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Build America 3D Game DESCRIPTION

Transform a plain land into a bustling metropolis beyond your wildest imagination

Unlock unique landmarks and buildings

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Transform a plain land into a bustling metropolis beyond your wildest imaginationUnlock unique landmarks and buildings

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I finish Florida and couldn't go anywhere and it was a fun game but needs more stuff and a major update before I unstill it


Great game at first I got a decent way through however I stopped playing for a while and I had to restart. I never Uninstalled the app and restarted it just basically erased my entire game


Good game but stuck on Ohio only gives me a blank screen


Was a decent time waster for awhile and would have gotten 4 stars. However after about an hour of play now the game is buggy and I can not progress. I have force stopped the game and cleared the cache to see if that help and when I reopen it goes right back to zooming in and not populating any items to collect. Don't even waste your time on this game.


I don't know what everyone is complaining about,I made it all the way through the game to the end with no problems,it was fun,but it would be even better if you could add other countries and maybe some extra time to completet each section.


Does anyone know how to move on to Canada? I finished all the states and can't figure out on how to move to Canada, I just checked, and all states were completed. Please help


I would have gave it a 5 star but I made it to the next level but it went nowhere after that but in order to finish it u have to work around the edges working inward just to finish America completely where is the Canada level


I loaded it four times, and it finally allowed me to finish. Was the design supposed to take you to Canada next? If so, it won't proceed, but still a relaxing game now that it's fixed.


So far I love the game I just didn't like when got new upgrade then got back on it and had to restart all over. Why did it do that? I just did all USA but it isn't letting me go anywhere else


It was really great but when I finished the whole USA I wanted to do Canada but doesn't want to let me. But no bugs so pretty good game


Can't actually play the game cuz it stops right when I'm about to start playing.


I was having a BLAST playing this game, until like others, I got to Florida and the game broke. Please fix this because I'd love to keep playing!


Very fun...until I broke it. Started the hole and got interrupted immediately, opened settings in an attempt to pause, and when I got back to the game, I couldn't do anything because I hadn't earned anything that round


It WAS a great game till I made it to Florida from California, the game shuts down and you can't move forward even tho it says state is finished....please fix or I'll uninstall. Will give 5 stars if fixed. Uninstalled and REINSTALLED, now it shuts down after 8 states and says it has a bug. I'm over it! Uninstall!!!!!!


Game was fun.... then a bug kept shutting it down.... guess they don't care.


It was going great until I got Florida... Then the game became unplayable. I've completed Florida multiple times but cannot move on. If this isn't resolved, I'll be uninstalling. UPDATE: NO RESPONSE Uninstalling and downgrading to 1 star (should be 0)


I loved the app until I was about half thru America and now all the app does is force close. Can't even choose the next state before it closes


A really good game until the bug kicks in and won't let you play any further


It's a fun game but it cuts out when I reached a certain point. Please fix the issue or I will uninstall.


I would love to rate this higher because it's quite fun and there's no ads but after a certain point it completely cuts off and won't play