Latest Updates
1. Season 15 begins!
2. S.H.I.E.L.D. has announced Battle Pass 029!

New Hero
The new hero, Ghost-Spider, has joined the battle!

New Skins
1. Spider-Man's [Spirit of the Web] skin is now available!
2. Hela's [Eastern Goddess] skin is making its debut in the Collector's Museum Redemption Shop!

New Events
The [Summer Adventure] event has begun!


【图】MARVEL Super War(截图1)【图】MARVEL Super War(截图2)【图】MARVEL Super War(截图3)


Marvel’s first mobile MOBA game! Leap into battle in new Space War costumes for Iron Man and Captain Marvel!
Marvel and NetEase Games have teamed up to deliver the most dynamic, eye-popping and faithful recreation of the Marvel Universe on the mobile screen. Get ready to explore more possibilities and experience the action like never before!
Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel, Spider-Man vs. Deadpool, X-Men vs. Avengers! Epic 5v5 real-time super battles are about to shake the vast cosmos!
What are you waiting for? Grab your friends, form your ultimate squad and explore into the new and unknown Marvel MOBA-verse.
Come and Fight As A Super Hero!

—-Take to the Battlefield!
5v5 real-time super battles in Wakanda battlefield are about to shake the vast cosmos! With rich jungle resources and a dynamic map, win team battles by creating your own unique strategies, and through teamwork!

—-Over 50 Unique Super Heroes and Villains
MARVEL Super War features authentic Super Heroes from across all the Marvel universe. Choose from a huge cast of Heroes and Villains, each with unique styles and skills to join the ultimate all-star brawl.

—-Fair and Balanced Combat
Balanced heroes mean balanced combat. Reputation and achievements must be earned through skill and perseverance. Enjoy the thrill of besting your opponents in fully fair fights.

—-Fight As A Super Hero!
The stage is yours! Play as your favorite character and show your strength with special attack combinations, dynamic effect and movement abilities. Create your own highlights on the battlefield!

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SIMILAR to MARVEL Super War Game

Game of legendary heroes. Lord of thrones. Arena online PvP. Blade & soul seeker
A stunning action RPG filled with heroics, adventure, and a diverse assortment of creatures and fiends.Dive into the world of Heroes Infinity and begin your epic journey through many lands and cities. Collect & build your epic team of heroes to achieve victory.[ Features ]EPIC GODS WAR- A real-time strategy battle filled with dynamic effects and varied skill animations.- Many heroes are waiting for you to Unlock & Combine them into a powerful team.STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY- Power Up, Tier Up, Rank Up, and Gear Up to prepare your heroes in their War for Justice.- Summon your heroes wisely to gain Victory in the coming battles.NUMEROUS GAME MODES- Adventure Mode: Gain Experience & Level Up your heroes by defeating your enemies.- Skyscraper: Challenge your epic team by conquering many Levels of increasing difficulty.- Star Gates: Collect pieces of all the heroes’ shards to Summon the mystery heroes.- Training Field: Develop your own skill with heroes in battle to gain victory.- Boss Party: Battle with legendary bosses and gain unique rewards.- Super Boss: Stay focused when the boss is near. Your epic team..
Join the war of hundred unique Monsters to save the fantasy World from the Dark.
👑 Immerse yourself in a world of adventure that still has many undiscovered continents, along with many fierce areas exclusive for whose strength to battle with each other and assert your glory with the unmatchable army of monsters. Can you bypass a strong guardian waiting for the worthy one to find ancient treasures? Can you bring glory for your battle team by reigning at the top of the fierce Colosseum? Can you teach the lesson for the arrogant guys dare to challenge you in Real-time Tournament?Do you like Pocket Beast, Digital Monster or Monster Card Game? Do you like the beast that you chase and face in Hunter Journey? We provide you a chance to reign this kind of Beasts. Find it, live with it, level up & evolve it to their true potential.💎 All can be prove & earn by your mind in a new epic Match 3 Hybrid Puzzle-RPG. 💎🔥 Top 6 Reasons To Download Monsters & Puzzles 🔥1. A mixture of puzzles and retro JRPG turn-based gameplay! Conquer formidable challenges with your overmind in match-3 combos and..
Authorized game with famous CVs. You are invited! Enter the world of OPM now!
"ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest" is a turn-based mobile RPG, officially authorized by the sensational Japanese anime "ONE PUNCH MAN"! Supervised by Shueisha's production committee, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest has fully restored the world and stories from the original anime! Cities are under attack by monsters! Citizens are seeking shelter, and they need help! It's time for the Heroes of the Association to come to their rescue! Follow Saitama and fight bravely against monsters. Our goal is not the pursuit of fame, but that of protecting the innocent and helpless. Heroes united, One Punch K.O.! [Game features]· All the fascinating characters from the world of One Punch ManFrom Saitama, who can defeat all powerful enemies with one punch (serious version, of course), to Genos, who's been evolving all along. From Monsters such as the strongest alien Boros, to the ninja Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, the self-declared nemesis of SaitamaCome see popular Heroes and Monsters from the original anime reunite in classic scenes in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest.· Encore of original CVs from the animeVoice actors from original anime are back..
The strategy tower defense game
Choose and assemble the ultimate team of legendary heroes to protect the earth from invasion. This innovated new game combines the best parts of collecting your favourite heroes, and levelling their skills and abilities, and defeating waves of enemies that have come to destroy your home!Welcome to D-MEN:The Defenders!RealmsLong before there were humans on earth, titans and gods clashed over the control of the Realms. To protect the inhabitants of each realm, the mightiest of all the gods sealed the passage to each world. A millennium has passed since then and the seal has been broken by Hela herself! The time has come to not only protect your world but of all beings in all the realms!Standard FeaturesImprove, Adapt, and FightChoose from a wide range of legendary heroes to stand against the forces of evil. Your team will work even while you are sleeping. Only have a few minutes to play each day, don’t worry! Your heroes will continuously protect the world and when you log back in, you can collect the resources they gathered, and upgrade your abilities, equipment..
A simple, casual and strategic RPG game featuring both idle and active gameplay.
PocketGamer commented: "Perfect vertical game experience of TapTap Heroes will completely subvert your imagination of ordinary idle RPG games."The classic idle card game with a cumulative download of more than 20 million timesTapTap Heroes' 4th anniversary celebration is about to start.[Game Introduction]:The first multiplayer strategy RPG game! Collect heroes and resources, strategically adjust the idling lineup, explore and defeat powerful bosses in Den of Secrets, PK with global players![Game Story]:In Mystia, the holy sword with the power of creation was discovered again, and this time the person who obtained it was Freya, the queen of hell, who may want to take control of the whole world.Alliance knights, horde warriors, elf wizards, undead spirits, and heaven gods all embark on the journey for the power of creation.You'll fight with more than 500 heroes from six different camps, and stop Freya's plans before danger sets in.Game Features:[Easy and labor-saving, place and idling]:Afraid of being too tired? Your heroes will still fight for you while you're offline!There is also a function to automatically receive rewards with one tapping!You can collect rich rewards everyday![Six..
Battle Royale, 3v3 Moba & MORE! - A perfect blend of STRATEGY & ACTION!👍😉
Free to play MOBA without internet required, you’ve found it!Modern and Trending game modes- 3v3 Modern MOBA- Battle Royale 12 players- Game of King with 8 Players- And many modes with monthly updatesA unique 3v3 combat style made with a perfect balance between fun and depth:- Equip your hero with 2 skills of choice beside main hero ability – a great blend of strategy and action- 4-minute short match – ultra ideal for on-the-go gaming- Huge collection of heroes, each with signature attacks and abilities (fury)- Multiple choices of skills in many types: attack, defense, stun, support…Designed for freebies!- Solid heroes in each class plus 5 different skills to begin with- Generous reward, easy progression- All items made accessible for freeAs a MOBA game player, you will love this game to bits and pieces!- A fair which is “all-about-skill” mid-core game, yet simple rules and easy to learn- Simple control for a smooth gaming experience- Balanced characters and skills- New content comes out frequently (new heroes, skins, skills, arenas, modes…)- Lag-free: we have servers around the world!- Fun events available..
【遊戲介紹】三生有幸,與你遇見!限定卡牌、紀念頭像框開服即得!所有江湖偶遇,都是宿命相逢。一場命中註定的相逢,夢回北宋,沉醉江湖!你,一位來自現代的旅人,在如詩如畫的江湖中行俠遊歷,締結因緣!遇見逆水寒,遇見你的專屬因緣!【遊戲內容】尋夢江湖,遇見逆水寒!所有的江湖偶遇,都是宿命相逢,打開全新江湖,開啟美妙機遇,浪漫旅程沒有終點,知己紅顏,沉醉江湖!行程萬里,遍遊天下,種種奇特風景,各式江湖奇物俯拾即是。更有諸位《逆水寒》人物寵愛相隨,共知旅程冷暖。【遊戲特色】一、萬千景致:遊歷江湖 定格專屬奇遇江湖冷暖,唯愛永恆。在《逆水寒》如詩如畫的遊戲世界中行俠遊歷,策馬天涯!捏臉玩法讓每一個你都獨一無二!穿梭現實虛擬兩重世界,結識附近玩家,探索大宋風景。繪製江湖奇景,定格行程最美時刻,百分之百呈現端遊品質華麗場景,珍藏每一份江湖遊歷記憶!相遇相逢,相知相伴。更多朋友,等你遇見!二、動人劇情:百萬字話本演繹宿世姻緣最動人的故事,最具柔情的江湖!觸碰畫卷,夢回北宋絕美江湖,命中註定的相逢,穿越時空阻絕,遇見《逆水寒》!夏有涼風,秋有明月,千年畫卷,由你描繪。一世之盟,生死之約,宿世因緣,等你書寫。無情、顧惜朝、葉問舟、方應看、燕無歸、葉雪青、李師師、花將離、溫柔、姬蜜兒,十位《逆水寒》人氣角色悉數登場,與你相伴而行。三、雙性別戀愛:給你的寵愛不止一種形態甜蜜女線故事,觸摸古畫,解鎖宿世因緣。命中註定的相會,遇見生死相隨之人。江湖雖大,有他相伴,便再不孤單。執子之手,與子同行。深情男線故事,解鎖身世秘密,探索未知神秘力量,更有機會與眾多豪俠交遊,花叢醉飲,獨得芳心。種種江湖奇緣,等你體驗。四、五倍甜蜜:邂逅五條專屬語音感情線五位性格迥異的角色,五種不約而同的關懷。走心的江湖故事,頂級的CV加持,一言一笑都逼真動人,帶來更有沉浸感的濃情體驗。茶樓夜話,把盞長談,探尋各位角色心底的秘密,提升人物好感,解鎖專屬劇情。種種江湖過往,心底舊事,只講給你聽。【聯繫我們】如果您喜歡我們的遊戲,歡迎您隨時給我們評價、留言。官方網站:http://www.yujian-love.com客服郵箱:[email protected]※《遇見逆水寒》依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級。本應用遊戲情節涉及戀愛交友。※本應用遊戲為免費使用,內另有提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。※請依個人興趣、能力進行體驗,並注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。
Fantasy Westward Journey - a new version of the "kidneys" shake the world debut
奇经八脉,气行周天——突破自我,强无止境! 全民PK,人人来战——公平竞技,勇攀巅峰! 有爱之家,真实养娃——拟真互动,玩趣无穷!卡牌大赛,智谋之战——脑力对决,出奇制胜!人人都玩,无处不在!《梦幻西游》手游作为国民级回合制手游,吸引亿万玩家逐梦西游!全新版本《奇经八脉》撼世登场!九大门派多向发展,修炼精进成就强者;全民PK热力开战,百万玩家角逐霸主;养育系统全面升级,外观互动惊喜不断;卡牌大赛年度盛启,智谋交锋赢取大奖。聚集超高人气,引爆手游潮流;为每一个梦幻热爱者,开启一场不一样的青春回合之旅!【游戏特色】-奇经八脉,气行周天九大门派,全新技能!辅助输出战不设限,三界格局风云再起!-全民PK,人人来战群雄争霸,勇攀巅峰!梦幻之旅胜利相伴,集结好友共赴决战!-有爱之家,真实养娃养育系统,温馨升级!逗趣萌娃同游三界,机智互动乐趣满满! -卡牌大赛,智谋之战巧妙组合,策略为王!伐谋攻心脑力对决,跨服征战运筹帷幄!-人人都玩,无处不在《梦幻西游》手游自问世以来,新增注册用户突破1亿,并凭不竭魅力,源源不断的吸引新玩家,用事实证明国民手游的卓越品质。而在未来,它还将不断改写历史,为每一个玩家延续自己的西游情缘!【玩家好评】- 10年来的风雨同舟,经典西游路。纵是此行多凶险,三界万里马蹄急。- 游戏上手很容易,画面灰常精致,更有超神武器,2D页面3D效果,不愧是网易重金打造的MMORPG游戏,诚意满满,值得一直玩下去。- 网易最强IP重出江湖,策略回合,华丽特效,英雄神武,单挑BOSS,经典PVP,非常精彩!【联系我们】如果您喜欢我们的游戏,欢迎您随时给我们评价、留言。网易官方网站:网易官方论坛:网易官方微博:网易官方微信公众号:mhxy1218网易官方易信公众号:mhxy_mobile网易官方客服专区:网易客服电话:95163888
Enjoy An Authentic Pirate Game
A pirate-themed open world game, where you can raise your skull flag to lead your fleet to defeat the enemies and dominate the raging seas! War for the Seas is a pirate-themed game of the great age of geographical discovery, where you can choose to play according to your preferred play styleLead pirates into battle, sink enemy ships to plunder loot, step into unknown continents, hunt for mysterious treasures, pioneer new sea routes to earn huge profits, or defend justice by hunting pirates to earn bounties, or you can even fish idly by the sea. Pirates, explorers, merchantsyou are free to choose your own identity and create your own maritime legend. Game FeaturesRealistic naval warfareReal-time naval warfare system, where players navigate their ships by turning the rudder, while adjusting their cannons to aim and fire at the enemies, or smash them with your ship’s ram. Ships suffer feedback and damage when attack for an added level of realism. You can overcome disadvantages in power with excellent strategy and skilled maneuvering.Pirate RaidsPlunder freely on the raging seas, and join ongoing pirate..
Join a fun-tastic fantasy adventure filled with unexpected twists and thrills!
Welcome, Islanders! A great journey awaits!INTRODUCTION – Featuring a vibrant new world that offers a unique gaming experience, Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed by NetEase Games. Craft the tools you need with your own two hands, use powerful elemental combos in combat, and match wits against your rivals and foes!KEY FEATURES · Build an Uncharted Island! - Use your Axe and Pickaxe to gather resources and begin construction from the ground up. - Develop workshops, pits, and piers to produce, process, and sell products. - Plant and harvest crops, or "borrow" some from your neighbors· Create Amazing Items! - Infuse flasks with Elemental Spirits and unleash the primal power of nature. - Produce quality fishing rods try to reel in cunning fish. - Prepare delicious feasts that will tingle the taste buds. · Tame Incredible Pets! - Roam beautiful and diverse lands with your exotic pets. - Learn the way of the Hunter's Guild and dance with pets in the Flower Circle. - Nourish and care for your animal companions, and let loose their potential with..
【游戏简介】魔法目录(正版手游)是由原著《魔法目录》轻小说改编,《魔禁》、《超炮》动画委员会授权,日本角川集团监修,网易游戏自主研发的3D日式RPG手游。游戏完美还原原著剧情和人物设定,特邀原班声优献声,力求打造原汁原味的学园都市。从东京都西部被分割出来的这座都市中,有二百三十万人口,八成都是学生,这里就是学园都市。在这里,“超能力开发”被列为学校课程的一部分。根据能力高低不同,能力者被分为6级,从无能力(level 0)到超能力(level 5),他们每天都在超能力开发上进行相互竞争。暑假的一天,当一位“无能力者”的少年,在自家阳台遇上从天而降,掌握十万三千本究极魔法书的少女,故事就从这里开始了……【游戏特色】——你那无聊的幻想,就让我来打碎!《魔禁》、《超炮》动画委员会授权,日本角川集团监修,网易游戏倾力打造,将带来纯正的日式RPG享受。玩家可在游戏中和原著人物产生羁绊互动,完成任务,更有地下排位赛、社团战等多种玩法,让你沉浸在魔法与科学的指尖对决。——我决定了,在那小鬼面前我永远是最强的!忠于原著的剧情和人物设定,小说后续剧情首度游戏化!终于有一天,我们不用再说“天国的魔禁三”。——抱歉,这次我要出手了!自由开放的学园都市:上条当麻的房间,第一次与炮姐相遇的街头、常盘台中学、车站、铁桥……每一个地点都带来熟悉的气息。在这里,你可以去澡堂泡个澡;完成公共任务获得大量奖励;踢一脚路边的自行车、贩售机……放学后别走,去棒球场来一场真正的对决吧!——最喜欢这个有大家在的世界了!游戏特别邀请动漫原班声优阵容阿部敦、佐藤利奈、冈本信彦、新井里美、井口裕香、能登麻美子、谷山纪章等全程配音录制,还原最纯正的动漫级的视听盛宴。【关注我们】官方网站:官方微信:魔法目录 index163官方微博:@魔法目录官方论坛:
Sandbox rover craft & combat game on mobile!
— [July 30, Version "Soaring Strike" is coming online]—The feud continues between Death's Legion that serves the Empire, and the White Knights with their faith in White Promise. The long struggles of war expand in Gaia Galaxy as the two factions clash their steel. It seemed that as Death's Legion continued to lose ground, the struggle was coming to a closeHowever, when the Wings of Plunder soared across the sky, they've finally arrived. The Aces of Death's Legion now are prepared to turn the tide! Take the war planes, enter the world of future, and conquer the land and air!AirLand Battle!Real wars are not limited to the land. The endless sky is another decisive battlefield. Long ago, the aerial warriors were instrumental in battles, turning both land and air into vital battlegrounds. The flying beasts dived bombed as the earthbound forces shielded. Let the blood boil! Let the whole realm become the chessboard of war! Land and air, who will rule them all?You Are the Flying Ace!You are a pilot for the Empire. Fly the fighters through the flames of..
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting game on mobile
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting game on mobile. Join the hilarious brawler, Stick Fight: The Game Mobile, which is a physics-based couch/online fighting game where you battle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden age of the internet. Stick it to them! Challenge friends and Stick Fight fans from around the world. Control the Stick figure to run, jump, and fight. Face off against each other in 4- stick fight free-for-alls! After 9 matches, rank the top of 4. Now with an armory of humorous weapons and 100+ maps! Relive the classic Stick figure cartoons with action-packed free-for-all duels!KEY FEATURES:- The official Stick Fight game on mobile!- Hilarious battles with up to 3 friends!- 100 amusing maps, dozens of funny weapons, like guns shooting snakes out, or bomb which blows yourself up, and unlimited ways to die!- Make your own maps with the built-in level editor: the sky is the limit!- Customize your stick figures with the brand-new avatar store and color system!- Brawl online with players from around the world! Download the..
An epic shooter experience you can't miss. Join now for amazing in-game rewards!
Welcome to Disorder.The year is 2030, and war has become the new global norm. In an ongoing conflict for nuclear weapons and the spoils of war, multiple factions meet each other on the battlefield. In this endless war, justice and sin are intertwined and no one escapes the undercurrent of violence. As an elite soldier, the time has come for you to take up arms and fight alongside your teammates!Five limited-time activities have been organized to celebrate the official launch of the game. A large range of rich rewards, such as characters, outfits and supplies, have been added. Wish you an unprecedented team shooter experience!IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCEAll-new near-future locations, such as Ruins, Radar Stations, and Missile Silos have been built for war themed battles. As a soldier in this world, you can pledge your loyalty to three very different factions: Pale Knights, Ghost Puppets, and Cadaver Unit, with more to be revealed. Each member of the armed factions has his/her own exhaustive backstory for you to uncover. Good or evil, the choice is up to you!UNIQUE CHARACTERSScout, maneuver, defense, supportcharacters are..
FishBoy, a popular fishing game released in 2019, offers a unique experience.
FishBoy, a hugely popular fishing game released in 2019, offers players a unique fishing experience. Activate cool abilities and appreciate the gorgeous graphics as you claim free gold daily along with numerous rewards in-game. Battle it out against countless other players online in a variety of exciting game modes and fight to be the King Fisherman. Have fun in arcade mode or treat yourself to a thrill in competition mode. Play and earn your fortune!Game FeaturesWin big with ridiculous multipliersLet your hair down and unleash fury as you fish with freely modifiable cannons. Earn huge rewards and get rich quick.Clean gaming on a global networkCast your net into the water with online gamers from all over the world. Rely on your skills and reflexes to win. Victory cannot be bought here.Go nuts with these awe-inspiring cannonsChoose from a variety of weapons at your disposal and forge your very own tool with which to hunt the creatures of the deep. Turn heads with customizable appearances and become the best-looking fisherboy in the seven seas.Unique bosses awaitTest your mettle as you throw..


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It had gotten way way better since last I played it when it first came out, way way better. I definitely will spend some money to support this game because most of the heroes are absolutely iconic especially Loki and the TVA skin, I'm really excited to buy that! I hope the devs keep up with other MOBAs like Mobile Legends and League of Legends.


Great game Opinions on how to make game better: Nerf Ghost spider, she is still too op Her damage is to mobility is insane. Once the game drags slightly to mid to end game, Ghost spider becomes insanely op. Occurrence game mode: Completing levels on Rogue Mode seems more like a punishment now. If I were to complete it I have no way of going to the previous level. Slowing down the rogue mode weekly accomplishment bar significantly. Please enable going back a level available.


The game is pretty much like LOL moba with a nice Marvel twist. Bad thing is it seems like players who, last minute get your lane as well dont seem to get banned or penalized. Afk teammates or leaving game, which results to losing and you still get ranked down. There should be a fix to this.


This game is just getting worse and worse. Matchmaking is especially terrible in recent times where you can go against a 5 man team while your team is full of bots. Matchmaking is super unbalanced as well most of the time. Character balance is questionable where they keep making changes for characters who are ok but useless characters are ignored.


Honestly it's such a great game and I can see its potential, played it last year and give it a shot today, yet that match making is still the same, 10 minutes or even 20 minutes. Do i recommend this game? probably not, too long match making makes it very boring.


The matchmaking is WAY too imbalanced, I always get teamed up with beginners such as myself and we'd always play against pro players with over 2000 matches. Please fix the match making.


Need more heros(New ones please ),also if there was a way to use the Hero's weapon according to Hero's Skin. Eg: Falcon's Skin carrying captain America shield (wish we could use that shield),Hulk Skin carrying an axe and a hammer or hawkeye skin carrying a sword and also Thanos has a huge blade that he uses, you could add that to the game ..........IF ONLY WE COULD USE THOSE WEAPONS.(Just a Suggestion)


Aside from long waiting time in matches, please add nebula and skins to complete the guardians of the galaxy vol 3. Overall, i am enjoying playing this app with the family. Graphics is superb


System lag always and not being fair with match making. There a lot things to be fixed make this game so useful!!!!!


Im having a good time. I just love Marvel and Playing each characters gives me an excitement. The only problem is the Game Queing, it takes longer like 5 mins. to 8.. If you can improve it, then Ill change my rating to 5


the developer seems to favor mid to long range attack heroes. melee heroes often got nerfed but not the long range attack heroes. that's why players tend to pick energy or marksman heroes or even support on the team, because those can get easy points without too much risking their life. I hope they put a balance to this soon.


I already deleted this game but i installed it again because im expecting that there's a improvement but still the same issue. I always complaining about this miss match almost every single game i always complaining this but NetEase Game didn't fix, long match making and so many players are not cooperating and game throwing ill delete this game once again and ill come back and expecting for the change.
Hello, Player! We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the matchmaking issue and your feedback has been well-recorded and will be passed on to our developers for further review and improvement. This advice will definitely be taken seriously. We will try our best to make adjustment based on advice from our loyal players like you!


Very fun and unique, with more "fast paced combat" than other MOBA have. Super War is good for a change of pace if you play multiple moba or if you like moba but can't commit to long matches. [Edit] In reply to the numpties who have left silly reviews. You scale your graphics up in the settings, and you can purchase heroes with free currencies, gold & crystals. 😆


Waste of Time - Don't bother. To put it simply, every single match I am having to report players for gamethrowing. It's ridiculous. Every single match! Yet, nothing ever happens. The report is a placebo effect and people are consistently throwing ranked matches because they think it's fun to do, or they're just selfish and don't get their way. It's a real issue and my match win/loss ratio is ruined because there is nothing to do to stop people from actually gamethrowing. It's disgusting.


It is actually a great game but i think it still lacks skins and characters. I would give it 5 stars if more characters will be added since it is the marvel universe. I would suggest some of the x men like cyclops and wolverine. Nut overall its a fun game. By the way i want to add that after the update i cant login anymore
Hello Player, we will pass your suggestion on characters and skins to our development team for further review. If the login issue cannot be solved, please contact our email ([email protected]). We are also working hard to make the game compatible with more devices. Sorry for bringing inconvenience and thanks for your support.


Great gameplay, visual and service. The game is more impressive than I thought, NetEase did an outstanding job. However, the ping is often high, so it should be improve. Additionally, some characters and skins from previous movies should be added. For instance, for the skins: Captain America's Endgame suit; Thor's Age of Ultron suit; Namor's Black Panther 2 design. For the characters: the Red Skull, Ultron, and Apocalypse.


Honest review: I've been playing this for a month, and I don't know why I play played so unfairly. My teammates are always AI while my enemies are actually players, which is unfair, and lastly, the rank/match game takes too long; sometimes I'll wait 5 minutes, up to the longest I've encountered, 12 minutes. I hope you'll fix this🙏 ❤️❤️❤️


This game is good just like other popular MOBA games such as MLBB, Pokémon UNITE and LOL:Wildrift. However, it needs to be improve to keep up with the said games such as having an Offline mode Feature where we can play or practice without using internet connection, it is very useful for beginner players like me because we can practice more before actually playing with others. And also nerf and buff the heroes and improve the perfomance of the app. Nonetheless, its a very great game.💜


Changed from five to two. Profanity is everywhere. There's a workaround that players do and the system wouldn't detect. Got tired of countless reporting hoping developers can straighten it up but to no avail. Been almost a year of doing that but now I'm tired of it.


The game is nice but the are some things that make this game uhm somehow not good for example the match making its really really slow it takes very long before it find some players and also the coins, the price of the hero is really good, but the coin you earn in every battle is very small. I really really hope that you improve this game.
Hello Player. Thank you for your precious feedback. We will pass it to our development team for further review and we will keep optimizing our game to provide a better game experience. Thank you for your support.