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World Digital Forensics Hub For Learning, Improving & Testing Your Knowledge in better way.A brilliant online study and test application for Digital Forensics. App is divided basically in four modules Study, Practice, Exam and Analyze. The objective of the app is faster and thorough learning of Digital Forensics.Check our news and be updated with the world.Features :1. Attend exam AnytimeThere is NO restriction so you can attend your exam anywhere anytime.2. Valuable Study MaterialMaterials provided here are submitted by high qualified and experienced persons.3. Unlimited Practice ExamsYou can attend the practice exam as many times as you want.4. Compare Your ScoreCheck your knowledge by comparing your scores.What you are waiting for ? Download Now.
Discover the various terms following Biology Biology Dictionary application means in this
"Aplikasi ini menyediakan berbagai perbendaharaan kata dan istilah dalam Biologi Jika anda kesulitan menemukan arti suatu istilah di bidang Biologi, silahkan mencoba aplikasi offline ini. Ada puluhan ribu kata Biologi berikut maknanya.# FITUR-FITUR DALAM APLIKASI INI #1. Full Offline, semua data tersimpan secara offline dan tidak perlua koneksi internet2. Ada puluhan ribut istilah dalam bidang Biologi3. Pencarian (Search) Istilah atau kata4. Bookmark istilah atau kata favorit5. Quiz menarik untuk melatih pemahaman istilah Biologi6. Anda dapat menambahkan istilah yang belum ada dalam aplikasi ini7. 12 Pilihan tema warna yang menarikSemoga aplikasi kamus Biologi offline ini dapat bermanfaat untuk belajar anda. Jangan lupa kami tunggu feedback berharga untuk pengembangan aplikasi ini."
Cooking with Luffy, Making Delicious Seasoned Chicken!
Crunchysavory chickenMix the spicy and sweet sauceLuffy's seasoned chicken!▶ WowI think I'm cooking!Vivid and rich animations and sounds!▶ Make cooking process easy and fun!If you make one by one, you'll have a nice dish▶ You can eat a variety of foods!We prepared various foods and ingredients to have healthy eating habits.Seasoned Chicken is one of 30 Pororo Cooking Games series.Through cooking play, I am interested in various foods and get acquainted with cooking ingredients and tools ~Meet richer and more diverse content in Pororocon app!
For best preparation in Exam get EduGorilla's NATA Online Mock Tests
The National Aptitude Test in Architecture is conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture, which is a body of the Council of Architecture, New Delhi in India. The National Aptitude Test in Architecture is a national-level examination for admission to undergraduate courses in architecture. Special Features 🤩 of EduGorilla's NATA Mock Tests👉 Accessible 💻 24*7 from any & all devices👉 Latest pattern Mock Tests 📖 & Current Affairs 📖 present in NATA Practice Exam App👉 Mocks and Sectional Tests ⏳ with questions as per the latest exam pattern👉 Smart user-interface that saves 40% of study time ⏱️👉 Daily News 📖 provided for the latest issues👉 Relevant Current Affairs 📖 for the exams👉 Reminders for Regular Exam Updates 📖👉 Daily Quiz ⏳ to test your preparation👉 Detailed analysis 💡 and performance comparison 🤟 on All-India & State-Level basis👉Accessible in English Language ✍️👉 The best online exam preparation app available at modest price 🤩NATA App DetailsEduGorilla strives to offer an explicit learning experience and hence has an abundance of online learning apps and online test series. The NATA mock..
Collection of Myanmar Proverbs and Common Sayings around myanmar peoples
Just collection of many proverbs in one place and offer to use offline.
Study Bulgarian language | Memorize vocabulary & phrases with flashcards
Learn 3500 Bulgarian nouns, adjectives and verbs to enrich your vocabulary. Memorize most common Bulgarian words. Listen pronunciation of the words. Learn with word games, phrases and word lists. Use flash cards to master frequently used, core vocabulary.Build a daily habit of learning 5 words a day to see long term progress.- Flip the flashcards to find out the meaning of the Bulgarian words. - Swipe right if you learned the word.- Swipe left if you want the card to be shown again in the future.Features:- Listen pronunciation of the Bulgarian words, verbs, phrases and adjectives.- Track your progress in each level.- Images provided in the back of the card to help you remember the words naturally. New images are being added.- Review learned words.- Play word games to practice in an entertaining way.- Earn points by learning and practicing. Then unlock phrases and word lists.- Favorite words and stats.- Common words for all levels: A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2- Unlock Phrasebook and word lists as you progress for several topics.
The practice of direct reading jikhae Japanese news !! Keywords shows immediately! Search. Essential apps minutes for you to study Japanese ~~
일본주요뉴스를 핵심문장만 빠르게 Loading! 공부할 수 있도록 함.직독직해 연습을 통해 빠르게 독해연습할 수 있도록 함.보고 기억하여 다시 쓰는 연습을 통해 장문의 독해 능력을 기르도록 함.사용해 보시고 의견 남겨 주세요.
Notes form one to four explained with pictures to simplify chemistry concepts
Get all notes from form one to four easily explained with pictures to simplify understanding of concepts This app has been made like no other application in chemistry all the notes are easily explained and there are pictures that explain each and every topic and concept in the chemistry subject Bonus feature: there is a picture for each topic, fact and concept in chemistry with questions at the end and All the notes are organized topic wiseFeatures of this application chemistry form one -four notes with picturesChemistry form one notes arranged and organized topic wiseChemistry form two notes arranged and organized topic wiseChemistry form three notes arranged and organized topic wise Chemistry form four notes arranged and organized topic wiseSample examinations in form one, form two and form threeTips on how to pass chemistry
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Mobile Learning Service for SK Group members!We support smart learning learning so that you can develop your self whenever and wherever.In order to provide the best value to SK Telecom customers,We provide educational services aimed at improving the competence of distribution chain members.※ Available only to members of SK Telecom distribution network (Swing ID required)■ Main contents1. Application for site / assembly training and history management2. Provide on-line and off-line courses to improve certification level3. Live Live Training4. Know your store by store[Guide for access to app device access]T-Campus apps access the following items for services according to information network regulations.1. Required access rights- Do not require mandatory access.2. Select access rights- Storage space: Used to download learning materials.※ Select access permission is required when using the corresponding function, and it is possible to use the non-function service even when it is not permitted.
Spanish learning app, vocabulary, games, videos. Learn Spanish words with Blarma
Learn Spanish vocabularyat least 5 words per day with effective pictures and audio pronunciations. Spanish learning app, vocabulary, games, videos. Learn Spanish words with Blarma! Enrich your vocabulary by learning Spanish verbs, adjectives, nouns. Improve your pronunciation skills. Memorize the most common Spanish words in less time. Learn Spanish words with Blarma as follow:- Adjust learning speed: 5, 10 or 15 words per day.- Choose the words you want to learn and start the lesson.- Focus on pictures to learn words.- Watch short videos to better understand some words. - Listen to pronunciation records of words. - Answer questions that make learning easier.- Learn to pronounce words through feedback.- If you want to increase your score, repeat the lesson.- Practice as much as you want with the words you have learned.Learn Spanish in a fun and effective way: If you have just started language training, consider long-term progress. Build the habit of learning at least 5 words a day. Review what you've learned with spaced repetition. Blarma prepares an ideal Spanish learning program for you.Features of the Spanish vocabulary app:-..
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Best app for your online preparation
Get the most reliable learning experience
Best app for your online preparation
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Thare is something problem in the app not able to login


Very helpful for students thank you sir😊


explanation is very nice and it is very helpful to n number of students


This is very useful for students 👏👏


This app helps a lot to score good marks


Really useful to students and better app to students


You can Download this app For Mathamatics instead of buying a Textbook . And if you Don't understand the Notes in it, just Watch YouTube videos that was uploaded By the Same person, with clear Explanation. NOTE : Even if you don't Uttend classes for mathematics , This Man can help you to reach the peak from the under ground . HE DESERVES SOO MUCH RESPECT FOR PROVIDING NON STOP INFORMATION AND THAT TOO WITH A CLEAR CUT EXPLANATION BY VIDEO FORMAT AND WRITTEN FORMAT.


Very useful for diploma and inter students thanks you so much sir for explains maths for students (and subscribe the channel of naveen reddy maths in YouTube)


There is a problem , login in only on original device tell any solution fastly sir. I am waiting for you're reply


Great app every problem in the corners of textbook you will find the solution in this app.


The process of Teaching is perfect.And it was easy to understand.


This app was amazing and easily understand any answer also we get free notes thank you so much sir we all are passing maths exams by listening your classes thank you sir


Preying on user data and have very twisted terms and conditions such as using the account u created only on that device like wt~ what's the use for an account then of not to sync devices


Classes are easy to understand and the explanation was very good


It is very nice crystal clear app.but I felt that Naveen Reddy sir can improve physics and chemistry also in the app in the same way like maths ..


Thanks... You naveen reddy... Sir You helping alot of.. Students... These was very helpful studies. 😊


Fantastic teaching, very Easy to undarstanding, very use full to stady


your explanation is just incredible and i was sooo satisfied with your app presentation. hats-off to you sir!!


Very useful app and very good for "E-CET"preparations good app and so smooth features very good explanation to all students


Fantastic teaching sir and very easy to understand thank you sir for this usefull app