Role Playing


Move into the Apartment and live together!

LifeAfter is an Open World Doomsday Survival MMORPG. In this perilous world, can YOU survive the zombie roaring sea?




We decorate homes together, collaborates on labor and crafting, and fight against the Infected. It’s our way of life.

-The Vast Open World-
From snow mountain to beach, from forest to desert, from swamp to city… The vast Doomsday World is full of crises, yet offers endless possibilities. Here, you need to scavenge resources, build infrastructure, fend off zombie invasions, and build your own shelter.

-Keep Hope Alive-
When the doomsday came, zombies took over the world, collapsing social order and turning the familiar world unrecognizable. With the zombies craving human settlements, the harsh climate and scant resources, it’s hard to get by. In the doomsday seas, there resides even more dangerous new Infected and colossal mutant creatures that can sink boats effortlessly……
Danger is all around. You must keep calm and live on by any means necessary!

-Make Survival Friends-
You’ll encounter other Survivors during your doomsday exploration.
Maybe you’re tired of all the zombie crying and night wind howling when you’re traveling alone. Try to open up, break bread with friends, talk all night long, and piece by piece create a peaceful shelter together.

-Experience Half-Zombie Survival-
The organization Dawn Break claims that human still has a chance after being bitten by zombie—to live as a “Revenant”, abandon the human identity, appearance and abilities, and change forever.
It sounds risky, but what would you choose if it’s matter of life and death?

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Trendy 1v4 Casual Battle Game
Tom and Jerry: Chase a competitive lite mobile game with hilariously fun 1v4 asymmetrical gameplay. Pick a side in this classic game of "cat and mouse" and outsmart your opponents in a battle of wits. The fun never ends!1. Adapted from the Oscar-winning classic cartoon Tom and Jerry, this game allows you to either steal Cheese and make your escape as the witty Jerry, or to catch mice and tie them to Rockets as the cunning Tom! Smooth controls, stunning visuals, and even more awaits you! The battles are about to begin! Hurry up and join the adventure with your buddies!2. Fair and Free-to-Play to Your Heart's ContentComplete free quests to receive Gold, which can be used to purchase characters from the Shop with no money spent. You can also unlock elite VIP Privileges! The Shop doesn't sell equipment that effects stats, meaning that victory is only dictated by the skill of the players!3. Tons of Characters, Goofy Items, Adaptable GameplayWe have Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Lightning, and more of your favorite classic characters! Each character has their own unique skills,..
Onmyoji Arena is a mobile game where players duke it out 5v5.
[Game Introduction]Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA mobile game that offers balanced 5V5 battles without a rune system. Building on the legacy of NetEase's hit title "Onmyoji", it features beautifully crafted graphics and dazzling effects, delivering an ultimate visual and combat experience.You will step into a world of wonder and mystery as a powerful Onmyoji. There, you will form pacts with a variety of unique and emotionally rich Shikigami, listen to their epic stories, and feast your eyes on their stunning skins. You will be immersed in a diverse world where exciting team battles await. It will be a unique, action-packed utopian journey that will lead you to find your true self.Please follow our official fan page for more details!Facebook Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Page: English Page: Vietnam Page: Japanese Page: TIKTOK:
Warbound Storm is a 10-min real-time strategy mobile game.
Warbound Storm is a real-time strategy mobile game developed by Lemon Games and published by NetEase Games. You will play as a summoner, conjuring soldiers and constructing buildings at will. The main gameplay consists of establishing an army of your own and assembling decks of cards that tailor to your strategic plans. The game also adopts innovative non-linear gameplay that frees you from the confines of linear objectives and predetermined paths. Therefore, a much richer tactical experience can be brought about through greater depth of diverse operations in collecting resources, training soldiers, building barracks, and constructing defense towers. Furthermore, the game also allows fast troop-raising and simultaneous operations, providing a breath of fresh air in strategic gameplay on a mobile device. In short, Warbound Storm provides extensive diversity, freedom, and versatility to the genre through comprehensive troop deployment, combat tactics, and deck-building strategy.KEY FEATURES:l Legions of cards for innumerable tactics combinationsl Wide variety of units that challenge even the most brilliant of strategic mindsl Command multiple battles at once to achieve ultimate victoryl Build your base with a vast selection..

LifeAfter Game DOWNLOAD

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[Edited]PLEASE HELP!! i love this game but lots of bugs. You guys reset abilities. And gave no tutorials on anything getting higher in the game. Just slides of basic controls but they are out of date as well.


Best Open world survival game out if you're very dedicated to improving. It sure takes a lot of time, but it is a very good game. Everything i said in the past, i regret it. I love this game more than ever again, it became more easy to play than it used to be. Best NetEase Game😎


This is a good game, the graphics is also amazing but the one that I don't like in the game is moving in to the Dawn Apartment. I don't want to move in there I want to create my own base/house. Is there a way to go back at the Development Zone?


As far as I can tell, bugs have been fixed and removed game is working efficiently effectively And less glitchy Only thing that could make this game better. Is allowing it to be compatible with my phone controller for my Kishi Razor backbone Overall good game would recommend.


Wonderful game! at first, i absolutely fell in love with this game, everything is nice, so realistic, perfect features, fun quests, and the perfect level of difficulty, however, sometimes this game just doesn't load which is something i absolutely hate, the one missing star is because sometimes it never loads but if it wants to, it loads quickly, but there is just one literal thing i hate about this game is the load, if that's fixed, then this game is absolutely perfection! please consider this!


I love the game but I liked being a revenant because of the unique style of it and the iconic bud on your back. But I came back after a while and it's entirely gone :/ I really likes that feature and it bugs me that its gone


I'm playing this game since 2019 it's really awesome game then i quit for some time and when i come back everything changes many things are good but more are bad like area operations, weekly and it's rewards, teamup, formula machine, map assistance quests you do just 4 times in 15 to 16 maps , Now we can do just 1 normal area operation which is not right miska university is also added to area operation which means you have to do any area operation for items or miska for gold So please fix it.
Hello Player. Thank you for your feedback. We will collect your valuable suggestion and pass it to our development team for further review. Hope it will turn into reality in the future. Thank you for your support.


2months ago I really did enjoy this game and for some reason I deleted it. And then I downloaded it again just now but the whole progress I have, all the achievements that I worked for and level its all gone, like what the heck? isn't this game supposed to save the level and progress of character? this is so disappointing and another issue is the loading is so long.


I love this game, I love everything about it. Unfortunately it's large file size has exceeded the space on my phone. I deleted everything else, pictures and videos included, and that bought me another couple months of game play, but this most recent update claiming to be 246mb wants another 2gb free space. I have 7gb available space but it says I don't have enough space to update, which makes the game unplayable. I'm devastated but I'll have to uninstall it.


Wonderful game! at first, i absolutely fell in love with this game, everything is nice, so realistic, perfect features, fun quests, and the perfect level of difficulty, however, sometimes this game just doesn't load which is something i absolutely hate, the one missing star is because sometimes it never loads but jf it wants to, it loads quickly, but there is just one literal thing i hate about this game is the load, if that's fixed, then this game if absolutely perfection! please consider this


There newer look is good. But it still demands so much dps it drains the battery and over heating my CPU no effort has been done to make the game playable for solo type people. Grr I dislike discrimination. I can do miskia U solo but not Nancy city. Both are required for daily tasks.Now it says the system doesn't match go figure have reload the darn thing and still it won't let me in.
Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We will continue to work hard to bring better game experiences for you. If you encounter any issues/glitches in the game, feel free to contact us. Our team will check it further for you. Thanks for your support!


When you arrive high level you will need to choose occupation, different occupation can make different material, You need material from different occupation to upgrade manor to continue the game, The game already old and now less player, its very hard to upgrade to continue the game since we cannot get specific material from other occupation, disapointed with this bug making me want to drop off this game
Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We will continue to work hard to bring better game experiences for you. If you encounter any issues/glitches in the game, feel free to contact us. Our team will check it further for you. Thanks for your support!


This is a great game. It really is. But... while I wouldn't call it "pay to win," I would say that if you want to progress reasonably quickly, you should be ready to fork over MASSIVE amounts of money. Also, be careful of which server you play on before you spend money. Some servers such as Crystalthorn Sea might be very low on player base. Subsequently, if you plan on doing team based quests, it can take hours to find a party. This of course is not a programming issue, but rather a lack of play
Hello! Thank you for your suggestion! We will pass it to our developers for further consideration. We hope our game will bring better game experiences for you. Thanks for your support!


0 ⭐ I was having so many problems with this game the creators told me to go to the home screen and hit repair and it wiped everything out and now it won't restart it gets stuck on loading checking files step. Been stuck on that screen for hours. This game is just gotten progressively worse over time they haven't fixed the old bugs. so much lag. so many broken scenes. I've reported it all and they've done nothing about it.
Hello! In order to help with your inquiry, please contact our in-game customer service with a screenshot/video about this issue. Our team will check it further. Thanks for your support!


This is by far one of if not the best zombie/apocalypse survival games I have ever played. It's very immersive and I'm loving the storyline. The only thing I would suggest is add more skin tones and maybe hair textures, but not to much of a stickler for it. Other than,that awesome game, great graphics great music. EDIT: they've since added the ability to change hair and skin tones :D


I have a level 16 account and just redownload. Every time I redownload the full audio pack the game quits on me. I've repaired the client, deleted and reinstalled the app, every thing works smooth I just bought a brand new phone with unlimited high speed data. The game run smoothly and I have everything downloaded and running except the full audio and it's killing me. I've tried for the last 3 days and the app quits as soon as I start downloading the audio. What's wrong here ??


This game is very good. I have been playing this game for three years . Except of being a challenging survival game , its also an open world game. I have also made many friends here too. Overall, i enjoyed my time in this game . Recent updates have changed it a little bit , but there aren't bad at all. But still old aos and maps were good. I have a little bit problem. When new server is introduced, older server become dead , i hope developers do something about this. (Thank you....!)


The overall concept and graphics is good, as well as the story. The reason I'm rating it so low, is because a few reasons. 1. this game is chopy and laggy af 2. Glitches constantly, especially when it comes to building and you dog companion 3. The main issue, however, is the constant disconnecting. I have 5g and no other issues of this on any other game. But this game is the most annoying son of a gun, when it comes to staying connected. And it randomly disconnects me from my wifi? Like 🤦♂️🤦


Can't even play. Worked fine on my old phone. Got a new one which is a direct upgrade, and somehow I can't even get past the main screen. I launch, see "obb downloading" for a fraction of a second before crashing. Reinstalled 8 times, same thing every time. Other games of similar and even larger scope work just fine. Beyond irritating. Edit: Respectfully, I have tried everything you have suggested. I feel the need to stress that the game worked on my old phone, and this is an upgraded device.
"Hello Player. Please try the following to see if that helps. Clear part of cache/memory to make more space . Close some background running applications/restart the device/game client. Try another device. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. "


They are indifferent to the emotions of common players. You can only play this game more readily by krypton gold it. I was still able to deal some damage to the creatures prior to the change. I can't do any damage to monsters the last update. The main issue is that Stuck and can't get out of it , such being caught in one spot , which may have led to my death from a fall. My equipment's durability has drastically decreased as a result. This game is just garbage and repulsive. Thank
Hello Player. Thank you for your feedback. We will keep improving the game on and on. If you come across any bugs/glitches in game, please do not hesitate to report via Setting - Support - Bug in game for further out testing and checking. Thank you for your support.