From time to time, players might be awarded with various bonuses:
- gold
- boost upgrades (temporary and permanent)
- skins
- miscelleanous items

These bonuses can occur regularly or by achievements of the player.

Joystick UI fixes
Various bug fixes


- Rail Stairs
- Thin Ice


- Abyss
- Rise And Fall

Roll Along Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Roll Along(截图1)【图】Roll Along(截图2)【图】Roll Along(截图3)


An amazing 3D game, with challenging levels to beat.
Reach your target by overcoming various obstacles that includes ramps, turns, destructible gates, thin rails.
Make your way through the levels very fast to set gold times and get high prizes. You get gold for completing a level, the shinier the time, the more gold you get.
Customize your player to make it look awesome. Get the ultimate skin to make your player unique.
If you are stuck or need more gold, buy extra HELP.
Enyjoy this game and get it for FREE.

Check it in action:


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An amazing 3D game, with challenging levels to beat.
An amazing 3D game, with challenging levels to beat. Reach your target by overcoming various obstacles that includes ramps, turns, destructible gates, thin rails.Make your way through the levels very fast to set gold times and get high prizes. You get gold for completing a level, the shinier the time, the more gold you get.Customize your player to make it look awesome. Get the ultimate skin to make your player unique.If you are stuck or need more gold, buy extra HELP.Enyjoy this game and get it for FREE.Check it in action: LEVELS ARE COMING

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Froze once but so far so AWSOME
Great, thanks for your opinion. We add more levels again very soon :)