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Gallery Pro is a new and smart gallery app presenting with a unique feature. The most distinguishing feature is that Gallery Pro lets you to select a contact from your Contact List and add their memorable photos and videos into the their in-app pages separately. Therefore, you can collect your friends’ photos and videos and then, quickly view their favorite moments in one place whenever you want. You can also take unlimited notes for each contact.

Gallery Pro app is a fast, light, and smart gallery app to view and organize your photos, images, videos, and albums.

Key features
– Smart photo gallery
– Create photo albums for your friends
– Free gallery app
– Smooth gallery user interface
– Supports all file formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, SVG, etc.
– Organize and manage gallery/photo albums
– Built-in image viewer and video player
– Display photo, image and video details
– Easily zoom photos and images
– Delete photos or videos
– Sort photos and videos by date
– SD card support

Personalized photo and video archive
– Pick a contact from your contact list and add photos, videos, and notes in their separate pages
– Your friends’ happy moments, birthday photos, or memorable videos in one place
– Multiple photo and video file selection to add into a contact page
– View each contact’s photos, image, and videos collectively
– Take photos and add into the your friends’ albums
– No need to search your friends’ photos or videos in phone albums or folders
– Take notes for each friends or contacts on their in-app pages
– Set anybody as Favorite from your Contact List and quickly view Favorites’ photos, images, and videos

Video player with gallery app
– Supported all video formats including mpeg, mp4, avi, mov, flv, etc.
– Easy to handle video player
– Play videos fast with beautiful looks
– Quick HD video Player

– Offline gallery app
– Fast app start
– Quick photo and video view
– Easy to use with intelligent features

Share photos or videos
– Easily share photo and video to your friends
– Share any media to social media and messengers like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, etc.

Gallery Pro is a secure application. We do not collect, store, analyse, or share your personal data for any purpose.

Download and enjoy Gallery Pro app!

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Create albums for your contacts. View your friends' photos/videos in one place.
Gallery Pro is a new and smart gallery app presenting with a unique feature. The most distinguishing feature is that Gallery Pro lets you to select a contact from your Contact List and add their memorable photos and videos into the their in-app pages separately. Therefore, you can collect your friends’ photos and videos and then, quickly view their favorite moments in one place whenever you want. You can also take unlimited notes for each contact.Gallery Pro app is a fast, light, and smart gallery app to view and organize your photos, images, videos, and albums.Key features- Smart photo gallery- Create photo albums for your friends- Free gallery app- Smooth gallery user interface- Supports all file formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, SVG, etc.- Organize and manage gallery/photo albums- Built-in image viewer and video player- Display photo, image and video details- Easily zoom photos and images- Delete photos or videos- Sort photos and videos by date- SD card supportPersonalized photo and video archive- Pick a contact from your contact list and add photos, videos, and notes in their separate pages- Your friends’..

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I like it a lots


Organizing all photos and videos per contact should be an automatic process (like Google Photos). If it has to be done manually, it becomes too cumbersome and pointless.


It won't even let me use it, it keeps kicking me out
Dear Connell, we are sorry to hear that you're having trouble using the Gallery Pro. To solve the problem, could you please provide more details about the issue? When you encountered with the problem and in which step? Thank you


Thank you for your comment. Enjoy Gallery Pro