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Create unique Phone Cases for your customers using your colorful sprays and tools. And on top of that you can design their Earbuds case as well!



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Phone Case DIY is a phone case maker game where you can show your creative side and enjoy the custom art and see the phone evolution just the way you like it!

We know, this is the DIY game you were looking for!

Customize your phone case with the tons of features we have!

Game Features:

PAINTING – Spray Paint in all of the colors you can imagine! Embrace the beauty of the colorfy experience as you transform your device into a happy canvas.

ACRYLIC ART – Acrylic color and tie dye art on your Phone Case!

STICKERS – Choose many cool stickers for a fancy look

POP IT – phone case like your favorite fidget toys

STENCIL ART technique, as well as water marbling and injection coloring just like jelly dye

CLEAN IT – Clean your phone from dust and mud before you draw and decorate it

WIRELESS HEADPHONES CASE – there aren’t many headphones diy games, but here you can enjoy designing and painting their case.

So how about you make it super pretty with some serious customization work?

Unleash your creative mind and splash some color on this phone!

Make it glow! Make it bling! Make it glitter! Make it yours!

If you like DIY games, we have the perfect one for you. Dive into the world of acrylic, stencil and slime art. Let your case reflect your personal style with flair!

Choose your favorite happy color, draw, mix and paint, pop it and spray paint all over the phone case!

Become a colorfy master at drawing phone cases, create stickers, spray paint all over them and enjoy designing with this coloring game. All kinds of unique combinations to draw in your coloring game of choice.

Get ready to unlock a happy color world of dye, mix and paint, and slime art design. Very easy to play, this surely will become one of your favorite DIY games!

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Spray paint your phone case! Use slime art dye, mix and paint for DIY games fun!
Phone Case DIY is a phone case maker game where you can show your creative side and enjoy the custom art and see the phone evolution just the way you like it!We know, this is the DIY game you were looking for!Customize your phone case with the tons of features we have!Game Features:PAINTINGSpray Paint in all of the colors you can imagine! Embrace the beauty of the colorfy experience as you transform your device into a happy canvas.ACRYLIC ARTAcrylic color and tie dye art on your Phone Case!STICKERSChoose many cool stickers for a fancy lookPOP ITphone case like your favorite fidget toysSTENCIL ART technique, as well as water marbling and injection coloring just like jelly dyeCLEAN ITClean your phone from dust and mud before you draw and decorate itWIRELESS HEADPHONES CASEthere aren’t many headphones diy games, but here you can enjoy designing and painting their case. So how about you make it super pretty with some serious customization work? Unleash your creative mind and splash some color on this phone!Make it glow! Make it bling! Make it glitter! Make it..
Make your own custom keyboard in DIY keyboard art painter game
Make your own custom keyboard art that everyone will love!DIY Keyboard 3D is an art game where you can use your creativity to become a keyboard designer and make a custom keyboard of your own!There are a variety of optional gameplays that will help you do your custom keyboard art masterpiece just the way you like it!Choose your favorite color or design to decorate every part of your keyboard art masterwork. DIY Keyboard 3D game will provide you the easiest way to make your own keyboard and be the designer that will create the best custom keyboard ever!To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:

Phone Case DIY Game DOWNLOAD

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I gave it four stars cause all the ads. but overall its a good game. and I like it if I'm board or on a road trip .it is a good game


You can different stuff on the cases can paint and spray unlock the colours( but the game is very fun)


Its awesome,although to many ads nut otherwise u get to design ur own cases! But 1 complaint,why ads for fancy people?


I'm giving this a one-star review because of the reason there is only adds you really don't even get to play the game and I bet you can't play in the car it's so freaking annoying nobody wants to sit all day and watch ads


This game is so awesome! I'm getting rich every time I make phone cases and sets for my customers! That way I can upgrade my phone case shop! I REALLY love the phone straps!!!


I think the ads are a bit much, one after every phone would be enough. the game is enjoyable, but when I went to undo something it undid something from a different part of the phone. and an ad came up when I was doing a phone, then I lost all of my progress


A nice, relaxing game. Purchases don't effect the gameplay, so it's all good! Just minimize the ads a bit.


First... The ads I understand that u need to put ads but literally not every five seconds! I mean I clearly don't understand why u have to put ads every 5 seconds. It's fine if you are done with making the phone. But why 30 seconds ads every second if u like to waist ur time with ads download this . That's the problem if u fix it I will rate this 5 stars.


It's really fun , but theirs so many adds. If they don't fix this problem then I am going to have to either uninstall it or contact the people who made the game.


Paid for no ads, but still have to watch ads. My daughter loves this, but it is annoying to have to watch an ads to use most of the functionality. I paid for no ads, but you still have to watch ads to use functionality. Will be getting a refund. The game is nor fully usable offline either
Hey there, We appreciate the detailed information you shared with us. We'd like to help you out, but we need some more info. Please send an email to [email protected]. Thanks, Phone Case DIY Team


It's so fun except there's SOOO many adds. And for those of you that are like "just turn off your internet and there will be no adds 😒" this game will be SOO laggy if you don't have Internet! So yeah super fun, just an add every second 😅 Thank you for your time💙


the game was to good because they have so many covers, so many paints and so many options. They are also so satisfying and enjoying game. the best part was the game was played without any network service, and not so many adds which was the best part of the game. ♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗🥰🥰🌹🌹🌹 The game was free no money 💰. All of enjoyment. they deserve 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ also. the worth it game. Best best best best game ever I played with a lot of facilities. great game ever.🤗🤗❤️❤️💗💗


I have discovered the third problem - Why Emojis pop up after spraying or etc like amazing ,outstanding and also 4) why the glue and dryer are so so so slow? means like it takes 5 mins to do that this is just waste of time


This game is a very good game. Ilike this game alot. But there are two big problems that are very ennoying when ever I want to get another spray one add come! And then the add open play store And then I have to paint the phone again!. And the second is that when I start this game by colouring the phone but change the color three times a add come and when I try to tape the cross my app is closed, and then when I try to open the app I Have To clour the phone AGAIN!. I wish they take out adds 😢


Great designs and everything I'd good except you just run out of ideas after you play for a while. May uninstall. Lots of ads. Good gameplay. Bit just gets boring overtime.
Hi there, Thanks for reaching out! And we appreciate your detailed feedback. We're always working on improving our game to make it the best it can be! Keep playing, Phone Case DIY Team


OK. I have three problems. 1) You can't choose what design you stencil/inject & it really annoys me. 2) Every time I try to pick a second/third colour, an ad always pops up. 3) If I try to pick a colour that you need to watch an ad for, it always gives me one that is at least 5 minutes long or one that sends you straight to the appstore. I don't know if any other player has experienced problem number 3, but I have seen quite a few reviews about problems 1 & 2.
Hey there, We always love to hear what our players are thinking, thanks for sharing. If you come across any issues while playing, feel free to contact [email protected] and give the team all the details you find relevant. Thanks, Phone Case DIY Team


The game is really fun 😊,but there's a ton of ads! Like every 2 minutes if I don't touch the screen an ad pops out.


This game has way to many ads and it's honestly annoying, it took me 10 mins to finish one of the levels bc of the ads. Not only that, but it also had the worst ad that made me download this, it was way different. And it even said I wouldn't get requests but play the game and find out if it lied. Also, most of the blow dry parts I didn't blowdry the whole thing. The only good thing is you won't get judged and it's fun. i don't recommend this game.


It was okay. So many ads whenever i got an ad it would take me to the playstore and when i tried to go back it would kick me out of the game losing my progress. Kinda fun game but i have not been able to finish 1 phone case because of the ads so annoying i think that you should be able ro pay for spay paint cans with coins but you cant sadly. Thats all I recomend playing maybe if you're dying of bordem bye hope this helped a little bit


I like it. The adds are a bit insane though. I love how sometimes it gives you the option to do a bid. In my first bid ever, I had the crazy idea of covering the entire phone case in glitter. It lagged my whole game until I had got to the bidding point, it lagged the entire time and then I wanted an add to get the highest price, and the add didn't lagg. But after the add I got back in the game and the LAG. It took me a few minutes before the bid was over. But at least my game went back to normal