- added fire magic
- fps improvements

Blacksmith Master Game SCREENSHOT

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Blacksmith Master Game DESCRIPTION

Step into the shoes of a skilled master in ‘Blacksmith Master,’ a game where you take charge of a village. Engage in woodcutting, hunting, and defending against monster attacks. As you save villagers and bring them to the village, you expand the settlement. Care for the residents, fulfill their requests, and craft items for yourself and the villagers. Explore forests, caves, magical locations, and even the depths of the sea. Experience a variety of crafting activities, including fishing, blacksmithing, logging, and sewing. Learn combat techniques, fend off enemy assaults, and ultimately ascend to the throne as the King of the land in this epic adventure.

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Step into the shoes of a skilled master in 'Blacksmith Master,' a game where you take charge of a village. Engage in woodcutting, hunting, and defending against monster attacks. As you save villagers and bring them to the village, you expand the settlement. Care for the residents, fulfill their requests, and craft items for yourself and the villagers. Explore forests, caves, magical locations, and even the depths of the sea. Experience a variety of crafting activities, including fishing, blacksmithing, logging, and sewing. Learn combat techniques, fend off enemy assaults, and ultimately ascend to the throne as the King of the land in this epic adventure.

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