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Reflect on your authentic moments, keep it private, share some with the people who matter the most to you, share one every 7 days with the world. Read authentic diaries from all around the world, read anonymously written true diaries from authentic people around the world. Reflect on the days of your life. Write and save your daily diaries. Share some of them with some or all your true friends; the 30 people you most care about! MyDiary Notebook is for you to reflect on your authentic moments, and express your emotions, thoughts, and sorrows of your precious, unforgettable moments of your daily life which will stay forever. You can add photos & videos to your diary to capture the moment as it is in real life. Capture true moments of Your life, Write your daily diaries: –
MyDiary Notebook opens right where you can Write Diary at the top of the page.
– Easy to use just write and customize your post with colors & text effects.
– Add photos (Centered, right, left) & videos to your diaries so to capture more your life moments.
– Reflect and write what you feel by keeping it to yourself with using Only me privacy. Track your favorite memories and the most memorable ones: –
– We don’t remember dates we remember moments. “Moments to Remember” is your personal collection of saved stories that you like to always remember.
– In Calendar, you can capture your previous unforgettable memories of your life, so they won’t be lost. This is partially why our app exist.
– When a great memory pops into your mind, go to calendar and select the day of that previous memory and start writing. Share some of your stories with your beloved ones and one with the world: –
– Share some of your stories and memories with dearest people to you; the 30 people you most care about.
– Manage your friends into circles it’s more private for you to choose to whom to share your diaries with.
– Share one of your diaries with the world every 7 days, when you like. Read and explore unlimited real diaries from all around the world.
– Read the best-chosen diaries from your interest.
– Discover true stories from all kinds of categories and more stories.
– Track your beloved ones from public wall by adding them to your favorite list.
– Keep stories that touched, or you think they are special by Save them. Express yourself freely without being afraid of being judged, and read Story of the Anonymous:
– Express yourself freely without afraid of being judged. You can reveal part of your special diaries without revealing your identity (Story of the Anonymous).
– Explore the Stories of the Anonymous, true people from all around the world writing their life anonymously without being judged, we knew level of reflection is realized.
MyDiary Notebook made Terms of use, Community standards, Privacy policy, Cookies for you to give you the best experience and built healthy environment for diary writing and journaling.




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Wors app ever on appstore I can't sign up I do all the passwords this just trash trahs can
We apologies for the inconvenience. You use a Tab; our app is for Phones only!!!!


Love it the simplistic of my diary and feel like I'm writing in my journal
Thank you so much for your review!


Hangs when trying to open. Terrible. Uninstalling. Edit:. Yeah. I'm not stupid. I tried several times. I tried closing it out, backing out, everything. It wouldn't "retry" because it was in a state of permanent lag. IOW, it was constantly "waiting" for it to go through. No, it wasn't my phone. Everything else works. I found another app that actually works.
Hello Secret Squirrel, Please clear the apps working in the background as this might be related to your phone Ram or cash.This should resolve the issue. Question: Did you try to open it or click on it second time, and didn't open, or Was it just one time click. We appreciate if you can give us feedback by contacting us at


I can't log in, it won't send me the code
Please check the Spam folder in your email, like any new senders to some emails, the email operator have them sent to the spam folder. We don't have issues in sending the verification code for signup from our side. Please try again & we hope you will love the app


Very nice.. And simple. Ww need some thing other than Facebook ..
Thank you very much for your review


Useless app, unable to download...
Hello Aureliah. Google Play will not authorize any app in their store that can't be downloaded!! It should download (we checked)!!! Unable to download an app isn't an issue of the app!!! If you can't download an app from Google Play, it might be related to your device or you should contact Google Play!! However, thank you very much for the rating!


The app is not opening.....
Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Try to reinstall it, maybe something interrupted the installing process. We didn't encounter such issue in our light or heavy tests of the app. If nothing works, please send us more details and your service provider details at Sorry again & thank you for the feedback.


This is a really bad app don't download it you will regret I promise you that. This is over a week since I lost my journal in this app and they don't even help me with it to get my journal back. That journal meant a lot yo me you should know..
Dear Aaron, thanks. We had our team developed an update custom to your issue in 24hrs as promised! If you clicked on your post it will show. The issue now is totally solved to any user/scenario. Also, you had many days unable to log to your account, not a fault from our side & we guided you through to open your account & tell us what was the issue.


It sucks!! Ya cant even erase an entry if you want too
Dear Teresa, you definitely can Delete any entry you have!?! You just press on the three dotes to the bottom-right of your entry, then a 'Delete Post' will appear (in red) at the bottom of your screen. You just Click it & the entry is deleted (a common Android experience)!!!


Good for phone only
As a start-up with limited resources, we have well developed the smart phones app & the website for the desktop (the website works well on tablets). We will develop in the near future the tablet app version. We are very sorry that you had the experience on a tablet. We wish if you liked the phone app version, to give us more stars! Thank you


I downloaded the app but it keeps freezing then crashing. I never even got to use the app at all which is sad because it seemed really cool
Hi Joody, we are sorry to hear you've been experiencing some crash issues. We will follow on your review (thanks for the details you gave, they will help us a lot). However, kindly note that some issues are caused by a lack of memory, they are device related. These might be fixed by restarting the device or try to clear the cache.


Doesn't work
Dear Bas van Asdonck, We are very sorry that our app does not work on your device. Can you give us more details about your issue: At what stage it didn't work? or contact us at We will try to solve your problem ASAP.


Easy to set up very happy with all
Thank you, we are very happy for that


It says to sign in I do not trust this app
We are very sorry for such judgement, which you reached without even using the app or read our Terms & Data policy!!! Though we don't know How you reached such a judgment you can publish your reasons here or if you prefer; send them to us on & we will follow on any confusion!!! We really appreciate your feedback.


This thing sucks. Hard to figure out really what was going on with it too much in the first place. But then I start writing a story in my diary and I come back to look for it and I can't find it. Wasting my time this is a 1-star product. Waste my time with your garbage
We are very sorry for your unfortunate experience with our app! No crash was deducted in the last 24 hrs. No failure was detected in the posting function!! Maybe you had your post with 'Only me' privacy & you were checking 'Friends Diary' or 'Public Wall' or 'Story of the Anonymous'. When privacy is 'Only me' only you can see in 'My Diary' screen


U cant even sign up cause it said error when u try to sign up for it please fix this issue I would love to us e this
Thank you Travis for your review, and we are very sorry that you had such a problem.Our technical team has solved this problem. Please update your app to the latest version (the issue shouldn't appear again). If you have other problems, please contact us at We love for you to use the app & enjoy its many features


Wish u can use everyday but it's only for once a week
Thank you Kelsey for your review, However you can use the app every day, write posts and even share any of them with your friends, The only feature limited weekly is to post on the public wall/story of the anonymous.


Click post after adding text and nothing happens apart from screen going dark shortly. Diary entry is not saved.
Hi, sorry for the unpleasant experience you had with our app. We request you to upgrade the app to the latest version as we have fixed the bug.


Perfect App that you can write your private diaries and keep them private and you can share what you want ... Great idea to save and document memories,life events ..


Amazing app to document all your memories, events and stories, what is great about it is that it is private for yourself unless you decided to share any think on your public wall.. Sharing will trigger lessons learned by all of us. God bless