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Cake art 3d is a fun and creative game where you can show your cake decorating skills and be the best cake maker out there!

Start the cake decorating by adding a perfect cream in the variety of whip colors you can choose and finish with the icing on the cake.

Discover your inner cake artist. Spread the colorful perfect cream whip and sprinkle with seeds and fruits you like.

Mix them all in your creative way in our Cake art 3D game. Can you make the perfect cake by the customer order? The tasty end results will satisfy you or make you feel hungry.

Challenge your creativity to decorate and icing on a birthday cake, wedding cake, mirror cakes and hundreds of amazing cake designs. More unique levels keep updating.

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Cake Art 3D Game DOWNLOAD

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The adverts does not want to close they are taking up my time but the the game is wonderful.


This game is fun and I love that you can play without wifi but I can't get passed level 69, when I go to do level 69 the picture is all pink and there's a whole bunch of buttons and can't touch anything, I don't know of this is just a problem that I have but I would like it to be fixed, the game is fun and all just there's alot of adds so I always turn my wifi off to play it, that's my only problem is I can't get passed level 69


The decorations are not much and they keep repeating. I can't even create my own decorations, I must do what the picture says. I can't even make the supposedly square design, a circle. The sprinkles pour out too rapidly and it is not so easy to control.


I like the game but the ad count is ridiculous. I would pay to get rid of the ads but they don't even make it an option. Super disappointing, because like I said I enjoy playing, but the ads make it near unbearable.


Absolutely not worth 1 Star. The have you put icing in a circle..the sprinkles ...then ad didn't go farther than that


It's a cool game sort of. The issues are that I can't play 30 seconds without the app glitches and freezing. I can't play it. Please fix this issue.


This game is fun and somthing to do when you are bored but less ads this is helpfull to whoever made this thogh less ads or people will start unstalling this game other wise it is a great game for if you like to bake


I play tygis 24/7.such a time waster! Littrealy itvwas 11 now it is 4! Barley and i say BARLEY any ads. It is soooooo much fun when your bored. I littely tho never knew it need update. But 4 satrs beacause it would be funner if you could make your own cakes.Have tourtments! And u could still do custmores orders! Thats what i suggest! If u. Do change ill be happy to change to 5! Also i hope you guys dont mind the grammer!
Hi, Thanks for the feedback! We love hearing from players like you. Keep it up, Cake Art 3D Team


It's a fun game but we don't get 2 decorate the cakes all by ourselves. I don't like how the toppings handle when we're trying 2 pour them. Container always shows up in middle of the cake & starts 2 pour no matter what I do... There s/b a way so we could pick them up w/ a hand & place the fruit on the cake 1 by 1 & grab a few sprinkles/candy toppings & have more control where they're dropped or spread on the cakes. If we frosted our own cakes + u fixed above mentioned stuff I'd give game 5 ⭐'s


A very nice and relaxing game if you could add more 3D decorations to the game it will be perfect,thank you.


I like it much but there in an one problem which is ad.There are coming ads after and after each level i don't like this please remove the ads please Iam requesting you and because of ad I am giving you four stars sorry 😔😔 but this game is nice 😃😃😃😃


This game is good but the only thing is that every time I have to make a cake with 2 double colours (like purple and green and then red and blue on the same cake) it doesn't give me the option please fix this


This is very good game make another games like this I like this cake decorating games make another games like this but i give you 4 star because there is too much adds so remove this all apps thank you.


When I first saw the game it looked fun but then when I got it it kept kicking me out and I tried for like 30 or 20 minutes before I deleted the game so that's wht I give it one star.


Very pretty and relaxing game. But there is a reason why I have give you 4 stars because of too many ads. Please remove ads. But game is good 👍🤗


I like it very much but there is an one problem which is ad. There are coming ads after and after each level I don't like this please remove the ads please I am requesting you and because of ad I am giving you a four stars sorry.


It's not a bad game if you like making cake art, if there's to many ads turn of you wifi. I rate it a 4 star only because I'm not into this kind of game but it will be a great game if your into cake art.


I've only done the first four cakes or so, and maybe it's just being this way cuz it's possibly a tutorial section, but you literally can't screw it up. I'm not really doing anything. I do still want to have to follow a design, at least for this game, but it pretty much makes it so you can't mess up. Lame.


Really good and cute game and I really like it! one problem tho I think it would be better if you were able to place down your own frosting instead of following the weird stencil thing and make your own designs, if you change that I would be very happy to change my review! (and if you have any problems with ads just turn on airplane mode!)


The description "decorate your own cake! be creative" is pretty misleading. you do not by any means get to decorate your own cake. you have to do exactly what the game says, aka copy a picture. and you can't even mess it up if you wanted to. you just move your hand a little and the game completely does the shape for you. the only thing you have a little more control over is the sprinkles. (which come out very fast, I might add.) over all, not very fun. I expected better.