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Stop worrying about bumpers and all the time it takes to go to the barbershop! My Barber sends a professional to the place and at the time you want.

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Brown Baptist exists to Exalt Jesus Christ in all things.
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FoodPage (Fodfiig')All the best recipes in one app!• Over 7,000 food and recipes from the best blogs in the country.• Categories are arranged by subject.• option to save favorite recipes list.• Converting measurements.
Track and view Prayer Times, Recite and Listen Quran, Iftar & Sehar Timings.
Muslim Habit Tracker comes with Islamic Date, Islamic Calendar, and a Habit Tracker for your daily Prayers, Quran recitation, and Zakat. ✔ KEY FEATURES INCLUDE:💡 Easy to useMuslim Habit Tracker is easy to understand and get started. Simple, easily readable, and all of the information easily accessible contributes to its intuitive design. Track your habits within seconds.🕌Prayer TimesAccurate times are shown according to your region. View all timings from the home screen, and also add when you are done to keep a track.⏳Fasting timesSehar and Iftar timings with respect to your location along with Islamic date right at the top of your screen.📖Holy QuranRecite Quran and it automatically tracks how much you have recited daily and try to reach your pre-set goal. English & Urdu Quran translation with recitation of Mishary Al-Fassy.📅Islamic CalendarYour daily progress (prayers offered, Quran recitation time, Charity amount) is shown in the calendar. 💲CharityAdd the amount you give in charity, either it’s Sadaqah or Zakat, to reach closer to your goal.🌜 Dark ModeSwitch instantly to dark mode, and recite Quran without glare.How Habit Tracker increases productivity?-..
My Barber sends a professional to the place and at the time you want.
Stop worrying about bumpers and all the time it takes to go to the barbershop! My Barber sends a professional to the place and at the time you want.

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