manage your music. Unlike others this app does not automatically delete your music/files. You decide what is best for you not the app 🎧🎤🥁🎹📯


It's a great makes it easy for me to download songs buh after a while I started seeing play error...all the songs suddenly refuses to play...plss u guys should work on it... Because it really pained me because of my music there