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Dead by Daylight Mobile Game DESCRIPTION

Dead by Daylight™ is a multiplayer horror and action game in which one ruthless Killer hunts down four Survivors trying to evade a gruesome death. Time to enter The Fog and start this deadly game of cat and mouse.


SURVIVE BY ALL MEANS – Survivors’ objective is to fix generators without being caught and escape from the endless chase. You can EITHER cooperate with each other and win as a team, OR fight alone and outlast others. Will you be able to outwit the Killers and escape from their killing grounds?

A FEAST FOR KILLERS – As a Killer, you can play as anything, with The Trapper, The Spirit, The Legion and The Huntress, our growing gallery of classic characters has the variety your insatiable blood lust will love. Master each Killer’s unique power to hunt, catch and sacrifice Survivors.

REAL PEOPLE, REAL FEAR – With different Realms and trials, every game is an unexpected scenario. You will never expect how different real humans will react to pure horror. The ambiance, music, and chilling environments combine into a terrifying experience.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR STRATEGY – All the Killers and Survivors have their own perks and plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your own personal strategy. Experience, skills and understanding of the environment are key to hunt Survivors or escape the Killer.

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Contact our customer service at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Minimum Specifications:
OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat OS) or above
Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S6, Xiaomi Mi 5 or equivalent

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Dead by Daylight Mobile Game DOWNLOAD

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The graphics is really nice for a phone version of the actual game. It's catching up with the characters by slowly adding them in the game. All in all, it's almost the same as the PC vers.


You guys are doingg a great job!! Just fix the character bugs model especially the survivors their faces sometimes becomes distored especially when doing something like drinking Plauges water or when trying to remove Doctor's skill!
Hello Player. Thank you for your review. We will keep working hard to improve players' gaming experience. We hope you continue to enjoy the game.


I want yall to see this first. Earlier I got a 4k and right as i hooked the last surv, it said network issue when my wifi is completely fine. I reconnected but it didn't appear on my recents. It was a ranked match. Hackers, bugs, crashing on multiple times, flashbangs, mori, late activation of dropping pallets even if im spam clicking it, and the delay in stopping in skill checks' arrows make this game SHT. FIX UR GAME me, devs. We just want a smooth game, not hundreds of cosmetics.


2 star because all of my downloaded resources are gone after the update ,this include my audio file and outfit resources that i already downloaded, all is completely gone and it's frustating because you need to wait again,and im tired of waiting downloading the resources over and over in every update, just delete the unnecessary files not the important files like audio files,i thought its was an error or etc but its keep happening everytime i update the game please fix this...


Amazing game very tense and addictive, which is good. The characters are very appealing both killers and survivors, and I like competing with players. This game is very cooperative and competitive, I love this game so badly. But one more thing, could you guys release the "Silent Hill" chapter soon? I never spend any cash in this game yet. And that would be for Silent Hill chapter, so in essence I would love to spend a dime on this game for real, if you release the "Silent Hill" Chapter.


PLAGUED WITH CHEATERS The game was 4* at launch but now there are too many hacks/cheats monster-users are using (speed hack, see survivor position, etc) and the game just becomes pointless. Dont download until they fix this rubbish. UPDATE: If the devs cannot prevent cheaters, at least give us the option to vote to end match/disqualify match due to hackers. What's the point of forcing us to play through the whole match to just close the app.
Hello Player. Please be assured that we will continue our hard work to make the relevant punishment to those cheaters in-game. Besides, you can tap the "Report" button on the battle result page. We appreciate any in-game report on hackers which helps us a lot to maintain a healthy gaming environment. Thank you for your support!


I enjoy it a lot. But the overheating issue is always there even in the lowest settings (I have a decent device). And that 'snowing' map is buggy. Like that's the only map where my device freezes a couple of times which interrupts the game. And also, I think the communication system can still be improved!


Got kicked from the game, when I try to re connecting the I need to relog with gmail but fail with message "no internet connection, please resrart the game" Also I lose all the skill and item at start of the match with no reason. Fix client can't fix the problem, try to download the patch for fix twice but still can't enter the game whatsoever. Fix client didn't help, uninstalling and install new also didn't help still can't play the game.


You can make a long list of things that can make the game crash. Flashbang? Crash. Mori from specific killers? Crash. Simply logging in to the game? Crash. Using a killer's power? Crash. And many more. Been a persistent issue after the update last December and has not been addressed ever since. Moreover other bugs like screams from sacrificed survivors being present on hooks and lag switching showed up after updates that followed after. Love the game but right now, it's just unenjoyable mostly.


Very Hard to be a survivor to easy for killers to catch up. Killers have auto lock and speed balance is not balanced. Very hard to use flashlight makes it useless. And if I wamt to play as a killer matching queue is very long almost 7 mins. Might delete game I purchased nicolas cage great character but game is bad for survivors. It tends to favor killers on control and gameplay.


The killer on mobile so op. Not every survivor can finish the gens. Its really different from pc. Need to do something about this. I do feel fun and excited play the game but this is something need to be fix. The killer is too fast. Impossible to loop the killer


I recently upgraded to Samsung S24 (Exynos version) and I can't play anymore because the map is not being rendered properly in-game. I am only able to see around 3 meters radius as I walk. The entire map does not get loaded. This also happens to my colleague who got the same phone. Hope this gets fixed.


I am not happy with the playing window on ranked games being limited. I work in the night shift and have little to no time playing during the day. Might uninstall soon if this limited time window on ranked games doesn't go away. Quick matches are no fun either when most killers are insanely skilled due to the imbalance in matchmaking.


This game is great truthfully, but I feel like it's so killer sided. The PC version isn't that bad, but DBDM is much worst. Killer perk is so OP that most of the time we can't escape, for example the perk "pop goes the weasel" that explode a generator and regress it, the only problem I have with this perk is that how much progress of the generator regressed instantly. C'mon now, the killers is also so fast, like I can't even loop them 1 time around pallets. Even without them having bloodlust


The game keeps crashing for (seemingly) no reason, the last thing I did was check my killers from pinhead to dredge and back to pinhead but it got stuck on dredge and then crashed so I assume it's what caused the crash and now no matter what I do I can't play since it keeps crashing. I have tried uninstalling and installing again it didn't work


I just wished that the game had a smooth or balanced graphics so that even though its on low settings the graphics doesnt look very clunky and on 240p resolution , and please fix the frame freeze it really annoys the players specially when you're being chased by a killer and suddenly the game paused out of nowhere .


"Stutter and Lag" This netease version is better than the old one but there's a map that lag and stutter so much i forgot the name the snow map please remove the falling snow effect for low graphics settings i stutter so much in that map or maybe optimize the game more for low end devices


Game runs smoothly but there are random freezes during the game despite being able to run 20-30fps smoothly. Also the controls are still clanky just like when I played it in 2022. Not smooth like the PC version at all. The game is fun to play, but you restricted ranked mode for only specific times, which will 100% lower your player count. I already see so many people quitting, as their free time doesn't align with your brainless opening time.


I enjoy it a lot. But the overheating issue is always there even in the lowest settings (I have a decent device). And that 'snowing' map is buggy. Like that's the only map where my device freezes a couple of times which interrupts the game. And also, I think the communication system can still be improved!


As of march 2024, I've been playing this game for almost a year now. Game follows the patch for pc game so if there's a broken killer/perks we will have to experience it too and I personally don't like that. Also the free sinister stones are hard to come by now unlike in the past, you'll have to either save up for years or spend real money, but the amount of trash items and rental items in gacha are so ridiculous that its better to bet in lottery than try their gachas.