【图】叫我帝尊大人(截图 0)【图】叫我帝尊大人(截图 1)


One sword is hidden in the belly, and one breath lives in Zushan
A word shocks the wind and rain, a sword seals ghosts and gods

When the twilight of the gods ends, the sky will be broken, and the emperor will be welcomed back to his place.

To be an outstanding person, why not start as a warrior and experience a different life path. You will break through step by step from a nameless immortal warrior, and finally conquer this sky and attack the position of the supreme emperor. If asked how to do it? No need for a lot of liver, just take a little time to hang up, what is the so-called immortal? But in my spare time, I just sit and watch Tao rise and fall, and it is only a pot of wine through the ages.

—————— Fairyland Features ——————-

1. Place on-hook cultivation

Have you ever heard of the immortal method of automatically cultivating immortals? Hang up easily, go online to receive a lot of immortal energy, martial arts, spiritual liquid, and elixir, etc., and unknowingly acquire a thousand-year cultivation base and become a god of the fairy world. And all of this, you only need to go online and soar to experience all kinds of thrills such as breakthroughs, soaring, attaining the Tao, and mastering the exercises!

2. Xianpai is free to choose

The four immortal sects have different immortal methods, and there are many esoteric exercises that are not born in the world. You can do your math. The cultivator, the cultivator and the cultivator are all up to you, whether to become a master of immortal magic that leads the battlefield, or to become a magician who is a man who is in charge of ten thousand people, and there are many more choices of immortal magic to decide your own. Destiny!

3. Opportunities keep coming

In addition to defeating the mainline enemies to obtain a large amount of spiritual energy and diamonds, the Xianling Pool hangs up to produce a large amount of spiritual liquid for you to quickly build a foundation. The experience is more and more chance. The immortals who were born randomly in the fairy world, the Tower of the Emperor Yan, and the Quartet Spirit Land are waiting for you to challenge. You can also visit famous teachers, do tasks, and visit forbidden places. Travel around the Quartet in your spare time, find a place of heaven and spirit, make alchemy, build utensils, and cultivate peerless gods.

4. Restore the comprehension plot

The truest self-cultivation story, from you who was born in a poor family, faced with the infinite malice of the big family in the capital, and practiced forbearance until you turned the enemy upside down and walked out of the small town. Xianmeng, this fairyland will all be your footprints.

5. The text mud restores the true cultivator
Cultivator, pure. Classic text mud play, restore the most authentic experience of immortality, swim in the world of immortality composed of this text, until you break through and become immortal, the world will be called the emperor.


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