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Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix.

We’ve got award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials. And with the mobile app, you get Netflix while you travel, commute, or just take a break.

What you’ll love about Netflix:

• We add TV shows and movies all the time. Browse new titles or search for your favorites, and stream videos right on your device.
• The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies you’ll love.
• Enjoy a safe watching experience just for kids with family-friendly entertainment.
• Preview quick videos of our series and movies and get notifications for new episodes and releases.

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I keep on installing and uninstalling the app, it's literally the 100th time now. It doesn't show pictures nor names of the movies. Even if you search for a movie, it doesn't show names nor pictures you have to click on the frame to actually see the name like "oh it's this movie, not what I'm looking for" then click on the next picture maan it's irritating and time wasting😑


The app is okay, but what's terrible is that SD cards cannot be selected as a storage location on Android 13+, because the permission handling has not been updated. The external storage permission isn't even declared in the app manifest. This is terrible user experience and renders the download feature useless unless a device has sufficient space on the main storage. As a mobile developer myself, I know that this is easy to fix - so do it.


Supposed to be the best. it is when it works but now it won't work on my brand new phone. it was working yesterday. no updates to cause this issue. why pay for premium service with Netflix when the app barely works an to tell me that it's my mobile network. i have pics- i utilized Netflix test Network connection, an it shows I'm connected to Internet, an server. t Mobile clarified it as well. the IT person on the phone at Netflix denied any possible app hacking, but all the signs show its hackd


The app has a good layout, and it's bringing in some good nostalgic content,such as regular show(waiting for more episodes). My only complaint is that it's 2024, there's no auto-skip intro. For every episode you have to pick up the remote and skip the intro, it just breaks that flow when binge-watching series.


UPDATE: Bumping up my rating to 3 stars for the streaming service itself. Taking 2 stars away for the app - finally got it working again, but the app can be a pain in the a** at times. OLD: I'm not sure what happened, but for the life of me I can't get this app to go past the logo screen! It was working perfectly fine until the most recent update. Now I can't do anything with this app. Sent an email to the address listed on this page for support. Until then, one star.


Can't download without having the app open. You have to have the app running, not in the background, or else it keeps cancelling the downloads. "Needs connection." You have to have the app open the whole time while downloading, and you can't watch something while doing it. It's not a problem with the hardware as it happens on all my devices despite restarting them. Redownloading the app won't fix it either.


EDIT 2: FULLY UPDATED PHONE; STILL THE SAME. It's fine usually, but the latest update has made it useless on my phone (Nokia 8.3). Can choose my account when I go on it & it goes to the main page but nothing comes up when I click on things - it's just says "Can't Connect to Netflix" with a "Retry" button below it but that doesn't do anything. Can't go directly to something via the JustWatch app, either - it just shows the main page. Tried to play things via the main page but it just went back.


Used to love Netflix. It had good shows, was reasonably priced, I could install a version on my phone and have entertainment while I was traveling, the whole family could share an account on different devices... sublime. But most recently, I've been getting kicked off every2 weeks. Netflix has decided I'm not allowed to use their platform that has BEEN PAYED FOR unless within their jurisdiction. If this had been disclosed before purchase, there wouldn't have been a purchase.


I used to love Netflix. But now I can't ever watch it. Whether it's the phone app or even on TV, it either keeps showing the loading symbol, the play screen, or an error screen (on the TV). It's just a complete waste of money anymore, especially for the prices they charge🤦♀️


Subtitles are too small and I can't read them. There's no way to increase their size. I did change the subtitle size in the accessibility menu of my phone and this indeed worked for YouTube and PrimeVideo, but not for the Netflix app, where they keep staying the same small size. On the phone it's not even possible to watch their movies on a browser (where I hoped I could increase the subtitles size), it keeps giving Error E100.


I had no issues with app prior to the ads. Now when I download any movies to watch for later, they disappear at the beginning of the following month i.e., I downloaded 3 or 4 in March, only watched. As of today, the other 3 movies are gone. This happened in February as well so I thought it was just me but now I'm certain it's not. Please fix. Ty


$6.99 subscription not having a cast to Chromecast option along side of already having adds is the biggest scam ever! Forcing people to pay 20+ a month to be able to cast.I had Netflix for years and it's only gotten worse over time. Prices are through the roof now for a sub par app that doesn't release good content anymore. Prime video and Stan have alot better content. I renewed it this month to give it another chance but removing cast screen now to a higher plan has lost me. Won't be renewing


Need to get rid of the games from the app or provide us with a way to turn them off. It clutters the app and spoils the experience for those with absolutely no interest in games. Also need to allow My List to be sorted both ways (eg release date ascending and descending) and put this on the main links, not hidden away in a separate set of clicks behind profile.


Usually, this app is quite good. HDR support on my phone and on Netfix makes things look better, has everything you really need to do when watching Netflix on the run, watching Netflix on a tablet, or maybe you enjoy watching on your phone even at home. The most recent update even made the ui better but one crucial thing seems to be missing: Resolution. Before you could change it with modes, but now it seems to be gone which is really annoying to me. Netflix please bring back!! Otherwise 10/10.


Love the download feature and the app in general, but I have a big issue with the app causing my UI to crash when I start a video on my Galaxy A14, which freezes my phone for several minutes. Thir really hurts during my 30 minute lunch breaks at work. I have sent Netflix's app support an email. I will be happy to change my stars when this issue is fixed.


Netflix used to work for me, and it was great! I loved binge watching and such, but now after the latest update for some reason it keeps telling me the my device is not part of the house hold, even though it's all payed for! Netflix disabled this pop up thing for a while, but now it's back. Plus they made it 2x more expensive which sucks. If Netflix expects me to support them again then the need to support us 👊!


This has just stopped working on Android 14 on Pixel 8. It won't go past the splash screen. If I leave it long enough it eventually says error 500-172, which seems to be a connection error, but I have no problem streaming on YouTube, Prime Video etc. Netflix also works the same network on other devices. Irritating. If it doesn't resolve I'll be cancelling my subscription.


After the change of home-based accounts it's a nightmare. On some devices (TV) it is installed as a default app, meaning you can't uninstall it. Moreover, there is no "Logout" option and deleting devices from the account level doesn't do the trick. Meaning - if you're an extra paid account in household subscription plan - you can't really switch accounts on your TV. If possible, I'd give 0.


Sorry to say but Netflix subscription sucks! I am disappointed because I believe you are capablle of making the experience great and enjoyable, which should be the main aim of paying for subscription. Streaming, ND watching downloaded movies from this app needs to be easy and enjoyable! 1. Netflix should allow downloaded movies to be stored on different folders on phone storage and not just on the Netflix app. 2. Allow us to mirror phones on smart tv to watch downloaded movies on Netflix.


Netflix as a concept is great. Netflix as an app completely sucks. You can tell you're due for an app or device update because you get constant"5.10" errors. Which would be fine if the updates fixed the problem. But they persist for days after. And the updates aren't exactly infrequent either. Doesn't matter if it's downloaded content or online. This is the most obnoxious app I have used to date.