⌨️ Big Keyboard for Fat Fingers
🎤 Easy Talk to Text
💯 Organized Big Notifications
🔥 Hundreds of Wallpapers
📲 Newly designed home screen
🕹️ Free games
🔎 Camera Magnifier
👍 Performance Improvements

Big Keyboard & Home Screen App SCREENSHOT

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Big Keyboard & Home Screen App DESCRIPTION

It’s your phone the way you want it! The Big Keyboard & Home Screen app is the Android keyboard app that makes your phone easy to use and simple to see.
Get all the newest features when you download our big and easy all-in-one home screen and keyboard launcher for Android™!

Top Features
⌨️ Big Keyboard – No More Typos!
🎤 Easy Talk to Text – No Need to Type!
💯 Organized Big Notifications – Never Miss Another Text Message!
🔥 Hundreds of Wallpapers – Personalize Your Phone!
📲 Newly designed home screen – Device Essentials At Your Fingertips!
🖩 Pocket Calculator – For Quick Calculations!
🔎 Camera Magnifier – No More Squinting at Small Print!

We make smart phones easy and give your device a completely new look. Our easy organization makes it simple for anybody to use. Big keyboard with big buttons makes sending text messages and searching the web a breeze.

Big Keyboard & Home Screen is intuitive and wonderful to use. Our team has designed the Home Screen and Keyboard for anyone who has trouble navigating, reading and typing on their phone. This senior friendly keyboard brings the best parts of your simple old phone and new technology together.

Special Features:

Makes your Smartphone Easy – Big buttons and a clean look allow you to have a completely stress-free experience with your smartphone. We make your phone simple so you can concentrate on what is important to you.

Stop Squinting – Stop straining your eyes to see and type on your phone. Everything is easier to see with our Big App Icons, Big Keyboard, and Simple Notifications – these are just a few of the BIG features you’ll love!

No More Typos – Our Big Keyboard makes typing simple. Whether you’re texting, writing emails, or searching the web, the BIG keyboard and Easy Display make it easy for anyone! Don’t worry about sending typos anymore, between our big keyboard and our predictive text tool, sending messages to anybody is easier than ever.

Save Time – Stop hunting for your apps and old texts. Big Keyboard & Home Screen makes everything that much easier to find and use.

No Long Setup Required – Set up your new keyboard, notifications, home screen, and more in just a few easy clicks.

Optimized Type to Text – Simple tap the microphone on the home screen to search the web instantly or use the microphone on the big keyboard to make sending text messages and emails easy. Our hyper-accurate voice recognition makes hands-free search and communication a walk in the park.

Our mission is to build the easiest and most secure Big Keyboard & Home Screen available. We are constantly looking for feedback to make the next versions even better. Keep us at Big Keyboard & Home Screen updated to let us know what you think. We hope you love it!

Big Keyboard & Home Screen – Simple and Secure, for you.

Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

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Transform your homescreen to be more productive! Email Home is a free launcher application that transforms your Android homescreen into an all-in-one, intuitive emailing powerhouse. We use launcher technology to give you the features you want right on your homescreen! Connect your Gmail, Outlook, and/or Yahoo inboxes and experience the perfect email management app that eliminates the need to switch between multiple email apps. Improve your daily performance, productivity, and time management with Email Home!Top Features:- Single Swipe Full-Screen Email- Inbox Consolidation Option for Multiple Inboxes- Custom Tasks & Reminders- Homescreen Widget to Simplify Your Day- One-Tap Email Account Switching- Smart Quick Reply Action- Unintrusive Productivity Reminders- Auto-Sorted Categories for Smarter Inbox Organization- Hands-Free Voice-Enabled Search- Block Unwanted Email Senders📬COMBINE YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNTSTired of needing multiple email apps for work, personal, shopping, and more? Email Home allows you to have all your email accounts under a single app with a convenient right-swipe view from your homescreen. Switch effortlessly between multiple accounts from the same provider or between your Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook inboxes! For maximum ease, choose the consolidated inbox..
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Social HomeSpeed, Safety and SecuritySocial media faster and easier than ever📬📧😎With Single-Swipe Social Access and Optimized Voice Search, Social Home is the fastest, most intuitive, most efficient way for Android Users to Connect to Social.⚡ A Lightning Fast Social Launcher! Social Home replaces your default home screen, giving you single-swipe access, enhanced search, and super-fast active-sync technology, you'll get the feeds you want, when you want them.🔐 Safe and Secure!Get easy, private, secure access to all of your social media. Enter your passwords onceWe’ll take care of the rest.📱 Streamlined Home Screen!Enjoy an uncluttered, simplified home screen with an insanely fast search bar and enhanced organization.Social Home is the easiest way access important social messages and feeds, favorite apps, search the web, and keep your phone operating smoothly with its beautiful design and clean interface.Fast, Private and Secure, it's the best Social app for Android.
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It’s your phone the way you want it! The Big Keyboard & Home Screen app is the Android keyboard app that makes your phone easy to use and simple to see.Get all the newest features when you download our big and easy all-in-one home screen and keyboard launcher for Android™!Top Features⌨️ Big Keyboard – No More Typos!🎤 Easy Talk to Text – No Need to Type!💯 Organized Big Notifications – Never Miss Another Text Message!🔥 Hundreds of Wallpapers – Personalize Your Phone!📲 Newly designed home screen – Device Essentials At Your Fingertips!🖩 Pocket Calculator – For Quick Calculations!🔎 Camera Magnifier – No More Squinting at Small Print!We make smart phones easy and give your device a completely new look. Our easy organization makes it simple for anybody to use. Big keyboard with big buttons makes sending text messages and searching the web a breeze.Big Keyboard & Home Screen is intuitive and wonderful to use. Our team has designed the Home Screen and Keyboard for anyone who has trouble navigating, reading and typing on their phone. This senior friendly keyboard brings..
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My Theme Home is an all-in-one launcher, theme, and icon app designed to help you customize the look and feel of your phone!With our signature "One-Swipe" access, optimized voice to text, and streamlined home screen experience, My Theme Home is the fastest and easiest way for Android™ users make their phones beautiful and personalizedView downloaded, new, and trending themes instantly with a single swipeFind the perfect look and feel quickly, and change to fit your mood, the season, or just because! Benefits of My Theme Home:- The fastest and most secure Theme, Icon and Live Wallpaper Launcher for Android™ - One Swipe Access to all your themes.- Enhanced talk to text and voice search.- New and Trending Themes and Icons.- Icon Packs, Live Wallpapers, and awesome personal style selections. Lightning Fast Theme and Icon Pack Launcher: Theme Home replaces your default launcher and provides an uncluttered, simplified, fully customizable home screen.Fast Theme and Icon Switching: Simply swipe right for intuitive, “at-a-glance” theme access.Mobile Optimized Voice to Text: Simply tap the microphone on the simplified home screen search bar to instantly..
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