• Fixed some technical and functional bugs
• Corrected in-game balance

Diamond City Game SCREENSHOT

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Diamond City Game DESCRIPTION

Become a real tycoon and develop your idle city.

Start in a small town and turn it into a big city. Develop the transportation system! Build new amenities and upgrade them. Open up areas for buildings in your diamond city. Let visitors to the city touch the future. Feel like a real tycoon of this world!

Draw up a development plan and optimize the flow of visitors – don’t let them get bored standing in line to enter your diamond city! You are a tycoon here and everything depends on you! Design marketing campaigns to attract new guests. More city visitors – more income!

You like idle games that are calm and not too stressful? You’re sure to love our idle game Diamond City. Take big decisions and build the best futuristic dream diamond city in the world!

If you like management and idle games, you’ll definitely enjoy Diamond City!

Main points:
• creating a futuristic city with unique amenities;
• taking important development decisions;
• an extensive list of interesting tasks;
• stylized 3D graphics;
• awesome animation for each level of buildings.


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Diamond City Game DOWNLOAD

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The game play is good with a nice pace of progression through the game provided that you pay not to have ads. The problem is that the game freezes, meaning that I have to force close it and reload the game constantly, making it pretty much unplayable at this point. UPDATE: I emailed as requested and nothing happened. Shouldn't need to email them anyway. Stop expecting people to pay if your not going to debug the game.
Good afternoon Dear player, our team has responded to your letter. Please check your spam folder.


Been playing for 2 hrs the app has crashed more than 30 times because it's so over run with ads it lags you out of the app and $12 is way to high a price to pay to get rid of the ads. Lower the price or lower the amount of ads you've crammed your game so full of. If I could give you a negative star review trust me I would!!
Good afternoon Write to us at for more details about this issue, and we will help you!


I really enjoyed the game but the ads every 5 minutes make it no fun at all. Charging over £11 to get rid of them is also completely unjustifiable.
Good afternoon Advertising helps us develop and improve our games! Also, thanks to advertising, you can receive bonuses in the game. We will take into account your wishes and reduce its frequency of appearance in the game.


The game was great, I just bought the no ads pack and now everytime I load the game it's runs really slow then crashes and closes. A possible bug maybe?
Good afternoon Write to us at for more details about this issue, and we will help you!


This game has a bug and I sucks because I just wasted my time with the PlayWell App that pays you to play your game. I played for about 2 hours without a problem and never watched any ads, but I wanted to watch an ad so that I could get an offer on a bus full of visitors to boost the income. After watching the ad, you guys got paid and my entire city got erased and I have to start over. So you guys owe me PlayWell points. You'll pay it if you don't want 1,000,000 bad reviews. Watch me....


Been herming the game for about 4 hours straight, the ads to watch (investor rewards, X2 speed etc) are fair. But please don't throw forced ads in my face. Also, there is the option to watch 3 ads in a row for some permanent multipliers with a 24 hour cool down, so I obviously did that, and then you can watch another to get X2 profit on your city, so after doing that, I now have to wait 17 million hours to claim a 24 hour bonus.. Please fix.. I enjoy this game


It's alright, lots of upgrades costing high amounts, so it's very slow progress but even with that theres tons of unwanted adverts, i get ads for the 2x money but ads for just clicking on your buildings is pointless and will make people not play it


Fun but soooo many adverts. I don't mind optional ads for free bonuses and things but this throws ads at you whether or not you want them. They also make the game crash sometimes.


Fun like I would expect an idle game to be, however, right after 2 or 3 ads you click on to play when it's time to get back to the game, the game screen goes black frozen for about 7 to 12 seconds and then just closes. When I open it back up it doesn't give me the credit that I earned to watch the video. I struggled through it for an hour because I liked the game but I'm over it now. Badly rated, unstalled and on to the next. Shame. I usually play these for days. 🗑


The app keeps crashing . I almost got to the end too but now it stops working after seconds of it being opened. It's a shame because I was really enjoying it too


Could be a fun game, at first it ran fine, I even paid £10 for ad free and now I can't play it at all! It constantly, freezes, closes and crashes, absolutely terrible experience!
Hello. we are sorry you faced this issue. Please, contact us at email and our team will be glad to help you !


Haven't been able to play this gane in over a month due to it crushing minutes after opening it. First it was just lagging, than that got worse and now it will lag so much that it crashes. Already send them an email, about both the lagging and the crashing, but it never got resolved. I wish I wouldn't have spend money on it, cause you can't even get far without spending money or watching hundreds of adds. Don't recommend this game at all
Hello. Dear player, possible, our reply went to your spam folder because we never miss any letters from our users. please, contact us again at email and we will be glad to help you with resolving this issue.


I just started playing this game. Love that I can watch ads to try and advance. Down side EVERY TIME is that the app AUTOMATICALLY CRASHES RIGHT AFTER CLOSING THE AD AND YOU GET NOTHING! Wish I could underline that last part. I watched it to get nothing. Super buggy and crashing constant for no reason. Do not play EVER.
Hi! Please, contact us at email and our team will help you with it ! Hope you increase the rate of the app !


The game is fun to play but for some reason now it's freezes a lot and because of the freezing it shuts off. Now it takes forever to open and then freezes with no game play which sucks 😒. Edit: Please do something about the game crashing so I can go back to enjoying it.
Hi! Please, contact us at email and our team will help you with it ! Hope you increase the rate of the app !


Definitely WAY BETTER than any other games of this type that I've played! The screen isn't over flowing with ad watch prompts and the graphics are cute. The sound is a touch rough, as it sounds like the speaker on my phone is blown out. (Playing on a phone that's only a month old and hasn't been used much yet). Other than the sound issue I'm having, EXCELLENT AND CUTE GAME!


This game is cute and the concept is cool. It is very difficult to play past a certain point.. The amount of $$ needed as it grows is so high that it takes forever to earn it all. I'm old, I don't have forever. Un - installing..
Hello. Thank you for your review! But why is the rating so low ? we will be glad to know your opinion about what shall be improved to reach a 5 stars rating !


I started this game a few days ago, and it was running just fine. I loved it. My city has grown and I am constantly lagging out, I cannot progress anymore. I started this game to complete a tapjoy offer on another game. Reach Echo Park to receive currency in another game. I am very close to achieving this but the crashes have slowed me down immensely. Edit: now it won't even load the game up, I'm stuck.
Hello. dear player, we are sorry you faced this issue. Please, contact us at email and our team will help you !


When random ads pop up the game kicks me out of it for no reason and when I click on to get the rewards by watching a advertisement it doesn't allow me to watch the full ad and doesn't give me the reward or kicks me off the game
Hello. Please, contact us at email and we will be glad to help you ! Hope you increase the rate of the app !


Played game months ago and was a great game. But uninstalled it because it kept crashing. Decided to give it another go because i did enjoy the game... and for acouple days no issue. But now i cant even play. It take about 1min to load game... and within 3 mins the game has crashed. I have previously uninstalled the game and lost all progress so dont want to waste it all again. But looks like i will be uninstalling this game again. Dont waste your time downloading and playing.
Please, contact us at email and we will be glad to help you ! Hope you increase the rate of the app !


WARNING since update causes phone to freeze and lock. Do not install this game RUBBISH started ok, Then a few days ago I paid for the ad free version. Now theres been an update and suddenly the game doesn't open or it freezes within 20 seconds of opening then closes. Either fix it or give me my money back. Don't see why I should pay for something if it's not working Reply from game developers - if you reinstall the game then it doesn't save your progress so loose everything 😠
Hello. Dear player, we are sorry you faced such problem. But you can restore your purchases by entering new world using the same account of Google play. If you have any questions, please, contact us at email