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Solo Leveling Game DESCRIPTION

The legendary webtoon with 14.3 global billion views has been adapted into an action game for the first time and has finally officially launched globally!
Players can check out S-Rank Hunter Cha Hae-In, The Dancer, who was added with the launch!

From content that perfectly embodies the original work to original stories of hunters that cannot be found in it.
Check it out in Solo Leveling:ARISE now!

[Experience the thrill of the original webtoon through high-quality graphics!]
From the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind to the world’s strongest hunter,
play as Jinwoo and experience the journey yourself!

Adventure through the gripping story of the original work
and discover all-new stories developed for the game!

[Enjoy mixing and matching gear and attacks!]
Watch your combat style change based on your weapons and equipped skills!

Dodge with Extreme Evasion, then inflict critical damage with a perfectly timed QTE skill!

[Play as the best hunters from the original story!]
Meet fan-favorite hunters from the original webtoon, including:
Choi Jong-In, The Ultimate Hunter,
Baek Yoonho, the hunter with a beast transformation,
and the remarkable Cha Hae-In!

Enjoy building a variety of different teams
by combining different hunters, abilities, and tactics!

[Brave shifting dungeons and heart-pounding encounters with powerful bosses!]
As you grow stronger, so do the gates!
Form your teams, apply your strategies, clear the gates, and obtain rewards!

Tackle an array of different game modes,
including massive dungeon raids, boss replays, and
Time Attack content where every second counts!

[Become the Monarch of Shadows and recruit your army!]
Command squads of loyal Shadow Soldiers
by extracting the shadows of monsters you have defeated
and recruiting them as your new allies!

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The Hunters Association Premium Subscription is a monthly subscription item, and the price of $9.99 per month (or regional equivalent amount) will be charged to your Google Play account after purchase.

Payment is made automatically every month from the first payment date until you cancel the subscription, and your Google Play account will also be charged when the monthly subscription is renewed.

Users can cancel the subscription through their Google Play account settings, and if they don’t cancel their subscription 24 hours before the next payment date, their subscription may be automatically renewed.

(*The subscription cancellation policy is based on the marketplace cancellation policy.)

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An exciting game with lots of potential. The graphics and voice acting are very good, controls feel smooth and the storytelling is well done as well. What's annoying though is that after each action a loading spinner blocks the game for 5 seconds to sync with the server. With how often that happens, it's very distracting. Also the tutorial feels kind of invasive with how it disables the whole UI except that single button you're supposed to press now, blocking you from exploring on your own.


I love the animation and graphics, and gameplay is very satisfying. only issue I have so far is that the game keeps freezing at the end of battles and only way to fix it is to close and reopen the app. but that comes with a side effect that I have to redo whatever battle I just did because none of the progress saved. edit: be warned, everything has to load. everything. Even if it just loaded 5 seconds ago. if you open something and then go back to what you just were at, it will load.


The game is fantastic, with unbelievable graphics and various settings available too. Storyline is somewhat different and similar at the same time, which makes it more interesting than the manga itself. But the problem lies in the connection errors. I keep getting server disconnected errors and can't even complete the first phase of tutorial. I played in the beta version in different country servers and progressed a lot in there, but here playing is impossible !! Please fix ASAP !!


Great storytelling, Animation and Very much to Explore in the Game. But seems like, it itself don't want to get explored. Everytime, I start the game, it starts to heat up my device and draining my battery very quickly, even though my device specifications completely match the recommended specifications. Resulting, in the game crash if it's too hot. Not just this, sometimes game just gets stuck at one point. I need to restart the whole, resulting in loss of data. Definitely annoying, isn't it.


I love this game. The combat is amazing and it's a ton of fun. There are a few problems though. Anytime I leave to reply to a text it completely restarts the game, even mid fight. Also the constantly gives me the loading circle, despite an area already being loaded. I do understand the game just came out though and there are gonna be bugs. I really hope those get fixed cause this game has a ton of potential. Even people who haven't read/watched the series can understand the story


I can't say much because I'm not able to play the game. The game is unresponsive as I am starting the tutorial, which is really annoying after spending much time and data to prepare the game to play. Edit: Had to pause the game before the tutorial starts to change the settings from pad to touchscreen. Good graphics but the loading is just too slow, much and unnecessary. It kills the vibe in the game and hope the Devs would do something about it. Hope to see more improvements in the game.


I just want to say that this game is amazing, and I really recommend it. My problem is that even though my phone has 8 GB of RAM and a Helio G99 CPU, I still experience frame drops when all the character skills are used at the same time, even though my graphics are all low. I think the game needs a little bit more GRAPHIC OPTIMIZATION. And also, I have a good wifi connection, but the loading screen with the circle in the center keeps popping out on my screen for the rest of the game.


Very good and amazing game. Was waiting for it for ages but after playing it most of the time lagged too much and every time I tried to go into a dungeon it just completely stops and shows a black screen. When I try to get out and log in again it shows that the chapter was done. It's a really great game and has amazing potential. Hope you guys fix the issue


Graphics and animations are absolutely good. Games storyline is also up to the mark. But, you guys still didn't solve the loading screen stuck issue. This issue is on the game before it's global launch. Its soo frustrating. I had to open the game again and again due to it, which totally ruined the mood and excitement. Another one is it's really hard to keep with enemy without investing money. Upgrading characters and weapons cost a lot of resources.


It is fun, and the graphics are nice. I played this at first on the app. However, the loading time for it is really annoying! There is a clear screen with a spinning circle that overlays on pretty much every screen change, and also the response time on menus and places where you claim items are super slow. I then downloaded it on PC and it doesn't seem to be as bad on the PC version, but still happens.


Honestly, it's a pretty good game. The cut scenes for the story, while not getting every detail, hit on the story beats pretty well, and they do a good job combining the comic panels and 3d animation. That being said, it would be nice if quick time attacks were more clear on what triggered them, and being able to string actual combos rather than just button mashing would also be nice. Lastly, just optimize your game. The loading times are killing me, and I had to restart it like 3 times.


First up, what I like about the game is the gameplay experience that feels fluid and immersive. Graphics, music are top notch. What I do not appreciate are the bugs, crashes, spinning loading wheel, ads on the pay meachanisms that pops up automatically. After the tutorial, there is suddenly ALOT of things you get access to, so it may feel overwhelming for new players, especially those who are casual.


My experience with the game was so awesome and the skills, effects, character designs. It's all good and y'all should definitely download this. But two issues about this—whenever I get to the gates or battles where you can be any character you have, it just automatically changes.. it's becoming annoying while fighting cos I'm trying to use all their abilities sometimes. And also, black screen. Sometimes it happens after I finished battles. But either way, the wait was worth it.


The game is amazing. I've been so excited to play ever since I've registered it. The mechanics are cool, not too hard to familiarize, and get used to. The story is amazing. It follows the Manwha as expected, but more interactive, one can say. My biggest issue is the LOADING TIMES. It takes too much time to load into one scree or open or from just closing the screen. It got annoying after a while. It took away a bit of the fun. It'd be really nice if the loading gaps were optimized.


The game is good, the graphic and the storyline is following the manhwa. Couple with some cutscenes that use not only the manhwa panel but also with 3rd animation and visual novel setting, it's great. But there's several bugs. First, In tutorial, my friend say they can't play it because the cursor didn't shows up. Second, the game will freeze by itself in the middle of the 3d cutscene or in battle. Third, the game will lose connection by itself even though my WiFi is already in Mb/s.


This game has so much potential. I love the combat system and graphics, but on my Samsung A34 5G sometimes go blank screen after doing a level or after a loading screen. It's really frustrating adding the original game loading time to the already long loading times of the game, making it almost unplayable. I love the Series and the game has a lot of potential, I will most definitely be adding it to my games that I stream, but in order for me to do that, I can't be dealing with blank screen.


This game had a lot of potential but ehh. the story is cool I suppose as it inherently does from the original. The menus are so slow that it's so unbearable. This isn't even loading a new screen or anything, it lags from just opening a menu. That's ridiculous. I do like the flashy stuff so that's why it gets an additional star. Aside from that the gameplay is repetitive and the buttons are not very responsive. The grabs also feels so terrible and I don't get why equipment is split. Like... why?


I've really been enjoying this game so far. The combat feels good and varied, the visuals are stunning, and the draws have felt meaningful (so far). My biggest gripe with the game is that every single time you do ANYTHING, you end up with a loading hangup like it's checking with the server or something. There's absolutely NO reason simply clicking out of a menu should cause this. I've even had it happen during cutscenes. Please address this issue. Otherwise it's easily a 5 star game.


There is a lot of potential here. The story is excellent. The graphics are gorgeous. The systems are good for a starting point and have enough to keep you occupied in the longer term. However, my biggest issue is the loading time of EVERYTHING. Menus, accessing game modes, going from screen to screen all feels slow and cumbersome. It often takes 30 seconds of loading just to go from the complete screen to another gate. This cannot remain for the global launch or it will turn away players.
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It is such a good game with soo much to do ! Everything is almost perfect! Design, combat , audio , FR ! But after the update , there are soooo many bugs and glitches, like I once completed a mission and it got stuck on the completion pannel ! And this happens also 80%of the time ! Do look into the glitch side of the game ! Other than that ! This game has the potential to be the game of the year !
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