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The only disadvantage is that people can't download this app on their laptops. Some people have difficulty with using smartphones for many hours and they prefer using different devices. I really love comics but the computer version doesn't have all of the episodes :(


Sometimes after an update you lose all your subscriptions and comics, can't sync with a new device while the website works flawlessly. Search function is not really working, if I search "Loving Reaper" I can't find anything. Which sucks because since there is no sync option I can't find my old comics. I'll uninstall this application and rather use the website.


It's easy to use, and it has a great number of comics you can read. The problem is payment and email. You cannot change your email, you cannot pay without needing to verify in a way that your bank does not offer, and therefore you cannot fast pass. I seem to always have some problem with this app every. single. time. I'm using it.


I like the app but you should really add a sync feature so that your account syncs across different devices. Sometimes when I read on my laptop, I have to go check my phone to see what episode I was last on for a series. And you should also keep track of the reading history. I once had to delete the app and when I I downloaded it again, my progress was gone. I couldn't remember which were the episodes I was last reading and on the episode list, the episodes you already read weren't highlighted.


I love the app but I've had a problem on 2 of my devices now. I'll have full internet connection. And then suddenly it won't work. I've tried switching wifi networks and it will work for a few months and then won't work again. Please fix this problem it is really annoying. I just want to be able to read without it cutting out and saying I have no internet


This app has gone downhill. The daily pass system has ruined it. It makes it near impossible to enjoy many series, and I've moved to others apps. I will use this until the ongoing series I'm reading have concluded, but I'm no longer starting new series or reading old series. I recomend manta. They have a daily pass as well, BUT you can purchase a subscription for $4 a month for unlimited reading instead. Far more economical than webtoon's daily or fast pass system.


A nice app with a lot of good stories. I'm bumping it down two stars for two main reasons. 1. Never EVER spend money on coins through this site, 3 times I tried it, three times the credit card was hacked and had to be frozen. 3. Many new stories are coming out with a price tag each episode, or daily pass. Popular stories also cost more to fast pass than others. And there is pretty much no way to get coins without buying them. Cool stories, not loving the capitalist greed and security issues.


I love it! I have been using it for a few years now. Two suggestions though. Any episodes you buy with coins should be available offline. Another offline function that I think would better improve performance would be the ability to redownload episodes after you've deleted them. Some people might have missed the timing to finish what they've downloaded or might want to reread a series offline.
Hello! We sincerely appreciate your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience. We will definitely keep this suggestion in mind as we continue to update our platform.


So many fun stories to read! There are only very little things I would change about the app. I wish the coins were a little less pricey, for my broke peeps out there. I also think it'd be very cool to add a new tab to "My"👤. It'd be called "Catch Up" and it'd be right next to "Subscribed" I often lose track of updates, but with a tab like that, WEBTOON could keep track for me; and others! I really think it's a great idea and I'd love to see it added to the app! Please consider my ideas!✌😊


It's a great app overall. The daily pass and fast pass system leave a lot to be desired. It doesn't make sense to have daily pass for finished stories. Most of them are longer than 200 chapters. It also doesn't make sense to unlock chapters with fast pass and accumulate time for the daily pass. You're most definitely not getting your money's worth.


I love using this app so many great reads and really does well with suggestions. Sometimes the translations may be a bit off but you can still understand the context. Only thing I wish there was is a way to see which comics your reading currently and have an episode or more to read at that time so you don't have to go through your entire subscribe list to see what you have for that day. I also wish there was a way to favorite specific comics so you can jump to your favorite ones immediately.


Memes everywhere, as long as you look in the right places. also, how do i turn off the annoying in-app popups? "never show this again" hardly works as intended and i really just want to get rid of all of them. i'm not interested in your vampire-bl-drama comic and if i were i still wouldn't appreciate it just popping up for no reason. the "featured" reel is enough featured content.


Amazing app! It's brilliant to use and I use it regularly. Only thing I think that can be improved is the daily pass stories as you have to physically search for them for each day. It would be a while lot easier if there was a separate tab for daily pass stories that you subscribe to so I don't miss out on the chapters


I honestly don't really need to say anything about this. It's just awesome. It's like YouTube for comics but better. I'm not the biggest fan of daily passes, but it definitely stops me from binging (so I can barely complain). But you know what should exist??? AUTO-SCROLLING where you can adjust the speed. I think the lack of accounts is actually a good idea, though I think it would be cool to request Webtoons to friends through the app.
Hello! We sincerely appreciate your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience. We will definitely keep this suggestion in mind as we continue to update our platform.


It's fun and I get to read a lot of comics. Easy to use and all. I also love the daily pass and fast pass options. It's cool, and the comics are really intresting. But one problem I faced is I can't search for bl comics in the search bar. I really love reading bl, tgere are a lot of amazing ones here, but I have to scroll for a long time to come across the one I want to read. Besides that the app also gets stuck, though rarely. Leaving that, I really love this app and recommend it to readers.
Hello, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We are happy to hear that you have enjoyed using WEBTOON. We have a feedback board available here and we welcome you to contribute if you'd like:


I accidentally closed the check-in pop-up and there was no way to re-open it whatsoever. I missed a day because of this. They used to run these events in the rolling banner, but it doesn't appear there anymore. They want us to check-in for 10 days to boot. This is ridiculous!! Put those events back in the rolling banner!! How am I supposed to check-in properly and check my progress otherwise?!


Anything else is okay but these 2. Whenever I opened a series, it always opening the previous episode that I've read. And for God sake, I need to unlock the same episode over & over again! Why don't display the list of the episodes first so that we don't lose our free unlock episode over an episode we've read????? Plsss fix this! Also, the song. It's a good idea to put a song over a certain episode, but sometimes even after I turned the music off, it still plays in the background!


As much as I love this app and the stories on it, I feel like the user experience has degraded, mostly in the aspect of the daily passes. Personally I prefer to read a few chapters at once, and I'd rather watch an ad before every episode than have to wait a whole day to unlock a new episode. The daily pass feature has actually stopped me from wanting to read certain stories because I don't want to have to wait for each episode. Im all for supporting creators, but I wish this feature was changed.


The app works fine, there are decent stories on here and UI is easy to navigate. I haven't had any issues with ads since I've installed it. I'm fine with waiting about a week for a new episode of a webtoon. Although, the option to buy coins is a little pricey. Nonetheless it's been a pretty okay experience. But recently I've been having issues with the app logging me out of my account. I'll go into the app and it asks for an age verification and says I need to log in. I don't know why.


Love the app, only issue I have is just 2 quality of life fixes. 1. Too many pop up adds, every time you open it, finish a chapter, or go back to the home page. 2. You can't search authors. You used to be able to go to their page from their comic but can't anymore. You can only subscribe to them by refreshing the 3 suggested ones till they pop up. (Please correct me if my phones just glitched out) If these get fixed or it's pointed out to me I'm wrong I will gladly raise the rating.