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Chapters Interactive Love Game Game SCREENSHOT

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Chapters Interactive Love Game Game DESCRIPTION

Chapters Interactive Love Game: Interactive Stories is a world of intense and realistic interactive role-playing games full of love, intrigue, friendship, heartbreak, temptation and romance, where you make your own choices wisely to move your life the way you want.

Ever dreamed of being a character in your favorite love story? In this love game you can…

◆ Name your own character and play as yourself.
◆ Customize your main hero and design your outfit, skin and hairstyle in this dating game.
◆ Enjoy breath-taking experiences in different romance stories.
◆ Fall in love and date handsome guys and cute girls! Put your flirting skills to the test!
◆ Develop relationships with your favorite characters – will they be friends or rivals?
◆ Make choices that can change your fate!
◆ Choose what you want to say to your friends and family – be careful what you tell!
◆ Dive into different worlds from love to drama adventures interactive stories.

What romance story will you choose first in this dating game?

◆ The Dark Passion
Do you really fall in love with vampire or you’re making it up? Would you trade your old flame for a new love with vampire? The story games such as this one let you choose your way and find your true love.

◆ Forbidden Love
Thrilling romance stories where you make decisions during the love game. Stay with your darling or go out on a crazy adventure with passionate lover – you’re the creator of your own fate!

◆ Child of the Ocean
Take a part in interactive love game and enjoy a dramatic romance with magic angel, evil demon, mythological gods, superpower monsters and other mythical creatures.

◆ Demon Hunter
As you follow the plot line, choose your path, engage with mythical creatures and try to reveal all their romantic adventures. Each character has many hidden secrets that you discover through your choices.

◆ Under the Shadows
The story game such as this one let you experience incredible adventures in mysterious city inhabited by ghosts and find your true love. Be careful, your choices and who you decide to romance impact more than just yourself!

◆ Contract with the Devil
Ever dream up about what it feels like to have a secret office romance with a sensual boss? Enjoy a temptation romance and adventure into this intriguing story to discover which dizzyingly hot man is right for you!

◆ Face the Music
Help a beautiful investigator solve crimes and write your story with a happy ending by making the right life choices! Open our thrilling romance stories, choose an episode and start playing the best love story simulation game!

… more new romance stories and episodes coming soon in Chapters Interactive Love Game!

Unlimited interactive stories for everyone’s taste!

Plunge into passionate love and start your own adventure!


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The stories wouldn't open was a waiste of time. I even downloaded it to my other phone and it still didn't work. I love the app the art seems beautiful but unfortunately I can't play it .🙏🏼😭🤬 PLEASE FIX IT !!!!!!


So annoying, stories won't open after loading, it's just a waste of time and data, no need downloading it
Hi Victoria! Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate your input and will ensure your message is shared with our developers.


Cant load the app
Hello! Thank you very much for your feedback, it is very important to us. We had temporary problems with the server. We think that because of this you were unable to download our application, but you can download it right now and enjoy it! Best wishes!


Hi Felicia! We're glad that you liked our app! New episodes will be released very soon. We hope you will like them too, as well as our new stories! 😉 Thank you for playing Chapters and Secrets!