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Knights of Pen and Paper 3 Game DESCRIPTION

The Knights of Pen and Paper are Back! Again!

The will-be-acclaimed third part of the epic saga of The Knights and Pen Paper is here for you to download. Now with a couple of new jokes!

Years have passed and life in Paperos has become easy and swell, at least until the adventurers (that’s you) enter and the GM must come up with an Adventure.

And what an Adventure that is!

So let the dice roll, customize your party and let the bosses know who you are!

Game Features:
Graphics. Yes, the game has graphics and it does look good!
Party customization.
Exciting, engaging and sometimes even funny story with very loosely connected side quests.
Level up the characters and the gear
Dark dungeons and generated side quests for endless content.
There might be even expansions!

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The Knights of Pen and Paper are Back! Again!The will-be-acclaimed third part of the epic saga of The Knights and Pen Paper is here for you to download. Now with a couple of new jokes!Years have passed and life in Paperos has become easy and swell, at least until the adventurers (that’s you) enter and the GM must come up with an Adventure.And what an Adventure that is!So let the dice roll, customize your party and let the bosses know who you are!Game Features:Graphics. Yes, the game has graphics and it does look good!Party customization.Exciting, engaging and sometimes even funny story with very loosely connected side quests.Level up the characters and the gearDark dungeons and generated side quests for endless content.There might be even expansions!

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I've played the game since release and what I can say is that the game is fun and can be played casually. Once you finish all of the main quest there's pretty much nothing left to do. There have been a few bugs and issues in the past that have been fixed and I was pretty glad the game wasn't too hard. The gameplay is as expected from any other turn based rpg and upgrading buildings can be tough because of the limited supply of gems. Sadly though you can't max more than 1 building if you're F2P
You can see the unlock condition for characters by pressing them, "-" means they are not in game yet. We have changes to crit rate coming in v1.03. Thieves Guild rewards increase with Inn level and Dark Dungeons get better the deeper you go. I'll take a look at Guardian skills and see what's going on with that one.


Game does not work. Please make it work. Ia wanna get into this game. I can get past the loading screen(Thought it is too long). But after the tutorial it keeps crashing after few seconds of play.
Thanks for the update. Unfortunately this sounds device specific issue so there isn't much I can do to help. We will try and optimize the game better but I can't provide a timeframe for this as it is quite a large task.


Needs a revamp on difficulty. The side quest and area battles are harder than the main quest. Version 2 has a better system on that one. The game also needs optimization and bug fixes. All in all its a quite decent game Ps. With this kind of response with a proper planing this game will reach its peak keep it up!
Balance changes are planned for the next patch, v1.03. Currently the side quest difficulty is a bigger issue early game but gets better later on. Optimization turned out to be a more difficult task but it's something we are looking into.


I have recently discovered that I am into these types of games and this is a lot of fun to play but not even a month in, I have already finished everything with nothing else to do having only opened the newer characters. I know it's going to be some time before new quests and missions are to be added (if there would even be) but I hope there's a way to play through the story over again, with just adjustments to the enemy's level to match the average of the current party. Good luxk making the nex
Glad you liked it. We do have more content planned but currently there are more pressing matters to take care of. You can check out the predecessor, KoPaP 2 if you haven't yet as it offers NG+ for longer progression.


I love this game series but this one has a LOT of bugs. Granted this is the first version on mobile, here's a list of bugs I noticed: 1. I sometimes wouldn't be able to buy books from the library. 2. Sometimes achievements takes forever to claim or even unclaimable (it just shows 2 achievements with random words/numbers on top of each other) 3. The game just randomly freezes for a short time. Edit: game looks good now after the update. Thanks to the devs.
The library has a cool down for books, did you wait for that to reset? If the issue persists, could you tell me what level your building is and which one of the books was not purchasable? Edit: The achievement issue has now been resolved with v1.01


I had high expectations of a third after playing the first two games and this did not let me down, another immersive and humourous stroy, and combat that can be challenging but still makes you feel powerful as hell at times. Still feels a little unfinished with the dungeon being a bit plain, leveling up not being exciting and upgrades being very linear, but I have faith that future updates will sort all these small kinks out, huge fan of the developers and the series!


I'm having bugs when it comes to claiming achievements, Its stuck to showing 2 achievement slots that shows random gibberish, I tried to relogin and it's still shows up like that. I couldn't claim any finished achievements, please help. I also have screenshots if you guys could provide an email I could send it to to make a report about it. Update : Thank you very much
The achievement issue has now been resolved with v1.01


Sorry, going to have to dock a star from my previous review. I have finished the main campaign but certain side quests are still not available and probably never will be. Also, Gladiator and Inquisitor don't seem to be tied to any achievement in this version despite their descriptions. For reference, when I was at this point in the Steam version, I had Gladiator, Inquisitor and Technomancer unlocked. Still, I had a fun time. Please consider adding New Game+ if you plan to fix the game's issues.
Some side quest chains get locked if you progress too far in the main quest. As for gladiator and inquisitor, they are rewards from achievements but they don't show in the list like professions do. I'll forward this as a bug report.


This game does deserves more and has all the same elements of the previous instalments. There are just too many bugs, I've only just started, but I've seen countless already. Missing item descriptions, and I've had the MVP as the guy who was one shot on the first turn (Cannon fodder MVP???). Also, the tutorial for character customisation covers some of the details when picking.
Could you send details on some of these countless bugs to so that I can take a better look at them? We haven't run into any issues with item descriptions or tooltips so screenshots or explanation on which items this affects would be helpful.


So I was playing the dark dungeon and I exit out while in a battle and join after a few hours. I'm now permanently stuck in the Gameboy thing with green flooring and bridges and water and anytime u go towards tge yellow explanation point I get 100 xp and a new level starts and on the map I can't physically leave the area I am stuck doing random dungeons over and over again. Update: you have to spam click every single map location that you have to get out
Guess you have found the cow level 😂 We did release update (v1.02) today that should prevent you from getting into that area.


Changed my review from 1 star. Begging for some more future update to change the marketplace shop because I can't buy any items with gold cost, only gems. Absolutely love the game so far. I'd also like to see some way to infinitely gain gems as there seem to be only a few non randomized quests that give gems as rewards. I believe this means there's a fixed amount of gems to get in the game(?) Perhaps I am wrong. I appreciate the level of communication you guys give in reviews.
Thanks for the feedback. We will take a look at the market and its pricing. There are some plans on implementing daily quests that should help with the gem income in the future. Edit: the marketplace should now be fixed in v1.02.


1st many bugs. Same issue with other players with the achievement. 2nd One of the issue in making progress is the gems. At certain point the gears in market place needs gems. AND HELLA EXPENSIVE. Finished the main quest, w/o relying in achievemnt, the rewards near the final boss was just a huge power spike. Didn't have to retry unlike the white mage that was a huge wall from the start. Just poison & bleed the final boss to death with rogue and astral shift strat and spam scrolls with dot.
Thanks for the feedback. The achievement issue has now been resolved with v1.01 and marketplace in v1.02.


Love this game. However, the achievements are bugged, and I can't clam any of the rewards. The words and progress are overlapping each other. If this gets fixed, I'll reconsider giving more stars. :)
The achievement issue has now been resolved with v1.01


I was really excited for this one, but it's ruined by greed. Wait for the one time payment version instead of wasting money and time on MTX and ads. Also just an unbalanced mess, I shouldn't be getting one shot on lvl 1 quests. Most enemies are way too overpowered.
We are looking into tuning the earlygame side quest difficulty. Right now they are much harder than the main story so if you struggle with those quests, I would recommend just ignoring them until you get a stronger team.


Good game, but buggy. I noticed other people have also mentioned the achievement section getting scrambled, I can confirm this is also happening to me. Thieves Guild cool down is inconsistent. Items dropped by enemies don't always become your items.
The achievement issue has now been resolved with v1.01. Thieves guild along with other cooldowns gets reduced faster when you spend time traveling in-game. As for items, we have not noticed this before. You can mail if you have more details.


Love the game very much but would like to see a few more feature, like binding account, would feel more safe before spending and an ''adds-off'' purchase. A way to report bugs in game because got the achievements bug with words/numbers on top of each others and I can't get any rewards. And maybe a platform like discord to discuss between users and devs (via moderator if needed).
The achievement issue has now been resolved with v1.01. We are also working on Google Play login but unfortunately it wasn't finished for this version.


This game went from OK to literally unplayable really fast. I can't add characters, and my existing party can't even grind to level up. I'm stuck because no matter what I do, my entire party ends up dead. There is no opportunity to make improvements to my party, so I cannot progress. I will now delete this game and leave it with 1 star. I would give it 0 if that was an option.
Sorry to hear that. It sounds like you should have explored the Town system more as it provides multiple alternative paths for progression and allows for party modifications at the Inn.


There is alot of UI bugs. Your inventory is a mess at most times, duplicated items, achievments screen bugs, game freezes time to time. And there is no cloud save 😣😩 lost all my effort on my team when i tried to uninstall/install because of the bugs but i lost everything
The inventory and achievements are now fixed in v1.01


Game feels slow because I have to wait hours just to buy another item/ book. Loading the game takes too long (And needs internet). And I don't know what is saving throw. And classes are locked. And precise shot is too powerful :3 Art & sound is great tho.
Thanks for the feedback! The game is quite large resulting in a very long load times on some devices. We are trying to find solutions to optimizing this. Saving throws are rolls that result in a debuff being removed. You can unlock more classes by progressing in the game.


The game feels very different from the first two games, it'll take some getting used to, but overall it's a great game! Some mechanics are a little confusing, like the upgrade path for the village but that's probobly just me being new to the game. I can't wait for future updates for this!